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    Cruz Endorsement Won’t Help Trump or the GOP. In Fact… 

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    This weekend, I will be posting on The New Americana about how the Ted Cruz endorsement of Donald Trump for President is the rallying call conservatives have needed to finally break free from the bonds of the GOP in order to form a new conservative party. This was based upon initial reactions from many NeverTrumpers who looked to Cruz as a leader. Their reactions were not as Trump or Cruz had likely hoped.

    Before we get into that, it’s important to understand that I hold no bitterness towards Cruz. It became clear through his primary campaign that many of the things we clung to regarding Cruz as a principled conservative were negotiable. This didn’t make him any worse of a candidate in most of our eyes. It simply made us realize that he’s much more of a politician than we had initially hoped. No big deal, really. Just as we put our best foot forward easily during a first date but often struggle to maintain it as a relationship continues, the revelations early on that Cruz was a politician didn’t take away from the fact that he was the best candidate for the job.

    This latest “betrayal” was simply a political move, one that will prove to be a poor one. By turning the attention away from Trump’s shortcomings and towards the existential threat that Hillary Clinton poses, Cruz attempted to justify his decision as a righteous one. He, Trump, and the GOP hoped that it would be a wakeup call to those of us opposed to Trump that we have a bigger battle to fight. It was the standard “lesser of two evils” argument that we’ve been hearing for months.

    That’s the problem. We already know Hillary is an existential threat. Our concern is that Trump may be a little less of an existential threat or may be even worse. At this point, we don’t know and it was people like Cruz who we looked to in order to act as the conservative dissent against Trump’s leftward lurch. Cruz pointed to a mode disciplined campaign in recent weeks as justification for changing his mind. What he failed to mention is that Trump has changed in other ways since the convention as well. He’s exposed more of his liberal ideologies, pulling down his tax cuts, promoting big government spending, proposing a minimum wage increase, pushing for government-funded maternity leave, and a handful of other Democratic ideas being adopted by the GOP. In other words, Trump may be campaigning nicer, but he’s even MORE of a threat to society today than when Cruz failed to endorse him at the convention.

    This is going to hurt the GOP. It brings to light the thing that conservatives have feared the most: an unchecked Trump. Please don’t take this as support for Hillary in any way, but the one thing she has going for her in the eyes of conservatives is that she’s a clear force for us to unite against an oppose. With Trump, the opposition from the right is currently scattered. It was people like Cruz who gave us at least a little hope that Trump could be reined in by conservatives if he were to win the Presidency. By endorsing, he loses his standing as a conservative dissenter to Trump’s liberal ways.

    Some would say that an endorsement does not mean that someone has embraced them fully. I disagree. That’s not to say that endorses are incapable of dissent, but it takes away their core argument. Trump represents the new Republican Party, one that can finally achieve its long-term goal of being the moderate party rather than the conservative one. The more that conservatives like Cruz endorse Trump, the more relevant a new party becomes.

    We will be building this party. With or without Cruz, the need for conservatives to have a valid and tangible voice has never been more clear. If anything, Cruz boarding the Trump Train is further justification and an example of how lost the GOP has become.

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    Lost in the Non-Endorsement is the Fact that Everything Cruz said was Righteous 

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    Ted Cruz willfully put himself in the middle of a Trumpstorm by speaking at the Republican National Convention and not endorsing the nominee, Donald Trump. He is, once again, the most hated man in Washington DC as many of his peers will see this as a betrayal of the will of a plurality of the Republican party. All they wanted him to do was sell out his principles and values and endorse the man who trashed him for months, called his wife ugly, and accused his father of perpetrating the most famous murder in American history.

    That’s all.

    Every bit of focus from the media will be on the fact that Ted Cruz asked people to “vote their conscience” up and down the ticket and to focus on defending the Constitution. He spent a good amount of time talking about defending freedom. He even congratulated Trump for winning the nomination. He did not utter the words, “I endorse Donald Trump,” and for that he will be vilified.

