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    Why I defend religions… all of them 

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    The Federalist Party is a firm believer in defending the 1st Amendment, an important portion of which is freedom of religion. How the party views religious influence is very similar to my personal beliefs. I want to keep government out of the church at all costs.

    Let’s look at the 1st Amendment:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    There are two parts here. The first is currently not in jeopardy, though it would be foolish to believe the government would never overreach to the point of establishing “acceptable” religions. It’s far fetched to us today, but things change. The second portion is the part that’s directly relevant because it’s under attack.

    We hear about it every few days. “Discrimination” has become the most powerful political word of our time. If you can label anything discriminatory, everything else is pushed aside. That’s why colleges are accelerating their progressive indoctrination. That’s why the media is quick to attack anything related to Judeo-Christian values (while simultaneously slow on the draw when there’s a chance other religious beliefs are in play).

    It’s why bakers are forced to bake cakes that go against their religious beliefs. It’s why churches are being bullied into choosing to start performing services that don’t match their doctrine. There’s discrimination that exists. I’m not naive. However, the tide has turned and many sins of the past are being repaid tenfold against conservatives and Christians, most of whom do not practice true discrimination.

    This is where it gets sticky. I’m a Christian. On the surface it may seem unfaithful to defend the rights of atheists or Muslims or Buddhists or Pastafarians. In reality, the only way to defend my rights as a Christian is to stand by the Constitution word-for-word and demand that Congress not make any law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. My freedom to worship my God as I am commanded is too important to me to leave to the judgment of Congress or the Supreme Court.

    When man’s judgment is at play, it will invariably be flawed in one way or another. The only solution is to take man’s judgment out of the equation, including my own. This wisdom from the founders helped them in their quest to not follow in England’s footsteps and it is just as relevant today.

    In fact, it may be more so.

    To do this, we must maintain a strict separation of church and state.  That’s not to say we need to suppress our beliefs when making political decisions, but we cannot allow the establishment of restrictions. Common sense restrictions for preexisting laws should be maintained; if a human sacrifice is performed in the name of some “religious” belief, it’s still murder. However, “cake laws” (any laws that demand services be rendered by private businesses or citizens that go against their beliefs) cannot be allowed to stand even when the ACLU or their cronies invoke “discrimination.” Should a Muslim baker be forced to bake unleavened bread for Passover? How about an atheist baker who doesn’t want to bake a cake proclaiming praise to God? As private business owners with their own religious beliefs, the government has no right to force or fine them. The community can apply pressure through the free market system or through their right to peaceably assemble for protest, but that’s on citizens, not the government.

    While most would agree because they don’t want the church to influence the state, the concept works in both directions. We need to keep that separation as wide as possible if we have any hope of protecting our religious freedoms. As a Christian, I use my beliefs to reach people and make disciples of the nations as we are taught. As a Federalist, I realize the only way to prevent a conflict between my religion and the law is to keep government out of the church altogether.

    The key to maintaining our religious freedoms is to keep government as far from the church as possible. The only way to do that is to keep government out of every church, even those who teach things against our own beliefs. Moreover, the freedom to practice religion as we’re instructed means we can change hearts and minds for our Lord. That makes this stance a win-win in my opinion.

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    When it comes to terrorism, yes, jump to conclusions 

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    Whenever a vehicle/gun/bomb/knife attack hits a western nation, the left and their media cohorts are quick to drag out their broken record, better known as “the narrative.”

    “Wait for the facts.”

    “Don’t assume it’s terrorism.”

    “Stop jumping to conclusions.”

    Let’s put aside the fact that the vast majority of these incidents turn out to be terrorist attacks. Let’s also ignore (for now) the fact that the vast majority of terrorist attacks are perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists. Even if we take away these facts, there’s still a very valid reason to jump to conclusions first and fix the record later.

