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    We want ideological alignment, not “moving on to” an agenda, Scaramucci 

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    When the first round of cabinet picks and short list Supreme Court Justices were coming out, I was admittedly surprised. My worst nightmare was that the President would follow up his victory by bringing in moderates and even liberals into the White House. He did to some extent, but a good chunk of the people he picked were conservatives such as Mick Mulvaney, Scott Pruitt, and Neil Gorsuch.

    Of course, he also brought in problematic people. Reince Priebus led the moderates. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner led the liberals. Steve Bannon led the alt-righters. Then, there were those who weren’t even on my radar for their politics. Among them was Sean Spicer.

    Anthony Scaramucci is leading communications now and we should all be concerned. This is an odd strategic pick, but more importantly it’s a pick that brings with it the baggage of strong liberalism tempered by an alleged “fiscal conservatism” that thus far has not been made evident. The progressive views he has shared in the past are available for all to see.

    What worries me is that he’s not disavowing these views. Instead, he’s simply deleting them to remove the distraction and “moving on to” the President’s agenda.

    Let’s set aside the fact that deleting Tweets before claiming transparency is laughable at best. What’s striking is that he’s not expressing any changes in his perspectives. This is a job and if his job is to communicate the President’s agenda, his perspectives won’t make it in, right? Wrong, and it’s an insult for them to think we’re that naive.

    The Comms Director has a direct line to the President’s ear. The last thing we need is even more liberal perspectives swaying the President further to the left. I’m all for people changing their perspectives. Heck, I was in favor of the Iraq War over a decade ago. People can change their minds. The problem with Scaramucci is that he’s not claiming to change anything, whether it’s his leftist opinions on gun control, abortion, or the border wall.

    Americans didn’t vote for Donald Trump because they wanted more liberals in the White House. They would have voted for Hillary Clinton if that was their goal and Scaramucci seems more ideologically aligned with the Democrats than Republicans. What does this say about an administration that has accomplished so little in its first six months and that has been embroiled in controversy after controversy?

    It’s not too late for the President to put in a right-minded, ideologically aligned Communications Director on the job. Call it a mulligan. Say he was unaware of Scaramucci’s old views or that he fell for a sales pitch. Humble yourself, Mr. President, and get a conservative to handle the communications for your administration. Stop proving that my initial fears were justified.

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    Stop telling me to wait on defunding Planned Parenthood 

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    Every time I ask about when the GOP will use its majorities and control of the White House to defund Planned Parenthood, I’m met with a flurry of responses. The most common one has been that we have to wait until they’re able to repeal Obamacare because they can take care of Planned Parenthood in that particular piece of legislation. Well, it turns out they can’t. If the Senate bill passes, it will not defund Planned Parenthood.

    As I’ve noted before, defunding Planned Parenthood will not prevent abortions. In fact, it would make this political organization (that claims to not be a political organization) even more powerful than it is today. The reason we must defund Planned Parenthood is because it’s a moral blight on our nation to directly fund murder. This, more than anything else, is why the organization must be forced to generate its own revenue by having people willingly contribute rather than forcing every tax-paying American to participate.

    To those who have been telling me to wait, what am I waiting for now? It’s not going to be part of the health care bill. There’s not going to be a better time in the future to end the funding. What excuse do you have for me now that the pretend-pro-lifers in GOP leadership have at their disposal everything they need to make it happen?

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    My not-so-hot take on the Illinois tax debacle 

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    Government cannot spend its way out of trouble. That’s an absolute truth that has been clearly demonstrated time and again, yet we see politicians at every level from local to national continuing to push untenable budgets and asinine tax hikes on the people. The latest example is Illinois and this time it’s more than the usual suspects behind the debacle.

    Republican lawmakers jumped ship and backed an override of their own party’s governor’s veto of the latest budget that calls for increased taxes. This lack of backbone has become a calling card for the modern GOP as so many today seem willing to break from the old school ideology of smaller government in order to play along with their liberal counterparts. The fear of government shutdowns, credit failures, and election day repercussions have pushed the GOP away from conservative and Federalist fundamentals.