    What’s missed is the fact that calling on people to vote their conscience SHOULD be enough to get them to vote for the GOP nominee. After all, if the Republican party is on the side of conservatism, freedom, and defending the Constitution, then it should be an easy leap to associate “voting your conscience” with voting for the Republican nominee. The problem is this: telling people to vote their conscience doesn’t necessarily mean voting for Trump. It’s the saddest state of political affairs when a Republican nominee going up against the corrupt Hillary Clinton cannot be definitively proclaimed as the vote of one’s conscience.

    Cruz said to vote for those who will defend the Constitution. That, too, should be a no-brainer for the Republican nominee in any other year. The Republican party is one that should live and breath by the doctrines of the Constitution. That should not be in doubt. By telling people to vote for the defender of the Constitution in 2016, there’s simply no guarantee that Trump is that person. In fact, he’s said more things throughout the campaign that go against defending the Constitution than even Clinton. She butchers her interpretation to fit her goals, but at least she attempts to stay within its bounds. Trump, unfortunately, does not know those bounds because he does not know the Constitution.

    While meeting with GOP Senators earlier this month, he was asked what he would do to uphold Article I powers in the Constitution. This, of course, refers to the powers granted to Congress. Trump’s response was that he’d uphold Article I, Article II, Article XII, and all the rest. Unfortunately for Trump, there aren’t 12 Articles in the Constitution. There are 7. Even worse, he unwittingly declared that he would uphold his own powers as President which are detailed in Article II. That’s the problem we’re facing with President Obama; he has attempted to expand Article II powers which is exactly what had the GOP Senators concerned. Trump, who clearly knows absolutely nothing about the document that is to be defended by the office he’s running for, is the first GOP candidate in modern history to be arguably less protective of the Constitution than the Democratic nominee.

    Ted Cruz proved very clearly that he’s fearless, principled, and has a clear understanding of the things that Trump needs to know. That Republicans will bash him for expecting people to vote for freedom, conscience, and defense of the Constitution is the clearest sign of the downfall of the party itself. Trump has killed the GOP. It’s time for a new conservative party to be formed immediately.

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    Why Ted Cruz and Every Discerning Republican Should Renounce Trump 

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    The race is almost finished for the Republicans. It would take a miracle for Donald Trump to not be the GOP candidate for President. While there is still hope in the form a Trump meltdown or a third party conservative candidate, chances are high that we’ll have to choose between Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, a symbolic vote, or no vote at all.

    This will, of course, be one of my most viciously attacked articles I’ve written in a while. The #NeverHillary crowd includes millions. Many of these people can’t stand Trump but who hate/fear him less than they hate/fear Hillary. Now is not the time to lecture anyone about how choosing the lesser of two evils is choosing evil nonetheless. It’s also not the time to make the argument that as disastrous as a Clinton White House would be, it might not be worse than a Trump White House. I received a Tweet reply today that concisely made the case of why this may be true:

    I’ll disagree slightly about Clinton being “not horribly wrong” with few exceptions as she has numerous liberal policy proposals which are definitely horribly wrong, but otherwise the concept is righteous. Trump won’t be wrong as often as Clinton, but when he makes the mistakes that he’s certain to make and reacts childishly as he’s certain to react, the consequences for America will be much greater. We may not be able to recover from either Presidency, which is why this video Tweeted out by Nancy French fits our current predicament perfectly:

    Ted Cruz, other Republican politicians, conservative pundits, and voters should renounce Donald Trump. If that means a quiet non-endorsement such as what Michigan Governor Rick Snyder did, so be it. What I would prefer to see is a clear message sent that both renounces Trump and establishes the need for the American Conservative Movement to recover from this setback immediately.

    Here’s my statement:

    As a Republican, I renounce the nomination of Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. Despite winning with a plurality of votes and delegates and with the understanding that most Republicans are now supporting him as the only way to stop the Democrats from winning the White House, I refuse to comply with the majority opinion that Mr. Trump is now the standard bearer leading our party into political battles. I will not leave the party because there are still strong, conservative Republicans running for other offices who need support, but I will not be voting for Mr. Trump.

