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    This is an unofficial Federalist site 

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    As a co-founder of the Federalist Party, it’s apparently assumed that what I post here is an official representative of the party. It is not. The only official party posts go on the party’s website itself. What I post here as well as what I post via social media through the Soshable accounts have no direct affiliation with the party.

    One might wonder why I even post here at all if that’s the case. Why allow for confusion? The answer is something that applies to many people. To explain this, I’ll start with a quick story about an old boss. For months, I had a hard time convincing him that we could have remote employees at our company. I explained to him that since we were a technology company, we could broaden our talent pool by not forcing people to live in southern California. He disagreed.

    After some prodding and using myself as an example of someone who could work just fine from a home office, I learned his reasoning. He couldn’t do it himself. In fact, he found that he was much less productive at home than he ever could be in the office. I told him he was the anomaly.

    I was wrong. After we finally started hiring remote employees, I found that a little over half of them were not as productive as they should be. The gap was made up by those who were very productive; those who handled working remotely were even more productive than the in-office employees, but those who could not handle it were far less productive.

    The moral of that particular story, for me, was that some people can separate work from life even if both happened in the same places and some people simply cannot. There’s really no way to tell which way a person will go based upon interview questions. I’ve experienced great and terrible remote employees for the last eight years and there doesn’t seem to be a universal signal. Some can. Some cannot.

    All of this brings me to my point. Whether it’s in separating work from home life, professional from personal demeanor, or “thoughtful” writing versus “heart-felt” writing, people often need barriers. For me, the barrier divides how I write for Soshable from how I write for the party. Since pretty much all of my writing is either political or religious, it makes sense to keep both sites around. Sometimes I need to post direction or thoughts pertaining directly to the party or to a Federalist philosophy. Other times, I simply need to rant or express my personal perspectives as they pertain to federalism. Both are necessary for me as it’s what I’ve been immersed in for months. However, the things I post here are from “JD the Christian Federalist and conservative.” What I post on the party’s website comes from “JD the co-founder of the Federalist Party.”

    I know I’ll be judged on both, but here I can denote personal perspectives that are not necessarily part of party doctrine. Personally, I’m against California attempting to install single-payer health care. Why? Because I live in California. As a party, we have to be willing to allow states to succeed… or fail. States are the laboratories from which other states can learn. If after repealing Obamacare (if that ever happens), California decides they want single-payer, they have that right. The people can vote out those who helped bankrupt the state if that is indeed what happens or they can vote with their feet. JD the father of four living in California would hate it, but JD the co-founder of a party bent on restoring states’ rights would accept it.

    We all need barriers to partition different aspects of our lives. For me, Soshable is safe haven where I can let my heart do the writing.

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    The Newer New Soshable 

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    Back in May, I announced that I was diversifying Soshable. Something was brewing in me and something being lost at the same time. I believed that I needed to diversify in order to regain my passion. In the course of doing so, I realized that diversifying wasn’t the exact right answer.

    I wasn’t completely off. There were things that needed to come out, opinions and perspectives that I’ve always known about but had always used other resources in order to express them. Then, something else came over me. I realized three things:

    1. This site more than any other I own represents me as a person. While I have a Christian site on which I spill my beliefs regarding faith and a conservative blog on which I get political, they are by their very nature constrained by laser focus. While they do, of course, demonstrate my opinions, they do so in a way that requires me to be a bit more careful than on Soshable.
    2. For marketing, I have my company website on which I can discuss automotive digital marketing. Since we do social media as a product, there’s no need to have a social media marketing blog here on my personal blog. All of the social stuff can go there.
    3. The readers of this blog are generally more sophisticated than readers on many other sites. I’ve been blessed with a savvy audience, one that seems to know the world and that desires to hear different perspectives.

    The conclusion: Soshable is a venue through which I can express what I know and believe. I can post faith-based articles here that are more personal than what I would post elsewhere. I can discuss politics and news here in ways that fall away from popular party lines and that demonstrate what I feel about policies, people, and events.