    Instead of giving into the Democratic majority’s demands for more government, these Republicans should have backed their governor’s play. He wasn’t asking for much, just term limits and a handful of other responsible actions included in the extremely liberal and oppressive budget plan. They should have forced further turmoil and continued to offer real solutions instead of backing down from fear of another budget-free fiscal year. That’s the problem with the modern Republican Party. They don’t play within their alleged ideologies. Instead, they’re constantly attempting in vain to mitigate damage both real and political.

    In the vast majority of situations, the best solution is to reduce taxes, dramatically cut budgets, and put emphasis on supporting the private sector to solve problems. We the People are more capable than government entities to solve our own problems, but the Democratic-Republicans of modern day America seem bent on convincing us otherwise.

    Here’s the biggest problem: it’s working. More Americans are becoming dependent on government rather than being reliant on self-governance. Fewer Americans are attempting to solve problems and are instead spending their time demanding action from politicians. This more than anything else is why the Federalist Party must rise. We’re losing the battle of independence by pushing off our responsibilities to people and entities who have no business participating in finding the right solutions. The indoctrination and propaganda machines of the left have infiltrated many politicians on the right. Today’s Republicans are looking more like mid-90s Democrats than the party that once believed in shrinking government.

    Illinois, as with so many Democrat-run states, is crumbling under the weight of its own failed fiscal policies. They don’t need a bailout. They shouldn’t be raising taxes. They need to cut, cut, and cut some more. They need fewer programs, lower taxes, and an elimination of the overreach that has plagued them for decades if they hope to recover. Instead, the Democratic-Republicans are going against their fiscally responsible governor in order to push more of the same tired leftist agenda.

    The only real solution is less government and Illinois is a clear example of a state that has proven this to be true by failing miserably with big government. Will they learn the lesson in time? We are actively recruiting a strong leadership team in Illinois to bring the battle to Springfield. Email us at smallgov@thefederalistparty.org if you’re interested.

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    Why are so many in the GOP okay with their leader playing the victim card constantly? 

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    There’s a reason liberals love playing the victim card in its various forms. It’s a powerful tool for radicals to have at the top of their Alinsky Tactics Toolbox. When politicians can mislead people into believing they’re being subjugated by the opposing side, their followers will do pretty much anything for their radical caretakers.

    For decades, this is a tool that most in the GOP have chosen to not employ. It’s like force lightning in the Star Wars universe. Aficionados can debate whether it’s canon that only dark side force users can shoot lightening bolts from their hands, but either way it’s generally accepted that they shouldn’t just as it’s been assumed for a while that the victim card should be left to liberals.

    President Trump has reversed this completely. He doesn’t just play the victim card from time to time. It’s become his go-to tactic. He plays it first and he plays it often. He’s become so adept at painting himself as the victim of “fake news” that anything printed about him will be challenged by the White House and supporters will usually just nod their heads. Let’s look at him portraying himself as the victim (and by extension allowing his minions and supporters to play the card as well) since returning from his overseas trip:

    As regular readers are well aware, I’m sort of a mainstream media skeptic hipster; I’ve been very much opposed to the lies of the media since before it was cool. However, I also recognize that there’s a difference between improper spin or loose facts used by mainstream media and the current narrative from the White House that pretty much anything you hear on the news about Trump and his administration is fake. It’s not all fake and saying so is a contradiction.

    Trump-friendly Breitbart recently reported that there are at least three White House leak sources who are about to be fired and could face legal action. This doesn’t seem to jibe with the notion that many leaks coming from the White House are “fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media,” but that’s the point. It doesn’t have to jibe. It only has to yield very muddy waters. If you combine the two narratives – leakers are getting caught and many leaks are fabrications by the media – the result is that Republicans are empowered to pick and choose what news should be addressed and what can be dismissed. Today, the leaning is towards the latter. This is by design.