    If he wins the Presidency, I will respect the authority of the office and would defend the Constitution side-by-side with him as the office is called to do. I will continue to fight for the American Conservative Movement that has a far superior grasp of the solutions necessary to propel our country down a better path than Mr. Trump does. I will also continue to work within the party itself to champion the conservatism that once defined us. I hold no ill will towards those who support Mr. Trump as he and his campaign carry the full weight of the terrible circumstance they’ve created. If I stand alone on these perspectives, I am prepared to fight alone. The United States of America should represent the blessings bestowed by our Father to a people who want to do His will. I fear that Mr. Trump does not share the values that this nation needs in order to fulfill our role in this world.

    What’s next? I believe it is our duty to fight for an alternative. While I see some wisdom in the stance that a non-viable conservative candidate would offer Trump a scapegoat in a loss similar to how Ralph Nader was viewed as the spoiler for Al Gore, I am more compelled by the calling to fight the good fight even in the face of near-certain defeat. It is my sincere hope that the candidate I supported, Ted Cruz, will share in this perspective, decline to endorse Trump, and assist any worthy candidate who takes the courageous step of challenging the evil at our doorsteps.

    Why is Cruz so important for this perspective to thrive? The fact that he was the last to oppose Trump is a start, but it’s not the most important reason. Getting many pundits and voters to understand the nature of our stand against Trump is easy. In fact, it’s already happening with a good number of “Never Trumpers” holding out and getting abused daily for their “state of denial” or their “complicity in a Hillary victory.” There are only a handful of elected officials who have already given Trump a “nay,” but none of them can have the necessary impact to counter names like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell who have already boarded the Trump Train. We need a leader for this movement to work and it’s not going to be Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush (no offense). Senator Ben Sasse is notable, but he doesn’t have the clout yet (though I believe he will eventually). We need a strong elected official to help justify the cause and Cruz is the ideal person to do it.

    From there, our path becomes more clear regardless of what happens this election.

    Consolidate Under the Conservative Umbrella

    Patriots, whether they reluctantly support Trump or are stalwart in their opposition, must consolidate when the dust settles to form a stronger union of conservatism through which the political conversation can be shifted. Both the liberals and big government Republicans have enjoyed power for far too long and the results can be seen all around us.

    I continue to refer to this as the “American Conservative Movement” even though such an entity doesn’t exist… yet. It most likely will. First, we will explore pre-existing organizations to see if they are prepared to bring the message to the masses or not. If no single organization can be found with the appropriate combination of conservative ideology and clout, we will start fresh and work to bring other individuals, groups, and organizations together to unify the conservative message.

    New Party? Probably Not.

    Whether it’s true or not, I have to believe that as of today the majority of Republicans are still conservatives. Many have become shell shocked by Trump’s rise. Others have lightly embraced him as less repugnant than Clinton but they’ll retain their conservative beliefs regardless of who wins. Then, there are those who are leaning left with Trump and turning into populists and nationalists without fully understanding what they’re embracing. Until this last group controls the party fully, our best course of action is to push forward within the party itself.

    Forming a major party is nearly impossible today. A few years ago, it would have been considered completely impossible. Today, the internet allows the right reach in order to quickly (less than a decade) establish a political party that could pull from both Republicans and old school “Reagan Democrats” as well as Libertarians who are seeing their party shift away from the principles exemplified by Senator Ron Paul.

    If it must be done, so be it, but at this point the chances are slim.


    The left controls the American education system. We will have the daunting task of reaching those in high school and at universities, but we must also be able to re-educate them once they’ve already been indoctrinated. People like Ben Shapiro and other conservatives who are occasionally allowed to speak on campus must continue to plant the seeds. Pundits like Leon Wolf and Erick Erickson must be the experts called on by the news networks to defend the right perspective. As for the rest of us, we must be ready with an answer. We must be articulate in our defenses when the opportunity comes up whether in person or online.

    We must spread the word.

    I am a firm believer that conservatism only makes sense to those who dig below the surface. Socialism sounds great at first glance. Liberalism seems to be the more caring perspective until it’s viewed with more scrutiny. Even big government Republicans must be shown why their perspectives needs to change.