    No need for marketing content here any more. Marketing is something I love to do professionally but it’s not part of my true passions. I get a kick out of success, but I’m not defined by it.

    We’ll still allow guest posts. I don’t want this to be me talking about my thoughts all the time. However, those posts will be geared for general interest. We get tons of automotive posts and since I love cars I can allow them here. We get tons of marketing posts and I have other venues for that. We even get the occasional lifestyle posts submitted and as long as they’re not contrary to what we believe, we can post them here as well.

    Welcome to the new Soshable. I truly hope you enjoy what you read here. God Bless!

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    Forgive Me for Diversifying Soshable Content 

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    Hello friends, fans, contributors, enemies, unknown folks, and alpacas. After seven awesome years of focusing on social media pretty much solely, we’ve decided to expand the scope, posting frequency, and style of this site to include “important” news. While we’ll still be posting plenty about social media, marketing, and other important topics like these, it’s time to focus on more prevalent issues in the world.

    Don’t get me wrong. I know there are plenty of sites out there that talk about the news and we’re not going to follow in the footsteps of sites like Mashable and Techcrunch that diversified for the sake of traffic. Call it a transition intended to bring attention to the things in this world that deserve it more than social media. We acknowledge that we will lose many faithful readers who have enjoyed the social media content over the years, but it’s time to bring more things to light.

    This will NOT be a general news site. Again, you have plenty of choices for that. What we will bring to the table are perspectives. Those perspectives fall into three categories:

    1. Highlight News: There are things that happen every day in the world of politics, religion, technology, and pretty much everything else that could use a freshness in perspective. We don’t want to report the news. We want to take the important things and give them a fresh view that may bring to light some critical thinking and intelligent discourse.
    2. Automotive: From a purely business perspective, I own a company that focuses on the automotive industry. I’ve kept it very separate for a long time. Having this resource available allows me to bring the industry I love to light for others.
    3. Marketing: As I said, we’re still going to be posting much of the same content that we’ve always posted. We’re just going to mix in other things as well.

    If you’ve read for a while, you’ll know that there were months when we posted every day and there were months when we barely posted at all. This is always following the ebb and flow of what time and resources we have available at any give moment. Now that we’re going to be diversifying, it will give me an excuse to always post daily and to keep it fresh and inviting.

    As I said, I know that some of you will leave the blog as a result. Nobody wants to be constantly reminded about what’s happening in the real world. It’s one of the reasons that people turn to social media in the first place, to get away from those things that nag at them in life. I ask for your forgiveness ahead of time. I know that you’ll either leave forever or give it a chance. With that said, here’s the promise:

    We will attempt to keep the site moving forward with everything we do. Social media was an incredible and tight little niche for us to explore. Now, we’re taking it further. It’s my hope that this will be both entertaining and enlightening for all of our readers. I look forward to exploring this new direction with you going forward. God Bless!

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    Why Soshable Went Dormant (and why it’s due for an eruption) 

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    When I first started playing around with social media marketing back in 2007, it was new, fresh, and wonderful. I created this blog to keep my thoughts in order, to have a central point through which to post all of my content, and to build a brand that could eventually become a company of its own.

    Things change. Directions change. Elements of our lives that we once considered to be important become secondary in the blink of an eye. For me, Soshable has been one of those aspects of my life that fell by the wayside. My focus on automotive social media marketing has allowed me the privilege of forming a strong company with a bright future that takes up way too much of my time and my former blogging stallion was put in the barn.

    That is changing. The good part about having a company grow is that you can start to hire people to do much of the work that you had to do in the beginning. Things that took up all of my time when I started my company less than a year ago are now superbly handled by a team that makes me look good. Time is opening up. Needs are growing, but in different directions. It’s time for Soshable to erupt into what it once was – a place where I and other authors promote the best practices available in social media.

    It doesn’t need to be a social media blog. It needs to be the social media blog, the one that it once was and that it can be again. Thankfully, it’s not like a boxer coming out of retirement. When a volcano erupts after being dormant for a long time, the fury is often greater than it every was before. That’s my hope. Bring the marshmallows. We’re about to spew some heat.

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