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    Ted Cruz is the White Knight 

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    The Republican Establishment is facing the type of defeat that they haven’t tasted since 1980. None of their guys has a chance at the nomination, so they’re seeking an alternative, a “white knight” who can swoop in through convention chicanery and save them from “too conservative” Ted Cruz and unhinged Donald Trump.

    They are partially right. The party needs a white knight. The country needs a white knight. Where they get it completely wrong is in not realizing that Cruz is the white knight we all need. He’s not the Establishment’s white knight; a true conservative who consistently fights against the false decorum and artificial progress made by the big government Republicans in Washington DC simply doesn’t fit their paradigm. That’s why they’re having trouble coming to grips with the idea that the only way they can hope for Trump to be stopped is by embracing the ideals that Cruz represents.

    It’s hard for them, but I believe they will come around. In many ways they must, but I actually hope they don’t until after the convention. If they have their way, the party will fracture and either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will be the next President of the United States. It’s up to the people to nominate Cruz without their help. To understand why, we first have to look at the path that the Establishment has embraced.

    Finding their chosen one has been a long process that has bounced around for nearly a year. First, it was Jeb Bush. The donor class of the party quickly rallied to him in an effort to anoint him before too many opposed him. That didn’t work out; the largest batch of qualified and popular candidates that the party has ever seen emerged. Then, Trump entered the picture and set his sights instantly on Bush.

    Scott Walker wasn’t the stereotypical Establishment favorite, but when they started realizing that this might end up being an anti-Establishment year, Walker had the goods in that department. Trump got rid of him quickly with the help of some poor financial decisions by Walker’s campaign. Marco Rubio was next on the agenda and was probably the most promising prospect in a Trump-dominated election, but he was lazy. He picked and chose where he wanted to campaign and who he wanted to court. It cost him in the early states. He never built up enough momentum despite all of the help possible from Establishment-influenced mainstream media and pressure for Bush to drop out quickly.

    When the dust settled after the second Super Tuesday, all they had left was John Kasich. That wasn’t going to work. Plan B, which had been in the works for weeks, was already being deployed. If they couldn’t get the delegates on the first ticket, they could manipulate the situation to work one of their people in later. To make it work, they needed two things to happen.

    First, they needed a candidate that the people would rally behind. This was the real reason that Mitt Romney had his awkward attack session on Trump. They wanted to see if enough people would rally behind him and start a “Draft Romney” campaign. Crickets. Nothing. The notion was balked at by most Establishment politicians and panned by pundits. They’re testing the waters now with Paul Ryan and it’s not dead yet. Don’t listen to his protestations. They’re not real.

    If Paul doesn’t work out, they’ll go with a wildcard. This is where crazy names enter the mix such as Jim DeMint, a Tea Party favorite who isn’t quite as extreme as Cruz. He’s too conservative for the Establishment but he’s still better than Cruz in their opinion. We could also see some truly crazy picks enter the mix like Ben Sasse or Trey Gowdy. Before you condemn these ideas as ludicrous, keep in mind how desperate they are right now.

    The second thing they need to happen is to halt a revolt. That’s all but impossible. Even if they brought in a conservative, they won’t be able to mitigate the damage enough to justify it. This is their white knight killer. Many already know this, but they’re holding on to hope until the bitter end.

    What they should be doing is realizing that Cruz is the only man alive who can defeat the Democrats given the current situation. Trump cannot. A forced convention nominee cannot. Cruz can.

    At this point, one might expect a rallying call to the Establishment to get over their delusions and embrace Cruz, but I really don’t want that to happen. In fact, it’s important that they continue with their delusions to their bitter end. It’s 2016. The big endorsements that actually mean anything have already been given out. While it would be nice to see Sasse join Cruz on the campaign trail or for DeMint to break from his commitment to Heritage and endorse someone, the rest of them can keep scheming and playing in the background. Cruz doesn’t need the Establishment’s support until the general election. He would be better off not having it.

    The Establishment wants someone to save them. The people have someone in play who’s already trying to empower them. Ted Cruz will not get any love from the power brokers and that’s fine by him. He wants the support of the voters. Its’ time for We the People to rally in spite of Trump’s and the Establishment’s machinations.

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    Thomas Sowell on Fighting the Establishment 

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    There’s a difference between the Establishment sheep at Fox News and the real conservative commentators who are unifying around the reality that Donald Trump would destroy the Republican party and cripple America whether with his own liberal policies or by allowing Hillary Clinton to win the general election. Thomas Sowell falls into the latter category. Few are as intelligent and honest about the true ways to repair this country than Sowell.