    We have the advantage of facts. We have the truth on our side. When a person’s feelings are cleaned from their lens of discernment, they will be more likely to see clearly how conservatism is truly the most compassionate way of thinking and governing.


    Alexander Hamilton has been quoted a thousand times since Trump started seeming like the eventual nominee, but his quote must be stated once again as my conclusion: “If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”

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    David French is Like Ted Cruz Without the Baggage 

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    I would love to say that I knew everything there was to know about David French before today. Like most, I had to Google him. I’ve read many of his articles in the past. In fact, in scanning his list of articles on National Review, I realized that I’d read the majority of them. He has a knack for catching the attention of Christian conservatives with his headlines.

    While there is still an outside chance that Ted Cruz could get the GOP nomination through a very unlikely series of events, it’s important to start researching the notion of the backup plan – an independent conservative candidate – coming in and giving us an option for President that doesn’t include a New York liberal Democrat of which there are currently two. After my initial research, I’m leaning towards the notion that French is very similar to Cruz without having the baggage accumulated against him through Donald Trump’s Alinskyesque attacks.

    We don’t usually focus on breaking news which is why it’s different for me to write about French without doing the full research. It took over four months of researching the original candidates before endorsing Cruz. This is different. I’m not posting this prematurely out of some need to get into the news cycle. I’m posting it because I’m excited. After my cursory examination of French and his chances as a candidate, I’m ready to say that I’m impressed with both his resume and ideas as well as Bill Kristol’s hand in this if it does come to pass. As of now, nothing is official, but the rumors seem awfully compelling. Unless Jim DeMint or Tom Coburn decided immediately to make another run for public office, I’m not sure there’s a better candidate than French, including my early backup plan favorite, Senator Ben Sasse.

    Headlines are labeling French as a “conservative lawyer.” That’s like saying Trump is a “realtor.” The label greatly diminishes the breadth of understanding and accomplishments that French has on his resume. As a Harvard Law grad like Cruz, French has demonstrated an intimate understanding of the Constitution and a profound reverence for it as the source code of American governance. We can see this through his resume but more importantly we see it in his writing. Through one’s writing, we’re able to discern the depth of their understanding and French’s Constitutional well runs deep… just like Cruz.

    What French doesn’t have is a list of enemies like Cruz. While fulfilling his promises to the people who elected him, Cruz built up a reputation of being unlikable. Then, Trump was able to spin the conversation after the Iowa-Carson dropout incident and labeled Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted.” The name stuck. Trump won that battle and eventually won that war.

    With French, Trump will have a harder time attacking him. Don’t misunderstand – Trump will attack and his attacks will be vicious. He’ll find a label. He’ll rally his troops behind his attacks. If Mother Teresa were alive and opposed Trump, he’d find a way to badmouth her and his supporters would cheer. What we initially see in French is a Christian conservative patriot who hasn’t made enemies and who seems to have the right ideas behind which Republicans and Independents could rally. The only obvious choice for Trump to attack is by labeling his entry into the contest as a desperate attempt to thwart him. He may be right, but this isn’t just about thwarting Trump. Hillary Clinton needs an equal level of thwarting. Neither possesses the values we need today in the White House.

    It’s important to remember that to win the Presidency, French does not have to beat Trump and Clinton. He simply needs to prevent them from breaking the 270 electoral college vote threshold. If he can win a handful of states that Republicans normally win and if Trump can win some states that Democrats normally win, it’s very possible for nobody to get to the 270 mark. If that happens, the House of Representatives will decide on the next President. I like French’s chances in that scenario.

    We’ll be researching much more about French if an announcement comes about his candidacy. In the meantime, there’s no need to expend further energy on speculation.

    If he throws his hat in the ring, the early research shows that he has the background and principles to make a serious run. We hope he does. He could be the only person who can stop one of the two liberal Democrat New Yorkers from sitting in the Oval Office.

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    The Crazy Scenario Where Ted Cruz is the GOP Nominee 

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    Yes, the comments on this post are going to be brutal. In fact, I’m not even going to promote this post. I’m just going to write it up, Tweet it out, and see what comes of it. There’s a scenario, albeit an extremely unlikely one, where Ted Cruz is the GOP nominee.