    I’m not condemning Trump for this. When there’s already so much controversy surrounding his decisions, connections, and liberal policies, the best line of defense is to muddy the waters. Give people a reason to suspend disbelief in his plan for America. It’s painful to watch, but it’s also potentially brilliant. Then again, what other move could he be making at this point?

    My biggest problem isn’t that the White House is playing the victim card. It’s that the GOP is not only allowing it but embracing it. What happened to the high road? When did the conservative philosophy get traded in for this new brand of liberal-lite? This isn’t the GOP we once knew. It’s just another reason I’ve put my efforts into building the small-government Federalist Party.

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    While the GOP misses with millennials, the Federalist message is right on target 

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    It’s no surprise that the Federalist Party is getting a ton of new members who feel the GOP has left them. What may be surprising is that a good number of the ones we’re seeing make the switch are millennials.

    When we first started down the road of forming a new party, the majority of early adopters were over 35-years-old. Our message of reining in DC, defending freedoms, and protecting life were once associated with the Republican Party, but over the last few years it’s become more apparent that the party only invoked these ideas when they were campaigning. We knew we needed to craft a strong message to appeal to the younger generation. What we didn’t anticipate is that the message that resonated with long-time Republicans would also hit the mark with younger voters.

    Today, nearly half of our new members are millennials.

    According to Kristen Soltis Anderson, this isn’t the same old shift away from the GOP:

    It’s been reported often and for many years that Republicans are losing younger people, but what is most shocking about the Pew study is the narrow window in which this wave of defections occurred. In the relatively short time frame of December 2015 to March 2017, nearly half of all young Republicans left their party at some point, with roughly a quarter bidding the GOP adieu for good.

    No other group, by age or party, wavered so much or defected in such substantial numbers.

    The Federalist Party represents a promise that the GOP has always made. The difference is that Republican leaders in recent years have debunked themselves by failing to keep these promises. They say things in opposition to Democrats during campaign season, then embrace big government ideas when they’re given control. Young (and old) people who want laser-focus on shrinking government are joining the Federalist Party en masse.

    To understand why this is the case, we have to put aside certain stereotypes. Media is quick to point out when college students protest conservative speakers, but they hide the fact that there’s a strong counter-insurgency of small-government-minded students. They might not riot. They may have more respect for free speech than their left-wing counterparts, but their numbers are strong and their passions are often stronger. Moreover, the angst that many millennials are feeling stems from an emerging understanding that the federal government causes many of the problems they claim to fix. The internet and social media have allowed failures and political debacles to take on lives of their own. The realization that we need less government is why people like Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, and Ben Sasse have been so appealing to millennials.

    Most Americans, when presented with the facts, can come to the conclusion that less interference from the federal government yields much better results. It’s nearly universal; returning power to the states, communities, and individuals solves problems much better than relying on overarching mandates, cumbersome regulations, and offensive laws decreed by DC. The rise of the Federalist Party is coming at the exact right moment in history.

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    Republicans Running for Office: It’s Easier to Jump on the Trump Train Late than to Jump Off 

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    To every Republican running in any election in 2016, it’s imperative that you think about the current political atmosphere through a lens of discernment and logic. Attachment to Donald Trump will have no positive effects on your own campaign by endorsing him or even giving him lukewarm support now. On the other hand, the potential negatives to your campaign are clearly present and there’s a good chance that it will get even worse between now and election day.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a straight-ticket GOP true believer who bleeds Republican red no matter what or if you’re one who takes every issue at face value. From now until very close to the election, you must keep your distance from Trump. I’ll go over the many logical reasons for doing so, but let’s first look at the potential negatives of showing even the mildest form of support.