    In two short sentences, he emboldens those who are leaning towards voting for Ted Cruz and then shatters the false ideologies that have made many believe Trump is somehow going to solve all of our problems for us.

    You can read his most recent post from which this quote was pulled right here:

    The visual nature of social media means that from time to time we will be sharing messages that should resonate for our audience. To see more of them, which are great for sharing on social media, simply click on the Messages category.

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    Why Fox News Hates Ted Cruz: ‘It’s the Establishment, Stupid.’ 

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    Rupert Murdoch. Roger Ailes. Bill O’Reilly. Karl Rove. When we think of the power brokers in the foreground and behind the scenes at Fox News, we think of the people who make the news about… the news. Outwardly, Fox News (and their sister outlets like the Wall Street Journal) seems to be the closest to an ally of the Republican party as any mainstream media outlet. Inwardly, they’re almost worse than liberal media. At least with liberal media, you know what you’re getting.

    Be warned: we’re about to dive into a perspective that you won’t find on mainstream media or even conservative media. It gets weird from here.

    Fox News as an entity hates Ted Cruz. They’ve always hated anyone who proposes ideas that run too far to the right. Keep in mind that it has absolutely nothing to do with some conservative scale litmus test or any individual policy despite rumors from both sides. The forces driving Fox News hate Ted Cruz and have reluctantly embraced Donald Trump for one reason.

    Before we look at that reason, let’s first dispel some of the myths about their motivations and goals as a corporate entity:

    • “Fox News hates Donald Trump” – False. They don’t hate Trump and they never have. Until recently, they felt that he was too controversial to be able to beat the Democrats, but they’ve reversed course now that they realize their golden candidate, Marco Rubio, has no path to victory.
    • “News anchors and show personalities manage their own perspectives” – Mostly false. While the hosts have their independent views and based upon their stature they have the right to voice their views, there are certain underlying policy mandates made by Ailes that can be spun any way the hosts like as long as it’s spun in the proper direction. We’ve never seen it more clearly displayed than the recent 180 degree shift away from Rubio.
    • “The channel and its shows are generally conservative.” – Mostly true. There’s a caveat, though. They’re conservative on the issues that they would use in order to push forward their agenda. Amnesty is an example of one of those issues where they indoctrinate Republicans towards a populist view. When it comes to the religious right, they are lukewarm at best. They don’t blatantly abandon conservative Christian perspectives like the rest of mainstream media, but they do everything they can to keep it all as secular as possible.
    • “They hate Democrats and only use token liberals to pretend to be fair and balanced.” – Mostly false. They take shots at the Democrats because that’s what it takes for them to be successful. It’s easier to keep a viewership through anger rather than progress, so attacking President Obama and his cronies is mostly for show. They control the message on both ends of the spectrum with their hosts, commentators, and guests, which means that their Republicans and Democrats are all mostly leaning towards the middle.
    • “Theirs is a media agenda, not a political or business one.” – False. Their interests and the very reason for the existence of Fox News is for political and business purposes only. If they can turn a profit and keep pushing their agenda, that’s great. If they stopped turning a profit, they would make adjustments to programming, focus, advertising styles, expanded mediums, acquisitions, and anything else they could do to move the needle on their profitability, but at the end of the day the political and business agendas are the most important component for them as well as every single mainstream media outlet in the country. Nobody goes into television news or talk shows to make money. They do it to shifts the hearts and minds towards an agenda.

    With the myths out of the way, let’s explore the real driving force for Fox News. There’s a nebulous organization known as the Republican Establishment that Fox News is allegedly squarely a part of in a leadership role. This is partially true, but the deeper truth is more nefarious. The Republican Establishment works with the other power broker organizations such as the Democratic Establishment, Hollywood, K-Street, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and even the darlings of the conspiracy theory world like the Bilderberg Group to maintain one perspective alive: the enhanced status quo.

    By enhanced, I mean that the status quo is usually considered static while an enhanced status quo progresses at a pace based upon the carefully planned agendas of the power brokers. It’s important to understand that this is not a claim to an Illuminati New World Order conspiracy theory but rather the very clear truth that the end goal of maintaining the status quo unites all of these groups. The differences they have are in the details and the path to achieving their goal. They can disagree about whether or not raising taxes for revenue is better than lowering taxes for economic growth, but the one thing they do not want to change is the size and influence of government. Conservative, liberal, whatever – they want big government with big spending to rule.