    About a week ago, I started seeing things falling into place. I chalked it up as wishful thinking since, as a Cruz supporter, there was always the chance that I was simply in denial. The more I watch, the more I realize that there are two things that make me believe there’s a chance it could actually happen. The first is that circumstances favor Cruz if the tide turns against Trump at the right moment. The second is that God is sovereign; while I would never presume to know anything about His plan for America or the world other than what’s in scripture, I know for certain that nothing is impossible when His will is at play. Whoever is supposed to be President of the United States will be President of the United States. Now’s not the time for a theological discussion, but it should be noted that acknowledging God’s sovereignty is not a license to sit back and do nothing.

    A few things have happened surrounding Cruz that makes the scenario work. It’s important to note here that I do not believe this is Cruz’s plan. He filed to run for re-election to the Senate in 2018. He’s been pushing for delegate control in an effort to shape the Republican platform towards conservatism. He’s travelling to various state conventions to rally support for this reason.

    For various reasons, Cruz is staying in the mix and doing things that would be required for him to win the nomination even if he has no plans of doing so. By filing for re-election, he’s able to continue fundraising. Being out of the nomination race will put him two months behind the Democrats for general election fundraising. By filing now and soliciting campaign contributions, he can keep the money dripping in. More importantly, he can still maintain a small campaign staff to keep the machine warm.

    His goal of a contested convention meant that he would need to accumulate delegates favorable to him for subsequent ballots. There are reports that some of his delegate victories are starting to fade and support Trump, but that’s to be expected now that he’s out of the race. If push comes to shove, they’ll support him.

    One of the most important indicators that he has a chance is that he hasn’t endorsed Trump. This is important as we’ll soon see because it will need to be someone not tainted by Trump who is nominated. Of course, all of this is for naught if the single catalyst doesn’t occur at the exact right moment: Trump’s scandal, meltdown, and/or disqualifying revelation.

    Since announcing his candidacy, the media and most pundits have been waiting for Trump to get wrapped up in a scandal or meltdown right before our eyes. It didn’t happen, at least not in a way that could hurt Trump. For Cruz to get the nomination, something bad will have to be revealed about Trump. A serious scandal, complete public meltdown, hidden camera recording of him saying or doing something really bad… sadly there are plenty of options that would fulfill this. We’re not talking about the feeble attack piece the NY Times posted over the weekend. We’re talking about something yuge. Whatever it is, it needs to happen right before the Republican National Convention.

    One might wonder why it has to happen right before the convention. The reason is RNC rule 40b and the meddling of the GOP Establishment. Under rule 40b, a candidate can only be on the ballot if they have a majority of delegates in eight or more states. Only Cruz and Trump qualify. If the disqualifying/scandalous Trump event happens before the rules are modified, the RNC will almost certainly shift the rules to allow for more candidates on the ballot. We would see Marco Rubio and John Kasich almost certainly making a play on the floor if they’re on the ballot. We might even see someone else make a move. The Establishment will do whatever they can to prevent Cruz from getting the nod. That’s why this must transpire after the rules are finalized the week before the convention.

    Another question might be why the nominee would need to be someone who didn’t endorse Trump. I’m not talking about the lukewarm acceptance that some have given him. I mean those who completely shifted from enemy to fanboy such as Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal… anyone who hopped all the way onboard the Trump train. Anyone who currently supports Trump will be tainted. Whatever the revelation is about him, it will be far-reaching. It will not just affect his candidacy. It will be like a scarlet letter painted on the chest of those who were too blinded, corrupt, or politically ambitious to see through Trump’s deceit and incompetence.

    Lastly, this scenario means that Cruz would have been better served to stay in the race through to the end, right? No. He was being brutalized by Trump and his media surrogates. The damage, the scars, were starting to stick. The “Lyin’ Ted” moniker was making an impact on his own supporters even though Trump’s primary backing for it was the Iowa caucus when a campaign staffer alerted people of the Carson CNN post. Watching Trump label Cruz as a liar is like Bill Clinton attacking someone as waging a war on women, but for whatever reason Trump sold the idea that he’s honest and Cruz is not. It was important for Cruz to get out when it became clear he couldn’t prevent Trump from getting to 1,237. That’s why he dropped out shortly after the Indiana results were announced.