    If Trump Doesn’t Implode, You’re Not Safe

    One would be hard-pressed to find a major Presidential candidate who’s had as much potential for disaster as either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Clinton’s disasters are tied to her past crimes and in many ways it’s out of her hands whether or not she suffers an implosion-by-indictment. Trump is different. Throughout the campaign, he’s done and said things that will be used against him until November. One does not have to go back to his history to find damning statements; in the last year alone he’s been able to accumulate ammunition for Democrats to use against him and those who support him.

    If you’re a Republican candidate for any office, imagine your competitor running an ad that shows Trump making fun of POWs, mocking a disabled reporter, insulting Mexicans, insulting women, questioning the integrity of a judge over his heritage… you get the point. Now, imagine the ad ending with a sound bite of you supporting or even endorsing him. At that point, it wouldn’t matter what your policy proposals were. It wouldn’t matter how many things you’d accomplished or how often you’d helped your constituents. Your opinions will no longer matter. Your opinions would now be associated with Trump’s opinions and there’s nothing you could do to diffuse it. What’s worse is that your future would not be tied to Trump’s because outside of battleground states, many Trump-supporting Republican candidates will lose by association regardless of how Trump does in the state.

    Many believe that Trump will continue to accumulate negatives. He seems to get bored every time he acts “more Presidential” and inevitably reverts back to his modus operandi. Let’s say for the sake of argument that he turns over a new leaf and acts like an adult rather than a petulant child for the remainder of the campaign. The negatives are still there. The sound bites will still be used against you.

    If Trump Implodes, You’re Toast

    What if Trump goes too far as he’s almost done on several occasions. What if a scandal rears its ugly head shortly before November; there are stories that are likely being held by liberal mainstream media that won’t be released until it’s too late for the Republicans to recover. What if Trump’s tax returns get leaked? What if he’s made to sound like a fool during debates? What if…

    There are so many potential derailments that could be lurking around the corner. If any of them come out, candidates in tight races who have supported or endorsed him might as well hang up their political ambitions now. The sad part is that if Clinton is indicted and the country has to choose between her scandal and Trump’s scandal, he could still end up winning. However, those who supported him will be irrecoverably damaged.

    The Pragmatic Road

    Utah Congresswoman Mia Love is taking the pragmatic approach. She’s not speaking ill of Trump any more (even though she voted for Ted Cruz in the primary), but she’s giving up her delegate slot and is not going to the GOP convention.

    “I don’t see any upsides to it,” Love said. “I don’t see how this benefits the state.”

    It isn’t about benefiting the state. It’s about avoiding the questions that will come at the convention where she will be cornered into endorsing Trump. Rather than risk it, she’d rather sacrifice the potential national spotlight in favor of not attaching her name to Trump’s. It’s the smart move for someone in her position as a rising star who is locked in a tight battle for reelection. It’s the type of move that every GOP candidate should consider depending on the dynamics of their own race. If they’re going to be cornered at the convention, don’t go. If the question about Trump pops up elsewhere, prepare a good answer. That’s the first stage of the pragmatic approach. We’ll get to the next stage shortly, but first let’s look at some of the reasons that it makes sense to NOT endorse, support, or attach to the Trump campaign in any way… for now:

    • The anti-Hillary vote is not necessarily anti-Democrat: There are currently a large block of Trump “supporters” who are claiming that Trump might not be perfect but at least he’s not Hillary. This is a righteous perspective for a voter, but it’s dangerous for a candidate. Even lukewarm support for Trump is support for Trump that can and will be used against candidates. Hillary-hating Independents or moderates might vote for Trump out of fear, but they won’t necessarily vote for those who supported him. If anything, they might vote against them for the sake of checks and balances.
    • The anti-Trump vote WILL BE an anti-Republican vote: The reverse of the previous bullet is not true. Those who oppose Trump will not only oppose him but will also oppose those who support him. There is a real fear that’s associated with Trump, so candidates who give him even the slightest level of support will be associated with being in his camp. Many of the anti-Trump voters will try to completely obliterate his political existence. That existence extends down-ticket.
    • Your endorsement will not help Trump: Presidential candidates do not need endorsements from those running down-ticket. It doesn’t help them unless it’s a cross-party endorsement, while a lack of those endorsements doesn’t hurt them. Endorsements and support from down-ticket candidates is for the sake of the down-ticket candidate. It’s about riding on the coattails of the Presidential candidate’s support. In this rare case, Trump’s potential down-ticket negatives outweigh the positives.
    • Trump will likely not reward you for your endorsement: Unless you’re Jeff Sessions, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, or any of a handful of supporters who have a spot waiting for them in Trump’s administration, you’re not going to get anything from Trump for your support. He won’t be helping you win. He won’t remember you if he wins. If you’re a big-enough name, you’ll get a press release and a mention during a speech. If you’re not, well, you won’t.
    • By focusing strictly on your constituents, you’re own campaign can shine: The moment that a candidate supports Trump in any way, their opinions no longer matter as much. They will get asked to react to “this thing that Trump did” or “that faux pas that Trump made.” Their entire candidacy gets framed by their attachment to Trump. By withholding support, they retain their independence and can keep the focus on how they will handle the issues.

    The Biggest Reason to Withhold Support

    Which has more impact: supporting Trump today, in July, or even in September, or throwing your support his way in the week or two prior to election day? Think hard before you answer that question, though the answer should be obvious. Let’s look at the scenarios…

    If you withhold your support and Trump implodes, you’ll be seen as the type of candidate that makes smart decisions, that follows your conscience rather than the mandates of the party, and that puts your constituents ahead of the national narrative.

    If you withhold your support and Trump doesn’t implode, you can make a big announcement just prior to election day that you now feel comfortable supporting him for President. Here’s the thing about support: in this society of short attention spans, the impact of support for any candidate, in particular one like Trump, will be strongest in the one or two weeks following the endorsement. His supporters will instantly embrace you for seeing the error of your ways. In fact, they might embrace you even more fervently than if you’d been a Trump supporter from the beginning.

    Withhold Properly

    I’ve heard dozens of attempts to not support Trump. Almost all of them are poor. First and foremost, not supporting Trump will be seen as supporting Hillary if it’s not worded properly. You have to get that out of the way immediately. Second, you have to give a reason for not supporting Trump at this time that doesn’t sound like you’re scared of attachment to him. Finally, you have to leave the door open in a way that puts the onus on Trump to earn your support. No matter what, you cannot appear to be indecisive.

    Here’s a quick example of an answer to the question, “Do you support Trump for the Presidency?”

    I am opposed to Hillary Clinton, the liberal agenda, and most importantly to [insert your opponent’s name]. Trump is our party’s nominee but I am going to do what’s best for the people I hope to represent. I agree with some of what Trump is saying and I disagree with others. From now until the election I will be watching him very closely to see if his ideas and his ability to deliver on them are aligned with what’s best for the people of [insert city, district, or state].

    The follow up question will be something like, “So you won’t vote for Clinton and you might not vote for Trump unless he changes his ways?”

    At this point none of the candidates have demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that they will be a great President. I’m hopeful that Trump will demonstrate the ability to become a great President but as of today he still needs to put out a platform that he sticks to and that he can deliver on for the most part.

    The “gotcha” question where they’ll try to paint you into a corner will be, “If the vote were today, who would you vote for?”

    Thankfully I live in a world where election day is in November and impossible hypotheticals are left to the journalists and Democrats, but if the vote were today there’s not enough information to make a decision. It wouldn’t be Hillary. Trump’s positions haven’t been locked in yet, so in the fantasy world you envision I likely wouldn’t vote for the Presidency.

    Once a candidate decides to hop on the Trump train, they’ll get all of the negatives associated without the benefit of any positives. If they withhold their support properly and use it to leverage Trump towards a more conservative perspective, more Republicans will win their elections regardless of what happens to the Presidency.