    It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Tonight’s attacks in London were the latest in a rash of “Ramadan incidents.” It’s not a coincidence that the Islamic State and other organizations have been calling for attacks on western targets during their holy month. It’s also not bigoted to point that out. The terrorists don’t play the politically correct game. They aren’t worried about how the world will view them if they’re associated with Islam. They’re proud that they’re representing what they believe to be the true fulfillment of their religious beliefs.

    That’s not to say that Islam is to blame or Muslims are bad, but we have to address the issue with our eyes open.

    The media and everyone playing the politically correct game are quick to crank up the rhetoric. They either willfully ignore the facts or are too blind to see that it’s no coincidence the vast majority of terrorist attacks are perpetrated by people claiming the mantle of Islam. If one out of every 10,000 Muslims are potential terrorists, that’s still nearly 200,000 people worldwide. This can’t be brushed away as politically inconvenient to the left’s narrative.

    We need to handle every situation like this as if it’s a terrorist attack. There’s a difference between a drunk driver swerving into a group of people and what took place on London Bridge. When it appears that an attack is willful, we need to put our guard up. There’s no harm that comes from doing so if we’re wrong. On the other hand, if we “wait for the facts” before taking on a defensive posture, the results can be deadly.

    The left is so worried about hate speech. Such speech should not be condoned whether there’s a terrorist attack or not. However, we cannot let fear of hate speech prevent us from being aware and diligent. The terrorists want to kill or subjugate all of us. Their greatest ally is a weakness propped up by fear. We cannot give them that.

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    We must defund Planned Parenthood, but let’s see the reality of the situation first 

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    I am pro-life. There are two very clear cases that can be made. Politically, our understanding of modern science combined with the tenets of both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence make it easy to see for anyone not indoctrinated to believe that it’s just a clump of “potential” life in the womb. Culturally, our Judeo-Christian values based upon the teachings of the Bible leave no doubt. Defunding Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with either of these arguments.

    This will be hard for many to read, but it’s important to be clear about something. Defunding Planned Parenthood will most likely NOT save lives. In fact, it will strengthen the organization. To understand this, we have to look at the situation with clarity.

    When we’re able to defund Planned Parenthood, they will not see a single penny less. They will see more money. Why? Because they will use their defunding to build the most powerful liberal fundraising apparatus the nation has ever seen. They will raise more liberal dollars than anyone other than the Democratic nominee for President. Defunding them will give them more money and power than they have today.

    This is indisputable by anyone who knows how these things work.

    If this is the case, why must we defund them? Wouldn’t it make more sense to not empower them through defunding? No. We must look at the two important elements from a moral perspective and one important element from a strategic perspective.

    Morally, it is wrong for the nation to allow abortion to be funded by taxpayers. Some would argue that it is therefore wrong to fund the military for similar moral reasons; killing is killing, right? No. The national government has within its enumerated powers the necessity for national defense. It does not have the power over health care (despite what we’ve seen with Obamacare and Trumpcare). Since it’s the left’s argument that abortion is a health care issue, it doesn’t make sense for the federal government to participate at all in the matter.

    The second moral reason comes down to choice. As Americans, we are forced to pay taxes. We can get into a discussion about whether or not that should be acceptable, but for today’s argument let’s assume that we all have to pay. When those tax dollars go to pay for something that could easily be paid for through choice (donations to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers) it is wrong for tax dollars to be redirected when the private sector could fund it better. If people choose to fund it, so be it. Those of us who would choose not to fund it deserve to keep our tax dollars from going in their direction.

    From a strategic perspective, any dollar given by the left to Planned Parenthood is a dollar that may have gone to fund other projects or candidates. By defunding and pushing them to fully fund themselves through donations and other means, we’re preventing those dollars from going elsewhere.

    My point isn’t to bring up some moral debate or ethical quandary about whether it makes sense to continue to fund Planned Parenthood. It’s important that we recognize the stakes of the fight. In the end, the political and cultural battles against abortion have very little to do with Planned Parenthood. When we recognize this, we can discern how to focus our efforts in the real battle.

