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    President Trump’s attack on Jeff Sessions is troubling 

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    If you haven’t heard the audio, start here. Once you’re done, sit back and try to understand what just happened. A sitting President of the United States took one of his early supporters in the Senate and tossed him under the bus for purely petty reasons. What’s worse is that Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation to protect himself AND the President.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been critical of President Trump, but the time has come to call him out again. This is ridiculous. I’m not a fan of Sessions for multiple reasons, but it was the right move for himself and the administration to not participate in the Russian investigation since he did not disclose his own contact with Russians. Had he not recused himself, the investigation itself would be pronounced a sham and debacle by people on both sides of the aisle.

    The fact that this is new information is what’s most troubling. We didn’t hear complaints when he recused himself. That it comes out now demonstrates this has been lingering in his mind for a while. It seems as if the President is operating at a maturity level far below what one would want in any political figure, let alone President of the United States. He’s holding fealty in the highest regard and dismissing proper presidential characteristics like honor and honesty.

    The first response by most Trump supporters will be that President Obama and candidate Clinton were just as bad if not worse. That’s not a high enough bar to put forth for this or any President. There is plenty that can be said about the liberal duo who hampered our standing on the international stage for eight years, but President Trump (or any other President) should be raising the bar, not swinging for par on the integrity scale.

    Every time I think the media and the Democrats are acting worse than their nemesis, he pulls stunts like these that remind just how inadequate he really is. This is the same script being played over and over again: the victim card. He just can’t help himself. Everything’s unfair. Everyone’s being mean to him. Even his own people are out to get him. It makes me anxious for better people to find their way into Washington DC. Waiting through this is the hard part.

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    Why are so many in the GOP okay with their leader playing the victim card constantly? 

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    There’s a reason liberals love playing the victim card in its various forms. It’s a powerful tool for radicals to have at the top of their Alinsky Tactics Toolbox. When politicians can mislead people into believing they’re being subjugated by the opposing side, their followers will do pretty much anything for their radical caretakers.

    For decades, this is a tool that most in the GOP have chosen to not employ. It’s like force lightning in the Star Wars universe. Aficionados can debate whether it’s canon that only dark side force users can shoot lightening bolts from their hands, but either way it’s generally accepted that they shouldn’t just as it’s been assumed for a while that the victim card should be left to liberals.

    President Trump has reversed this completely. He doesn’t just play the victim card from time to time. It’s become his go-to tactic. He plays it first and he plays it often. He’s become so adept at painting himself as the victim of “fake news” that anything printed about him will be challenged by the White House and supporters will usually just nod their heads. Let’s look at him portraying himself as the victim (and by extension allowing his minions and supporters to play the card as well) since returning from his overseas trip:

    As regular readers are well aware, I’m sort of a mainstream media skeptic hipster; I’ve been very much opposed to the lies of the media since before it was cool. However, I also recognize that there’s a difference between improper spin or loose facts used by mainstream media and the current narrative from the White House that pretty much anything you hear on the news about Trump and his administration is fake. It’s not all fake and saying so is a contradiction.

    Trump-friendly Breitbart recently reported that there are at least three White House leak sources who are about to be fired and could face legal action. This doesn’t seem to jibe with the notion that many leaks coming from the White House are “fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media,” but that’s the point. It doesn’t have to jibe. It only has to yield very muddy waters. If you combine the two narratives – leakers are getting caught and many leaks are fabrications by the media – the result is that Republicans are empowered to pick and choose what news should be addressed and what can be dismissed. Today, the leaning is towards the latter. This is by design.

    I’m not condemning Trump for this. When there’s already so much controversy surrounding his decisions, connections, and liberal policies, the best line of defense is to muddy the waters. Give people a reason to suspend disbelief in his plan for America. It’s painful to watch, but it’s also potentially brilliant. Then again, what other move could he be making at this point?

    My biggest problem isn’t that the White House is playing the victim card. It’s that the GOP is not only allowing it but embracing it. What happened to the high road? When did the conservative philosophy get traded in for this new brand of liberal-lite? This isn’t the GOP we once knew. It’s just another reason I’ve put my efforts into building the small-government Federalist Party.

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