    This is why they don’t dislike Donald Trump. He may be a wildcard and he may have challenges winning in the general election, but he’s malleable enough that they believe they can control him just as they’ve controlled every President to some degree since John F. Kennedy. Even Ronald Reagan was under a certain level of control when it came to concepts like amnesty and worldwide foreign relations. Reagan was an incredible statesman who brought about the takedown of the USSR and the Berlin Wall and who made the formation of the European Union possible, but he did so in a controlled fashion based upon direct influence or subtle manipulation by the power brokers in the Establishment.

    All of this brings us to…

    Why They Hate Ted Cruz

    The Establishment (which we’ll use to describe the disparate pieces of the whole) wants moderates in office. Before you jump in and say, “But Obama isn’t a moderate,” it’s important to keep in mind the things that are important to them versus the things that are tools to achieve their ultimate goals. The moderates that are loved by the Establishment are those who keep the money, war, and oversight by the government intact. Obama may have been extreme on topics like gay marriage, immigration, and healthcare reform, but when we dig deeper we’ll see that his actions all lined up with the Establishment’s goal of enhanced status quo.

    Gay marriage isn’t the status quo, but it’s a social issue that doesn’t really concern them. If anything, it’s an enhancement. Immigration is an area that they all lean left, including Fox News, so Obama’s actions have not been out of line with them. As far as healthcare reform, they were able to butcher Obama’s original ideas about Obamcare in ways that made it little more than another reason to need big government without drastically affecting industries of interest such as pharmaceuticals.

    Ted Cruz is a radical from their perspective. Bernie Sanders is as well which is why the Democratic Establishment is doing their part to eliminate him. Neither candidate can be allowed to be President from the Establishment’s perspective, which is why we started seeing the Michael Bloomberg rumors popping up. He was going to be unleashed under one circumstance and one circumstance only: a Sanders vs Cruz general election. Since that’s nearly impossible at this point, Bloomberg’s out.

    Ted Cruz will shake things up in Washington DC. He’s not the paper tiger that Donald Trump is or the puppet that Marco Rubio would be. Cruz is an ideologue. The Establishment wanted an inspirational status quo maintenance man like Rubio but they’ll accept the malleable demagoguery of Trump.

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    The ‘Republican Establishment’ is More Establishment than Republican 

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    Here’s the sad truth: the modern day Republican Establishment is more concerned about maintaining the status quo and their bipartisan establishment (little e) stranglehold over government than promoting the core platform of the Republican party or the conservative movement that drives the the party’s grassroots.

    This is important to understand, but to truly comprehend what it means, you have to see it for what it is. Thankfully, there is very little effort made by the Establishment (big E) to hide their agenda. We see it in Congress as they continually give President Obama every budget his heart desires despite controlling the House and Senate. We see it in their unwillingness to make an real stand against the liberal policies that go against their stated public principles but that actually benefit them on the back end with their big government tendencies.

    To the Republican Establishment, conservatism is not an embraceable ideology but simply a part of their campaign sales pitches. The majority of Establishment candidates have no intention of keeping their more conservative campaign promises; Marco Rubio’s Gang of Eight is the shining example of campaigning one way, governing the exact opposite way. They defend their trepidation and flip-flopping with a slew of canned responses:

    • They will hide behind futility: “We’re personally pro-life but the law of the land is Roe v. Wade so they can’t do anything about it.”
    • They will hide behind bipartisan deal-making: “We didn’t want to give President Obama everything he desired in the budget but it was the only way we could keep the government from shutting down, but boy did we get a good deal for the military… we really stuck it to them!”
    • They’ll hide behind falsehoods: “We don’t want to send too many ideologically sound bills to the White House to get vetoed because it makes us look bad.”
    • They’ll hide behind fear: “If we support a balanced budget amendment, then poor people will die from our inability to take care of them.”

    They thrive on the status quo. They embrace an agenda that is more moderate than their campaign platforms because it’s the agenda that they truly believe will keep the country going. I’m not claiming that they’re greedy, evil elitists (not all of them, at least) like many pundits suggest. They’re simply misguided into believing that the delicate nature of our country’s economy and foreign relationships cannot handle the major conservative shakeups that we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan. They don’t agree with everything that has been happening in Washington DC for three decades, but they find it preferable to the massive repercussions that they and the country would endure if true conservative principles were applied to the leadership structure of the country.