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    It’s time for Christians and conservative to end our addiction to Hollywood 

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    A decade ago, I received a job offer in southern California. The money was much better than I was making in Oklahoma, but the cost of living essentially made it a wash. What prompted me to move my family to the left(wing) coast away from conservative Oklahoma was Hollywood. I had a screenplay that was nearly finished and having access to Hollywood an hour away made pitching it much easier.

    In other words, I wanted to be part of Hollywood. No, I wasn’t into the glitz or the glamour. I’ve always enjoyed good storytelling and creativity was being stifled in favor of unnecessary sequels (everything was about franchises back then) and horrific reboots. I had a winner that was almost complete and Hollywood needed a fresh voice. I was going to give it to them.

    Life happened. I advanced in my job much faster than expected, gaining partial ownership of the company in less than a year. With my new partners, we formed another company, sold it along with the first company, and it became clear that my dreams of revamping Hollywood needed to go on hold while I built another company. Today, I have a great screenplay that I’m confident could get bought. It will never be seen by anyone in Hollywood. Living here for a decade and watching the leftward lurch of the industry made me realize that I no longer want to be a part of that world.

    It’s not just the politics and lack of creativity. The rampant militant atheism that was once quietly chuckled about behind the scenes has emerged as a blatant badge of honor worn by so many. There are notable exceptions such as Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, but the fact that they’re notable for being willing to discuss their faith is a testament to the heathen nature of the entertainment industry.

    Tonight, while much of America watches the Golden Globes, I will be busying myself with work. It’s not easy for many of us that loved Hollywood in the past to avoid this staple of life distractions, but it’s something that needs to be done. Christian conservatives in particular should do what we can to find new pastimes instead of supporting the people who oppose most of what we believe. They promote “tolerance” while demonstrating very little of their own when it comes to conservative responsibility or Christian morals. They demand “justice” to be served while condoning lawlessness at the border. They tell us they won’t support the President of the United States before he’s even sworn in while giving tearful goodbyes to the most failure-laden leader in American history.

    With all this, so many of us still pay good money to see them perform. No more. I’m done. That’s not to say that I’m boycotting movies and television. I’m simply going to be extremely selective. I’d rather see a good movie with a conservative message than an award-winning liberal flick. It’s not going to be easy since there are no “Christian conservative movie ratings” apps that I know of (someone should build one or let me know if there’s one already). I’ll have to go with my gut and read reviews of trusted conservatives. To that end, I will also try to put some reviews of my own up on this site when I find shows that are worthy. No promises – I haven’t seen very many this year that fall into that category, but now that I’m looking, hopefully more will come available.

    Christian conservatives often rail against the liberals and atheists in Hollywood, then we support them with our dollars and watch their awards shows. It probably won’t change any time soon, but if there’s a way to make them change, it’s by supporting those who are ideologically aligned with us and avoid those who are not. That doesn’t give us many options, but it’s better than encouraging their agenda by buying tickets to their shows.

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    Christians who opposed Trump must open their minds to the sovereignty of God 

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    I thoroughly opposed Donald Trump through the primaries. When he was nominated, I searched for a conservative alternative. On election day, I didn’t vote for either of the major party candidates and “wasted” my vote (though I could write a tome about the fact that there’s no such thing as a wasted vote, but now’s not the time). As I posted yesterday, things have changed. He’s now going to be President and we must push him in the right direction.

    There’s another angle that I didn’t address yesterday: the conscientious Christian worldview. My opposition to Trump was not based solely on my faith and my view that he doesn’t share it. There were more political reasons that fueled my opposition. Other Christians opposed Trump specifically because of his stated lack of understanding and adherence to a Biblical worldview. To those of you who fall into this category, I now ask you to follow a new direction regarding the President-elect.

    You don’t have to like him. You don’t even have to support him (though any American President deserves our respect even if only for the office itself and its role in defending the Constitution). All I’m asking is that you view his presidency with an open mind based upon our understanding of the omnipotence and sovereignty of God.