    Author’s Note: There is no practical scenario in which I would personally support Trump. The purpose of this article is to express a pragmatic approach for current GOP candidates across the board to win as many races as possible. Regardless of whether you’re a #NeverTrumper, a card-carrying Trumpster, or anywhere in between, this perspective can help America by getting as many Republicans into office as possible. I encourage you to share it with their campaigns through email, social media, or any way you see fit.

    Image Credit: Trump Train USA

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    Hillary Clinton’s Play for President Obama’s Approval Has Republicans Foaming at the Mouth 

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    Let’s be crystal clear. Hillary Clinton’s primary goal in speaking to millions of people during last weekend’s Democratic Debate was to address a single person: President Obama. She had been advised that if the President, Vice President Joe Biden, and other past and current members of the Administration didn’t support her, that she could lose. To win their support, she had to come out by promising to honor their work and keep it in play. She had to come out in defense of his legacy in order to get them on board with her campaign.

    Don’t expect the President to come out publicly. Definitely expect members of his staff to hit the phones and let their allies know who should be getting endorsements and donations. This was smart politics for Clinton. It’s also exactly what the Republicans wanted to happen.

    “We have the Affordable Care Act. That is one of the greatest accomplishments of President Obama, of the Democratic Party, and of our country,” she said.

    You don’t have to memorize that line. It’s going to be hammered into our conscience almost as hard as her husband played on the phrase, “Read my lips. No new taxes.”

    It is extremely difficult for a party in the modern era to maintain control of the White House following a two-term President. Al Gore was extremely popular following Bill Clinton, but he was outmaneuvered in the end. This is part of the ebb and flow of American politics to rotate both the executive and legislative branches to maintain a balance. It’s not coordinated necessarily, but dissent is easier to muster than support in a world where things are going wrong every day.

    Hillary Clinton is hoping for a George H. W. Bush moment. While she would love to win the nomination and the Presidency based solely on her merits and policy proposals, she has decided to cave to the third-term effect. She’s hoping that President Obama’s popularity will carry over to her. She reluctantly hopes to win by being the only candidate who will defend President Obama’s actions and legacy and she has a plan to present the Republicans (and Bernie Sanders) as the people who will try to dismantle the “great things” that President Obama has done.

    For Republicans, this simply adds to a growing list of attack points. They already have Benghazi, though it’s unclear whether or not that will be able to play well in the general election. They have the email controversy which will likely continue on until November. They have her complicity in Bill Clinton’s war on women which will definitely continue throughout whether it’s helpful or not. Now, we have her defending things that are clearly broken. It’s not exactly a coup for the Republicans, but it’s great fodder for the campaign strategists to consume.

    It pains Clinton to have to resort to playing the “Obama Third Term” card. She really doesn’t like the guy and doesn’t want to ride his coattails, but it may be required for her to get the nomination quickly. That’s just fine with us. The more she attaches to Obama, the easier it will be for Republicans to take her down in November.

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    Yes, Donald Trump has Jumped the Shark. Will Republicans Do the Same? 

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    There’s no need to rehash the announcement that Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country until the government “can figure out what is going on.” You already know all the details you need. Let’s talk about America itself within the context of the situation that Trump has framed.

    I’ll keep it brief. If I don’t, this could turn into a 5,000 word rant.

    For a quick definition, “jumping the shark” refers to a two-part episode of the show Happy Days where Fonzie is put into mortal danger by jumping over a shark-infested area of a lake with water skis. If that sounds silly, that’s because it was and it marked the rapid downfall of a show that thought it needed to push the envelope to stay relevant.

    Donald Trump has jumped the shark. With his nomination outlook taking a slow downturn following invincibility since the summer, he decided to up the ante a few dozen notches. He knows how to play the American people, particular those who are most scared of what could happen to them if more Muslims enter America.