    They fear extremes. They like the mushy middle. It’s safer for them as individuals, for their ubiquitous influences on everything private and public, and for the country itself. On this last point, I wholeheartedly disagree. Their desire to keep the status quo is what will allow for the next major devastation to occur, whether economic or through outside factors such as terrorism or war.

    The biggest mistake that Republicans can make, whether conservative or moderate, is to believe that the Republican Establishment is more interested in maintaining the sanctity of the Republican Party than maintaining the Establishment. The second biggest mistake that Republicans can make is to believe that the Republican Establishment is nebulous; people and entities like Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, Sheldon Adelson, Mitch McConnell, Fox News, Reince Priebus, the Koch brothers, John McCain, the Bush family, and the Wall Street Journal might not agree on everything, but they all have an allegiance to the status quo that supersedes any outward support for conservative principles.

    They’re only conservative when the ideologies don’t get in the way of their goals and they’re only Republican in that the tendencies of most Republicans are not contrary to their ever-so-slightly-right-leaning establishment agenda.

    Why is this such an important distinction? To understand why Donald Trump was not halted before it became essentially too late, we have to realize that he represents a pseudo-shakeup. He’s running on an anti-establishment platform with rhetoric that galvanizes his base, but the policy proposals he’s offering are understood by the true power brokers in the Republican Establishment as falling into one of three categories:

    • Aligned with their own: maintain entitlements, increase government spending, enhance federal control
    • Not achievable: get Mexico to pay for a wall
    • Harmless: repeal Obamacare and replace it with socialized medicine

    There’s a reason why real conservatives like Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and Brent Bozell III are adamantly against Trump while most in the Establishment are in “wait and see” mode. They’re opposed, but they see in Trump enough Establishment leanings to realize that he won’t change the status quo as much as his campaign rhetoric claims.

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    A Vote for Rubio is a Vote for Trump, Period. 

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    The narrative that we’ll see from Fox News and other outlets over the next few days is that Marco Rubio is the Republican party’s best chance against Donald Trump. The reality is that support for Rubio is the fastest path for a Trump nomination. Sadly, the “powers that be” are well aware of this but are going with their narrative anyway.

    Rubio came in second (barely), has great endorsements, and will benefit from Jeb Bush dropping out. These things all play well to the narrative. Unfortunately, they’re just smokescreens to the reality that Rubio has no path to the nomination.

    There are only two candidates who can emerge from the “SEC Primaries” with a substantial number of delegates. Marco Rubio is not one of them. He can play the spoiler against Ted Cruz by garnering as much of the anti-Trump vote as possible, but this will not be enough to usurp Trump. On the other hand, if the Republican Establishment were to wake up and focus their energies on revealing what a disaster a Trump nomination would be, there’s a chance that Cruz can emerge from the March 1 primaries with a substantial lead and a pathway to the nomination.

    Supporting Rubio is supporting Trump. There’s no other way of looking at it. He will very likely make it through the first 15 primaries without a single victory and therefore has no conceivable pathway to the nomination. This is not a secret. The power brokers know this. They also know that the only chance they have of defeating Cruz and Trump is through a brokered convention if they can prevent both from getting enough delegates to win the nomination outright. That has been their plan since New Hampshire and it’s starting to look less and less likely. Their strategy is turning against them. They haven’t taken down Cruz enough and they didn’t even try to take down Trump. Their plans have backfired.

    Why, then, would they continue down this road? There are two reasons. First, as much as they dislike Trump, they absolutely despise Cruz. Trump might be pretending to be anti-Establishment but his actions have demonstrated that he’s even more malleable than most lifelong politicians. Having him as the nominee is favorable to a Cruz nomination because they realize that have no control over Cruz.

    The second reason they’re still propping up Rubio is because of the outside chance that Trump may still implode. He won’t. If he was going to implode, he would have done so already. It’s not for lack of trying. He’s said and done things that would have sunk any other Presidential candidate at any other point in history. This is Donald J. Trump we’re talking about, though. People expect him to be outrageous and they love him for it. To implode, he’d have to do worse than act like a liberal or shoot someone on Fifth Avenue. He’d have to get caught on tape doing something crazy like calling his supporters stupid or admitting that his candidacy is a crafted ploy to assist his good friend Hillary Clinton into the White House. Otherwise, he’s not going to do anything that will get him out of Rubio’s way.

    The Republican Establishment is beside itself trying to figure out how to make their power felt. They’re used to losing general elections but they haven’t lost a nomination process since Ronald Reagan. That was disastrous for them and they never want a real conservative to sit in the White House again. That’s the biggest reason they’d rather have Trump over Cruz.