    The chances of a Trump-proof scandal happening at the right moment are next to nil which means this article is an exercise in futility and false hope. Again, I won’t promote this story to the masses, but it was important to get it off my chest. It’s like watching a painted at work without knowing what’s being put to canvas. I’m seeing what could be if all the right things happen and I’m willing to accept it as possible even if it only has a fleeting chance. There, I said it. Now that it’s out there, I can go back to working on more realistic scenarios.

    As the Cruz campaign said, no regrets.

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    I Would Support Ben Sasse as a Third Party Candidate 

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    Senator Ben Sasse is a conservative. He’s a Christian. He’s not part of the Republican Establishment and he was one of the first DC politicians to speak out about and even directly call out Donald Trump about his liberal and/or ludicrous policy proposals. For these reasons alone, conservatives should consider supporting him.

    There’s more to it than that, though. I’ll briefly state that Trump would be disastrous for America as President, possibly more so than Hillary Clinton. Now is not the time to go into details about why I believe this, but that particular article is coming in the near future. In the meantime, whether you believe that sentiment or not, can we acknowledge the perspective that Trump is “less than ideal” as our Commander-in-Chief.

    Most people know very little about Sasse because the majority of his notoriety has come outside of Capitol Hill. His inexperience in politics has made him less impactful than even Hillary Clinton, but there’s a catch. Just as Ted Cruz made enemies in DC, so too has Sasse started to alienate himself because of his desire to keep the promises he made to the people who voted for him. People like Cruz and Sasse aren’t always the most effective in the legislature but they’re ideal for the executive branch.

    The irony is that deal-makers like Trump are much better in the legislature and worse as executives. Before anyone trumpets on about how great of an executive Trump has been in his business life, let’s not forget that every time he’s been an executive outside of real estate or entertainment, he’s failed miserably. His successes in real estate are a result of literally being born into a real estate empire and his successes in entertainment are akin the the Kardashians’ successes. When he’s tried to be an executive in other industries like airlines, mortgages, football, food, casinos, and everything else that’s not real estate or entertainment, he’s been a disaster.

    There’s an argument that a third-party run would be bad for the country because it would help Clinton win the White House. We’ll set aside the perspective that it she wouldn’t be as bad as Trump; I know there are still those who think that Trump would be an adequate President, the lesser of two evils, so to speak. I would contend that a solid third-party contender like Sasse would be able to galvanize the conservatives and pull in those Independents and Democrats who are more turned off by the corruptions within the Trump/Clinton option than anything else.

    In other words, Ben Sasse could win.

    I’m willing to support this effort if only for the sake of protecting my conscience in November, but when it’s examined more closely, it’s clear that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have a candidate that can truly lead America away from the brink. Ben Sasse could.

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    Of Course John Kasich Dropped Out. Mission Accomplished. 

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    Call me a conspiracy theorist. Call me prescient. Call me bitter. When John Kasich stayed in the race beyond his big victory in his home state of Ohio, I wrote that I believed he had made a backroom deal with Donald Trump to help him secure the nomination.

    In retrospect, I’m not sure if the deal was made with Trump or someone in the Republican Establishment, but the evidence is very clear that his mission was to prevent Cruz from being the nominee. Some will say, “but he made a deal with Cruz over Indiana.” Right. A “deal.” It was arguably the biggest factor in Trump’s monumental victory. It was a boneheaded move by the Cruz campaign that completely backfired and I would suggest that the Kasich team knew it would. I’m not going to dwell on the mistakes the Cruz campaign made; in retrospect, their campaign was technically strong by failed to account for the emotional effect of proper political campaign politics.

    Kasich is complicit in this major blow to conservatism, the Republican party, and America. Whatever deal he made with Trump, the GOP elites, or whoever, his mission was accomplished. Do I blame Kasich for Cruz’s loss? No. I blame us, the grassroots. I blame the conservative pundits who either betrayed their own ideology or failed to spread it properly. I blame the Christian pandering to political correctness that has allowed Trump to be acceptable to many of us who believe the Bible. I blame the Cruz campaign for not seeing the landmines they were setting for themselves.