    Donald Trump Jumping the Shark

    It’s important to understand the very precise distinction here. He’s not appealing to those who are scared of terrorists. Those people can be reached by valid candidates through policies of improved screening, protection of 2nd Amendment rights, smart national security measures, and prudence on the part of our elected officials and the law enforcement organizations that serve us. After all, the attack in San Bernardino represents the worst terrorist attack in over 14 years. Things need to be fixed but Americans are not cowering under their covers at night wondering if a trip to the grocery store is going to be a meeting with death. That’s for other parts of the world. In America, we’re relatively safe, all things considered.

    Trump is appealing to those who are scared of Muslims themselves. They, like Trump, have never and will never want Muslims in the country. They, like Trump, are using the San Bernardino attacks, Ft. Hood, the Moore, OK murder, and other examples of radical Islamic terrorism as avenues to express their hatred and fear of Islam itself.

    It pains me to realize the truth that there is a relatively large portion of the American population that feels this way. As a US flag bearing, Jesus loving, God fearing naturalized citizen of the United States, I take offense to anyone who believes that America can be made great again with this type of bigotry in the White House. We should be beyond this by now, but the sad reality is that we’re not.

    Jumping the shark will have one of two effects. It will either wake people up to the lunacy of the Trump campaign and allow us to put in a proper representative of the Republican party to defeat Hillary Clinton or it will ensure that Hillary Clinton is our next President. Even if you are one who would love for all Muslims to be halted from entering, you must understand that the stance is untenable and Trump is 100% guaranteed to lose in the general election if he is the nominee. It won’t even be close. Democrats hate him. Independents will not stand for it. Many Republicans, even hardline conservatives such as me, will view Clinton as the lesser of two evils.

    The Republican party is at the most important crossroads in modern history. We’ve been given the opportunity to take the reins by President Obama’s horrendous Presidency. This should be a layup for candidates like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio who would defeat Clinton in a landslide. Even Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, or Carly Fiorina would defeat Clinton. Donald Trump cannot and making him our nominee is a path towards the further degradation of America.

    The need for national security, border control, and strength in the White House has never been greater. Trump may have given his campaign a boost for the nomination, but he’s eliminated any possibility of winning in the general election.

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    Is America Ready for Donald Trump to be Our Identity? 

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    With Donald Trump leading in the polls and many political pundits starting to change their tune about his chances of winning the Republican nomination for president, voters need to start asking themselves one question: is Donald Trump’s personality what we want representing our country to the rest of the world?

    Donald Trump is polarizing to say the least. Some would say that past Presidents such as Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and John F. Kennedy have been strong personalities that also polarized the country in the eyes of other countries. For example, Reagan was well known to have been hated by our enemies and adored by our allies. Is Trump the next natural progression? Does he represent the 21st century variation of polarization in an atmosphere that geopolitically is ready for a bombastic America?

    The answer to both of these questions is, “no,” at least for the majority of Americans. At a time when we need someone more like Ronald Reagan, there are too many people strongly considering a reality TV star. That’s not a stab at Trump’s past. It’s about what Trump represents today. He’s taking many of the concepts that candidates like Ted Cruz espouse and he’s turning them on their heads to give a perception about them that doesn’t make any sense at all. Is border security a huge problem? Absolutely. That doesn’t mean that Trump’s “straight talk” is the right way to solve the problem. In fact, it runs very much counter to a solution. Do we have a problem with radical Islam creeping into the country and committing a major terrorist attack? Yes. That doesn’t mean that we have to promote the registry of people of any faith nor does it mean that we have to have surveillance at some mosques. That’s not America.

    The media is finally starting to call it how they see it.

    His many supporters obviously believe he has all of the answers. They see Trump as the ultimate representation of no holds barred straight talk. A variation of the question posed earlier is whether America wants to be viewed condoning the type of attacks that Trump levels on opponents, the media, and even parts of the American population.

    Nobody doubts that Donald Trump says what he means and means what he says. The question is whether or not he says it out of true sincerity or for the sake of political expediency. He knows how to touch on the nerves that inspire many Republicans such as immigration, national security, and economic growth. Can his rhetoric be justified by actions? Is he saying the right things while knowing that much of what he proposes simply cannot be accomplished?