    There are two only two people who have a realistic path to the nomination and Marco Rubio isn’t one of them. Right now, it’s Trump’s to lose. The longer that people latch onto Rubio, the more likely it will be that Trump is the nominee and the Clinton becomes the President.

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    Donald Trump IS the Establishment 

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    Political pundits have been scrambling for the last week trying to explain why the Republican Establishment would be racing to support Donald Trump, particularly in Iowa. They’ve united on many fronts to oppose Ted Cruz. Meanwhile a group of stalwart conservatives have rallied around Cruz and have even locked arms in opposition to Trump. What should this tell every Republican voter?

    Cruz is the only conservative with a chance of winning. Trump IS the establishment.

    Very few can make a rational argument against the first statement. The second statement takes more discernment and therefore more explaining. There’s a conspiracy theory running around both conservative and liberal publications that the Republican Establishment believes that Trump would be easier to beat than Cruz, so if they can take Cruz out in Iowa they can then reverse course on Trump in New Hampshire and South Carolina and have a clearer, albeit longshot, path to get one of their boys into the nomination. This is an interesting theory but it’s most likely false.

    The biggest clue that points us to the truth is the way that Trump mercurially snuggled up to Iowa’s Big Corn power players, most notably former Senator and GOP candidate Bob Dole and Governor Terry Branstad. He didn’t just come out saying that he would protect the ethanol subsidies in the state. He doubled down and went full liberal, claiming he wants to increase the subsidies and ethanol mandates.

    On the surface, this might seem like a simple ploy by Trump who has been running in a virtual tie with Cruz for over a month in Iowa. It’s just his way to get a few extra corn farmers to vote for him. In reality, this is a statement on the front end that’s matching the deals he’s been making in the back end with powerful moderate Republicans and Neocons.

    This isn’t about them wanting to use Trump now and outflank him later. They’re starting to realize that they have two choices: liberal Trump or conservative Cruz.

    One must understand the Republican Establishment in order to understand why they would choose Trump. Ever since losing to Reagan in 1980, the Republican Establishment has been dead-set on maintaining control of the party. They don’t want to see a Democrat in the White House, but a liberal Republican like Trump wouldn’t be bad even if it’s not ideal. If Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich are deemed as having no realistic chance, then Trump is their man. They’d rather watch the country falter rather than allow a true conservative to sit in the White House and muck things up for them.

    People are looking for an outsider and they see this in Trump, but as he demonstrated in Iowa and has been quietly doing all along, he’s willing to play ball if it will help him achieve his goal of urinating in the Oval Office restroom. His supporters see him as someone who can’t be bought because he’s rich, but they don’t realize that the currency of cronyism at the Presidential level has absolutely nothing to do with cash. It’s all about favors. You can’t “buy” a President in same way you could “buy” a mayor or even a Congressman. Presidents don’t need money even if they’re not billionaires.

    Donald Trump has been bought. With Iowa, he’s marked his territory and stated his intent by pushing as far to the left as possible on subsidies. Now, all that’s left is to get more Republican Establishment endorsements by offering cabinet positions, ambassadorships, veto protection on unfavorable legislation, programs that favor this industry or that organization… the list of favors that a President can dish out is long. That is what Trump can offer. We saw it unfold over the last several months with Sarah Palin, the next Energy Secretary if Trump is elected. We saw it in Iowa with the Big Corn power brokers. We see it with Breitbart, Drudge, and other publications.

    Anyone who avoids the hypnotic Trump sales pitch and instead looks at his actions and policies will realize that he’s not the outsider he claims to be. He’s almost as politically embedded as Hillary Clinton and that says volumes.

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    How the Republican Establishment Bought Trump to Spite Conservatives and Cruz 

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    It’s a shame that many people have fallen for the idea that Donald Trump is an outsider. His inexperience in public office belies his true deal-making skills and penchant for political expediency. This became clear with his proposed expansion of liberal subsidies in Iowa. Of course he suddenly supports expanding subsidies. He’ll have plenty of time to reverse it after the Iowa caucus. That’s the smart thing to do, principles be damned. It’s the way of a political insider.