    I don’t blame Kasich. He should have been an easy foe to vanquish, but most underestimated his effect on the outcome.

    There’s no need to dwell on it. However, we must remember. Kasich is on the list of those who fought against America. Etch his name on tablets of history as an enemy of conservatism.

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    It’s Not Trump’s Fault. Nor the Media. It’s Ours. 

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    In Indiana, Ted Cruz was eliminated from the GOP race. Fingers are being pointed. There seem to be so many people to blame. The reality is this: WE are to blame. By “we,” I mean faithful Christians and true conservatives.

    How did this happen? How does a liberal narcissist knucklehead like Trump win over Republican voters? The answer lies in the inability of two related segments of America. Let’s start with true conservatives. The Mark Levins, Erick Ericksons, and Ben Shapiros of the world have failed. The grassroots activists, of which I consider myself an active participant, have failed. The National Reviews, RedStates, and Soshables of the internet have failed. Conservatism as a political ideology makes way too much sense for us to have failed, but we have.

    The reasons are numerous, but let’s list a few:

    • Fighting on Their Level: To get noticed, you have to get loud. To get loud means that you have to abandon the higher thinking of intellectual discourse upon which we have an advantage and dive into the realm of emotional argumentation and insincere pandering. This is a losing battle; when feelings are involved, logic is dissolved. Having a low flat tax for economic growth makes sense logically but it doesn’t appeal to the masses who have to be shown things in quick sound bites and brief headlines. Preserving liberties is a fundamental component of conservatism, but when emotional fairness leads to political correctness (which it invariably does), liberties are painted as discrimination. Conservatives have the better plan, but “better” is wiped out when we bring the argument down to the emotional level… which happens way too often.
    • Acceptance of the Lesser of Two Evils: How does John McCain stay in the Senate for so long? Because he’s better than the opposing Democrat. How does Paul Ryan become Speaker of the House? Because we’ve elected too many moderate Congressman. If ever there was a reason to remain on the #NeverTrump side of the ball, it’s this. We have to rebuild the Republican party under the flag of true conservatism which means that we cannot support anyone who is the lesser of two evils. As much as a Hillary Clinton White House terrifies me, I can’t say with certainty that Trump would be better. If anything, I’m leaning towards the notion that he would be worse. I will not vote for either. More on that in another article. In the meantime, we have to come to the realization that we cannot keep electing populists and moderates to office.
    • Allowance of Fakers: Conservatism is popular on the campaign trail. It’s popular for talk show hosts, podcasters, and bloggers. The problem is that too many of them are fair weather conservatives. They bend. They pretend. They wave conservatism around as if it’s malleable when it shouldn’t be. They’ve helped to redefine what conservatism is supposed to be, but the reality is that true conservatism is ideal the way it is. The fakers must be removed from the conversation.

    As for faithful Christians, our calling is to share the Gospel, to live by the tenets of the Bible, and to fight when appropriate. We aren’t. As a group, we’re relenting to the same political correctness that is rampant in politics. By standing by and lightly chastising the moral degradation of the country, we’re allowing for people like Trump to become our representatives. It’s sad that Trump is now the “last hope” for defending religious liberties. In other words, we are now condemned to fight on our own.

    I’m disgusted, but at this point it’s time to look in the mirror to see why this happened. Once we get our wits about us again, it’s time to do something about it. As Shapiro points out, it’s time to start rebuilding now.

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    Cruz Will Win Indiana if Media Spin is Ignored 

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    On Tuesday, voters in Indiana go to the polls to determine the future of this country. Most are saying that if Ted Cruz can’t win Indiana, his chances approach nil for getting the Republican nomination. While that’s debatable, we’ll stipulate it for now.

    What we won’t stipulate is that Donald Trump has already won Indiana. That’s simply not true. The media will tell you to look at the polls. They’ll tell you that this factor is against Cruz or that decision is going to hurt him.