    The core question isn’t whether or not he can accomplish what he says. He cannot, as 99% of those “in the know” realize outside of people like Ann Coulter who really don’t care. The core question is whether or not Republicans are willing to support the ideals that Trump represents.

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    5 Reasons Ted Cruz is the Perfect GOP Candidate to Defeat Democrats in 2016 

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    This is arguably the most crucial Presidential election of this generation. In fact, a win for Republicans this time around may have more of an effect on the country than Ronald Reagan’s in 1980 or Bill Clinton’s in 1992. Both caused dramatic changes to the way that America operated, but neither will be as important as what happens next year.

    Ted Cruz is a man of seconds. He’s viewed by many as the most conservative overall candidate, but that’s the extent of his polarization. Otherwise, he’s the right combination of being the second most this or the second most that. It’s a combination that would bring certain victory in a general election regardless of whether it’s the likely opponent of Hillary Clinton or if Bernie Sanders can mount a serious opposition.

    An article on liberal MSNBC points out the five areas where Cruz is second to another candidate. Combined, they make for a very potent campaign. Here are the five “seconds” that combined reveal Cruz as the top choice.

    1. Carson’s Evangelical Appeal

    Ben Carson Ted Cruz

    Even though recent controversy about Ben Carson’s foreign policy knowledge has turned a good number of evangelicals way, he has been the chief recipient of the evangelical vote. This is where Cruz, the second favorite among evangelicals, has the power to unite them towards voting.

    2. Trump’s Outsider Appeal

    Ted Cruz Donald Trump Outsiders

    Donald Trump is the outsider many Republicans love. Unfortunately for him, he’s proving that he’s such an outsider that he’s actually alienating himself from those who want at least a smidgen of political sense. Sure, those who support him wholeheartedly will never see the errors of his ways, but how he’s handled Carson and more recently John Kasich demonstrate an immaturity that will scare most voters away from him.

    Cruz has made many enemies among Washington DC insiders, which makes him ideal for those who find his outsider status appealing while still wanting a semblance of political know-how. Cruz has both going for him.

    3. Rubio’s Minority Status and Campaign Discipline

    Ted Cruz Marco Rubio Campaign

    Marco Rubio has had the fact that he’s missed so many Senate votes come across as a negative despite the fact that he’s missed fewer than candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton when she was a Senator, and John Kerry. The reason he’s missed the votes is because he’s been running a very solid campaign, attending fundraisers and rallies in an effort to solidify his spot as the Republican Establishment’s frontrunner.

    Next to Rubio, Cruz has been nearly as dedicated. He’s made more Senate votes and spent less time on the road, but not by much. He has a better ground game and infrastructure than Rubio, though, so one could argue that he’s running an even better technical campaign, but for the sake of this article we’ll call him a close second.

    Then, there’s the Hispanic heritage aspect, a factor that will play a role in the general election.

    4. The Rand Paul Libertarian Votes

    Rand Paul Ted Cruz

    There was little doubt that Rand Paul was going to pick up his father’s mantle and be the voice of the Libertarians in this election. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t really do that, at least not definitively. Even before he sunk near the bottom on the polls, he was already being criticized by much of his base who were starting to see Cruz as the more Libertarian option even if he’s never claimed their philosophy by name.

    5. The Money Factor, a la Jeb Bush

    Jeb Bush Ted Cruz

    Cruz has raised the second most direct money for his campaign. Only Jeb Bush has raised more through his Super PACs. Most importantly, he has the most cash on hand. While he’s not the best at direct fundraising (yet) nor is he at the top of the Super PAC fundraising, he’s right where he needs to be.

    The Right Combination

    America is going to need a candidate they can trust in order to turn the tide away from the liberal agenda that we’ve experienced for the last seven years. Cruz is best positioned to do that in the general election. The only question is whether or not he can do it in the primaries first.

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