    Any discerning, conscientious will see this after 30 minutes of research into his history. I’m not talking about his long history of supporting liberal policies. I’m talking about his history since announcing he’s running for President. He says what he thinks the people want to hear. His policies change more rapidly than anyone currently running for the Republican nomination. Just take a look at his stances (plural) on Afghanistan:

    Trump on Afghanistan

    We’ll put the flip-flopping aside for a moment. You won’t convince a Trump supporter that he’s a flip-flopper because he said he’s going to build a wall and he hasn’t wavered on that concept. Instead of attempting the impossible, let’s look at how the rest of the Republican Establishment is handling him now:

    The Republican Establishment is learning to love Trump…

    …as such, they’re ganging up on Ted Cruz…

    …and he is well aware of it…

    Before anyone comes out and says something silly like, “teaming up with the Republican Establishment is a good thing,” don’t. It’s not a valid argument. The Republican Establishment that gave us John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, who then gave President Obama everything he wants, knows that they don’t have an ideal pick with Donald Trump but at least they have a liberal.

    Some might even wonder why they haven’t gotten in bed with him already if they like his policies so much. The answer is clear: they don’t think he can win in the general election. Very few people outside of his own supporters think that he would even have a chance and the magic polls that he always promotes bear this out very clearly. Now, they realize he’s their only chance of keeping a conservative out of the White House and ending their false domination over Republican doctrine.

    In Iowa, Trump is heading where the political insider winds take him. That means cozying up to the governor….

    His supporters will say that he’s so rich that he can’t be bought. His actions in recent days clearly demonstrate that he absolutely can be bought, just not with cash. His currency is much more dangerous. He’s getting bought with favors by the Republican Establishment and that’s even worse than a bribe. It turns his policies to the left as we’ve now seen with liberal Iowa subsidies. His credibility is completely lost.

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    For the Republican Party to Survive, the Establishment Must Take Its Own Advice 

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    In 1996, conservatives were told to abandon their hopes of having Pat Buchanan as the Republican nominee. They said that the party needed to latch onto the Republican Establishment candidate of the day, Bob Dole, if we had any hope of ejecting Bill Clinton from office. It’s time for them to listen to their own advice. This year, the party must rally around a conservative.

    Before we discuss why this is the case this year, let’s look at history. 1996 was a devastating loss for the Republicans. Bill Clinton was liked, but his character had become an issue once again and his policies were not what many of his fans had anticipated. With Ross Perot still in the mix, it was imperative that the Republicans put up a candidate that inspired people. Buchanan was the right choice, but conservatives were made to believe that they needed to play ball and get on board with a moderate.

    Fast forward to the George W. Bush era and we see that the Republican Establishment came out with the same ideas. This time, they didn’t try to convince people that they needed to support the moderate. They convinced many that Bush was a conservative. He was, in reality, a fiscally liberal Neocon which can be easily confused with a conservative during times of war. That’s why he won.

    John McCain and Mitt Romney were repeats of Bob Dole. Again, there were conservatives who wanted stronger choices but we were told to play ball. The result has been the most damaging two terms of a President in American history.

    Things are different in 2016. The “mainstream” candidates are nowhere to be found and two outsiders are leading the polls. Ted Cruz is clearly a conservative and Donald Trump is using conservative talking points to rally the people. It’s working. Going into the primaries, the Republican Establishment needs to understand that they’re not going to get their anointed one, whether it’s Marco Rubio or Chris Christie, into the nomination. They have two choice: play ball as they’ve always asked conservatives to do or destroy the party.

    Unfortunately, it looks like they’re going for option B.

    It’s our hope that they’re doing this temporarily, that they don’t want to drag this out so long the Democrats get their nominee campaigning in the general election months before the Republicans even pick a nominee. That would be bad, but it would be even worse if they decide they’re going to push the fight all the way to the convention which is seemingly more and more plausible.

    Republicans need to understand a very unfortunate truth: the Republican Establishment would rather have a Democrat in office than a true conservative. This is hard for most to believe since Democrats never think like this and conservatives are normally reluctant supporters (but supporters nonetheless) of the moderate that the Republican Establishment selects. To them, they’d rather lose the election and maintain control of the party rather than risk a conservative winning the election and then moving control of the party further to the right.

    They have asked conservatives for decades to abandon their candidates and support their moderates. This year, we’re asking the same thing. They can either play ball or they’ll burn the whole party down. It’s sad but they may prefer ruling over a destroyed party than serving under a thriving conservative version.

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    Three Distinct Parallels Between Ronald Reagan and Ted Cruz 

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    Ever since 1988, Republican candidates for all offices, particularly those running for President, have tried to channel Ronald Reagan. The conservative icon is the shining example of how a proper right-wing perspective has the power to make the country prosper domestically and make it respected around the world. In three decades, no candidate has come as close to truly picking up the Reagan mantle and bringing his ideals back to the White House than Ted Cruz.