    Here’s what the media won’t tell you. They won’t mention that Cruz was behind in Iowa leading up to the caucus. They won’t tell you that he was WAY behind in Oklahoma ahead of the primary. They won’t mention that Trump’s choices are also being weighed and considering the debacle of a foreign policy speech he gave ahead of the Indiana vote, it’s clear that not enough people were watching. If they were, Trump’s candidacy would be declared null and void.

    They even tried to spin Governor Mike Pence’s endorsement as lukewarm for Cruz and beneficial for Trump. While his press conference was not the inspirational call to arms that Cruz has received from Governors like Scott Walker and Rick Perry, it was an endorsement nonetheless. Now, he’s out campaigning with Cruz and trying to alert Indiana voters about the substantive issues that face the state and the country. Compared to Mike Tyson’s endorsement of Trump, Pence’s should hold quite a bit more weight.

    Liberal mainstream media knows they have a loser in Hillary Clinton. They know that the only chance she has of winning the White House is if they can help get Trump nominated by the GOP and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. It can be said that the press controls the fates of politicians. It’s been happening for decades. This year, in this state, it cannot be allowed to happen.

    Cruz reaches conservatives. He reaches true Christians. He reaches the intelligent voters who are coming to realize that Donald Trump doesn’t have a plan for most of America’s problems. The few plans that he actually does have are amateur at best and destructive at worst.

    As a man of faith, I believe that this is in God’s hands. How our Creator initiates His plan is by working through the people and at this point, those people are Indiana voters. We are being tested. It’s a test for all Americans and it has come down to the Crossroads of America.

    The people of Indiana are free-thinkers. They don’t need the press to tell them who’s going to win. They’ll determine that on their own which is why I’m confident that Cruz will be declared Indiana’s choice on Tuesday night.

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    Ted Cruz vs Donald Trump is a Test of America’s Principles 

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    The psychological projection that Donald Trump has spawned with the “Lyin’ Ted” moniker he assigned to Ted Cruz brings up an important question that voters in the remaining primary states must answer. It’s not a question of whether or not Trump is using Saul Alinsky’s playbook (he is) or even whether or not Trump’s ability to manipulate the media is honorable or not (it’s not).

    The real question is whether or not this country has the principles and discernment to see through the narratives perpetuated by Trump’s surrogates as well as Hillary Clinton’s surrogates in the mainstream media.

    What Trump has done is tapping into a disillusionment with the government by appealing to those who want change regardless of what it will bring. This is an unrequited anger; Trump has demonstrated throughout his life a willingness to thrive within the system. His rebuttal to such claims is that nobody knows the system better than he does so he’s the right man to change it. This is utterly ludicrous. You wouldn’t hire a rapist to protect the women in your family just because he has experience with taking advantage of women.

    Cruz has demonstrated the types of traits that would be considered admirable if it weren’t for Trump’s and the media’s spin. He fought Washington DC, including corrupt members of his own party, from the time he was Solicitor General in Texas through his term in the Senate, but the spin is that he’s not liked because of the enemies he’s made. He kept his promises, a trait that is obtuse in Congress. He learned the election system and prepared to fight within the rules that have been in place for a long time, but the spin is that he’s trying to steal the nomination.

    America is currently rewarding pandering and incompetence while millions of voters are punishing steadfastness and strong organization leadership. This Presidential nomination cycle is terrifying because it shines a bright spotlight on the degradation of millions of American’s values.

    Undecided voters (or even lukewarm supporters of Trump) need to take a step back and look at the situation through a lens of clarity. If Trump is nominated, it means that Republicans are suckers. If Trump is elected, it means that America is lost. For a man who has demonstrated absolute incompetence to beat a man that has fought for the people demonstrates just how undeserving the country might be.

    This is a test. If the voters fail, we deserve Trump as the nominee and as a result Hillary Clinton as President. If we pass, Cruz will be the next President of the United States.

    America is at a crossroads. It’s certain that millions of Republican voters are allowing their discernment to falter in favor of media manipulation and a great sales pitch. Will the principles that made this country great be pushed aside in favor of a false promise to make it great again?

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