    As The Atlantic points out, the sentiment from voters is very similar to what was happening in 1979 and 1980. The Judeo-Christian right had been dealt several losses through the previous decade and a half, prompting them to coalesce in a way that had never been seen before. It was the start of the religious right movement that had unofficially vowed to not endorse a candidate but rather to endorse an agenda to promote for all politicians in office. Reagan blindsided them with a declaration he made in Dallas in front of 15,000 evangelicals.

    “I know you can’t endorse me. But I want you to know that I endorse you.”

    This was enough to make him their choice even after they decided not to choose. It also marked the last time that Christian and Jewish conservative leaders got behind a single candidate in full. Today, Ted Cruz is quickly becoming the second such candidate.

    Though it’s similar, it’s not a true parallel. The circumstances behind the endorsements are completely different, but the reasons are the same. Most conservative and many moderate Republicans and Independence are sick of the unabashed left-wing ideologies spreading throughout the country. It isn’t just the obvious challenges with gay marriage, immigration, and national security. The general trend towards political correctness are issues that concern people of all political ideologies as it propels us down a dangerous path that could tear the country apart from the inside.

    Reagan and Cruz aren’t identical by any means. Reagan passed immigration reform that was necessary at the time but that Cruz would never pass today. However, when comparing the values that guide both the former President and the future statesman, it’s very clear that they share the same guiding principles and passions. It’s even more clear that the only way to bring back what Reagan did for the country three decades ago is through the wholehearted support of Ted Cruz today.

    Here are the three distinct similarities between their campaigns and ideologies.

    Fear and Hate from Neocons and the Republican Establishment

    It utterly offends me when I hear moderates attempting to compare their ideologies to Reagan’s, people like Ed Gillespie, John McCain, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney… the list of weak pseudo-Republican power brokers goes on and on. It isn’t just that they are blatantly against the ideals that Reagan (and Cruz) use in their policy decisions. It’s the hypocrisy of latching onto a man they wanted to destroy.

    Ronald Reagan and Ted Cruz represent everything that the Republican Establishment hates: small government, religious freedoms, focus on small businesses as the heart and soul of the US economy, and military strength without force. It’s this last component that draws the ire from the Neocon branch of the Republican Establishment and we’ll focus on that shortly.

    First, let’s take a look at what the Republican Establishment did to Reagan in 1979 and 1980. They painted him as divisive. They threw candidates at him, some of whom were not in any position to win delegates despite massive campaign war chests. John Connally, a former Democratic Governor of Texas and cabinet member for John F Kennedy, was part of the Neocon movement and served as Secretary of teh Treasury under President Nixon. He spent nearly $10 million dollars with the sole purpose of derailing Reagan. He ended up with 1 delegate for his efforts.

    We’re seeing the exact same thing coming out today against Cruz and to some extent Donald Trump. The Republican Establishment has such a fear of having another Reaganesque White House that they’re going to consolidate around one moderate candidate and make sure the others under their thumb go after Ted Cruz with all that they have. First Jeb Bush, then Chris Christie, then Marco Rubio appeared to be their candidate of choice, but none of the three have resonated as expected. Now, it appears that Christie may be usurping Rubio, but Rubio still has the inside track acquire the Republican Establishment’s support if he’s able to start making some strong moves.

    Whoever the chosen one is, the others will be given a hands-off decree. They will be instructed to attack Cruz and Cruz alone (unless Trump is still a threat by mid-March, in which case they’ll split their attacks). If Rubio is tapped by the Republican Establishment, Christie will be promised Attorney General, John Kasich will be promised an Ambassadorship, and Bush will be pressured by his family to back off on Rubio and to go after Cruz.

    They have a plan. It will work unless conservatives deny them for the first time in three decades. It took Reagan getting help from journalists and evangelical leaders for him to survive the onslaught. It will take the same for Cruz.

    Military Strength without Adventurism

    The belief that democracy must reign at all costs has been demonstrated as futile since the Arab Spring. It has been a complete failure and despite the most recent actions by President Obama being at the top of the lists to blame for the chaos in the Middle East, it was the Neocons under both Presidents Bush as well as under President Clinton that formed the foundation of this geopolitical disaster.

    Reagan was different. He didn’t need to invade East Germany to bring down the Berlin Wall. He didn’t have to send troops into battles around the world to bring stability. He ended the Cold War by being a statesman and a principled leader. He represented military strength without adventurism. He was closer in ideology to Rand Paul than to Marco Rubio, but like Cruz he would have rested somewhere in-between isolationism and adventurism. Strong military and fiscal responsibility are not happy bedfellows for the Republican Establishment and so they wanted to destroy Reagan just as they want to destroy Cruz.

    People often forget that Reagan had fewer military incursions than any President that followed him. Like Cruz, Reagan believed that you only fought when you had to fight. Otherwise, the threat of action can be more powerful than action itself. Cruz is the only candidate who represents this demeanor towards the military and its place in the world.

    Conservative Constitutional Principles Guiding Them

    If there’s one thing the RINO (Republican In Name Only) power brokers in DC hate, it’s the idea that the Constitution must be defended above their own power base. The Constitution has stood in the way of Democrats and Neocons for decades. Reagan and Calvin Coolidge were the only Presidents of the 20th century who understood the need for it to supersede all other concepts other than the Bible.

    Like President Obama and President Reagan, Ted Cruz understands the Constitution. Unlike President Obama, Cruz sees it as the foundation of the greatest country the world has ever known instead of the roadblock that gets in Obama’s way. Now more than ever, the United States needs a President like Ted Cruz to make the Constitution the indispensable core of our government. Only Cruz can undo the damage the President Obama (and for that matter, Presidents Bush and President Clinton) has done in defiance of the Constitution.

    Ted Cruz faces opposition from all sides just as Ronald Reagan did in 1980. The Democrats fear him. The Republican Establishment loathes him. No candidate in three decades has held the values and principles that Reagan brought to the White House like Cruz.

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    The Downfall of the Republican Establishment and the Rise of Conservatism 

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    For decades, the Republican Establishment has yielded candidates that have been the lesser of two evils. Their love for candidates in the mold of Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney has prevented the country from experiencing the type of prosperity, strength, and freedom that we witnessed in the 1980s.

    As I’ve said many times, I like Donald Trump and what he’s done to the election but he’s not my first choice for President. With that said, I am more annoyed than ever with the Republican Establishment for the way they’re handling him, which is saying a lot since I’m constantly annoyed with them.

    If reports of a brokered convention are true, then the Republican Establishment must be stopped at all costs even if it means dismantling the party altogether and rebuilding it around principled, conservative leadership. That would mean a deterioration of the gains we’ve made in Congress and would likely cost us the White House. It’s a huge price to pay, but one that must be paid. The soul of the party is at stake.

    Mitch McConnell, Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, and their favorite candidates Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are all at fault. Some would say that the establishment candidates can’t be blamed for the actions of their backers, but they have failed to inspire. If they had been able to combat the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz momentum the proper way, then the we wouldn’t be here. Instead, Bush has run the most abysmal campaign imaginable and Rubio has been a more opportunistic politician than any GOP candidate since Bob Dole. They are to blame because they’ve been horrible candidates and they’ve forced the desperate puppeteers of the establishment to consider the nuclear option.

    For a long time, I haven’t considered myself a Republican. Nearly all of the candidates I support have been Republicans, but I prescribe to conservatism as the core ideology that guides my votes, my thoughts, and my actions. This is the most important election in decades and the Republican Establishment is willing to blow it up in order to maintain their grasp of the party’s doctrines.

    This will not happen. For the first time since Ronald Reagan, we have four candidates who can bring their different conservative perspectives to the table and actually fix the United States of America. Trump, Cruz, Rand Paul, and Ben Carson might terrify the Establishment, but the conservative movement is finally getting enough of a voice to inspire the party as well as a large percentage of Independents to believe in a Reagan vision rather than a Bush vision.

    One way or another, this election will mark the end for the current power brokers of the Republican party. If they allow a conservative like Cruz to dust off the Reagan mantle that has been dormant for too long, then the party and the country will see why conservatism works. If they force their way into a Rubio or Bush nomination, the country will turn away from them once again. The difference this time is that we’re no longer going to take it. We’re not going to wait another four years to try again. The Tea Party revolution of 2010 will seem like a gentle wave compared to the tsunami of conservatism that will flow through the party after their manipulations come to pass.

    This should be an election of celebration and hope. Instead, the Republican Establishment wants to take their ball home with them and end the game altogether. If they do, the party will be forced to split and I assure you that the conservative side will prevail even if we have to wait until 2020.

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