    Do I believe that God “chose” Trump as so many Christians have postulated? Yes, but not for the reasons that people like Michele Bachmann have suggested. Instead of Trump being chosen to make America great again, I believe it’s more likely that he was chosen much in the same way that Saul was chosen. Through the prophets, God warned Israel that they didn’t need a king but they essentially demanded it, so God gave them the reprehensible King Saul. This decision led to David and Solomon, so an argument can be made that Saul was a necessary evil to get to better kings. Unfortunately, Solomon was followed by Rehoboam who effectively split the nation for nearly three millennia.

    We must always remember that God is in control. Free will is granted to men, but it is God’s will that brings about our leaders. That’s not to say we have no responsibility for matters. It’s often challenging to reconcile the free will granted to man with the supreme will that enacts God’s plan. I can’t offer a simple explanation other than portions of the Bible that prove it to me, but there’s a long explanation (more like a theory) that I may tackle some day. In the meantime, we simply have to accept the Biblical validity of these apparently contradictory concepts.

    God could make Trump a great President. He could turn him into the downfall of the nation. He can use him as a tool to usher in someone else, to take down a system, or to take individual actions that fulfill portions of God’s plan. As Christians, we have to shift from the campaign perspective that Trump isn’t the right man for the job to the post-election perspective that he’s the person we need to watch and even guide at times.

    Nothing is impossible for God. If He can free the Hebrews from the clutches of the Egyptians, he can make Trump fulfill whatever role he’s intended to play in God’s plan. That means that we cannot allow our personal distaste or mistrust cloud our own Biblical worldview. We need to watch what happens and react accordingly without the bias we may feel against the President-elect. We don’t have to like him nor trust him, but we should be watchful of his actions and react to where they lead us. When he does well, support him. When he does poorly, we may dissent. It’s the only truly Biblical way to handle any politician.

    The difference between Trump and past Presidents is that Trump makes it harder to both support and oppose. That paradox has spread to his supporters. As such, we must remain diligent. Just because we don’t know God’s plan doesn’t mean we ca’t recognize it as it plays out.

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    The Trump recording reveals nothing new. Stop acting shocked. Stop making excuses. 

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    A man spent his life harming others. His multitude of business failures hung partners and employees out to dry. His casinos and the strip clubs in them enabled the degradation of moral fabric in ordinary Americans. His use of eminent domain, bankruptcies, and conning skills took money and property from tens of thousands. Most women in his life report a petty, misogynistic little man behind the empire his daddy gave him. Why would any thinking American be shocked by a video that clearly represents the character Donald Trump has always demonstrated?

    The answer: you shouldn’t be shocked. Reince Priebus knew what kind of man Trump is, so his condemnation at the 11th hour is meaningless. Paul Ryan getting sickened now does little to change the fact that he was ready to give him a bear hug in Wisconsin. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott issued rebukes even though they knew Trump as well as any American. I could go down a very long list of Trump endorses who are suddenly “blindsided” by news that Trump’s a pig.

    The Republican Party is broken. It’s not just the leadership within the GOP. The Moral Majority has been co-opted by “faith-based” con artists like Robert Jeffress, David Bozell, Ralph Reed, Joel Osteen, and Jerry Falwell Jr (whose father helped launch the Moral Majority in the first place). Those who refuse to support candidates with demonstrably poor principles seem to be few and far between, though Russell Moore and at least 70 others have been on the right side of the fight.

    Then, there are the primary voters. I’d call them GOP voters, but it seemed as if Trump did best in open primaries. Those millions who either failed to see Trump’s lack of values or ignored them for the sake of the alt-right’s persistent chanting should not be shocked at all. The information about Trump has been available from the beginning. The signs were clear. The writing has been on the wall. It would be one thing if he were an amoral man who proved he was a great leader by building his empire from scratch. It would be different if he didn’t have a huge list of complete and utter business failures that show he is utterly incompetent outside of real estate and reality TV. He has always been a one-trick pony in business, and that one trick was given to him by his dad. Unfortunately, only 42% of Republicans are even aware that he was born into his empire.

    None of you should be shocked by this latest evidence of the type of man Donald Trump is. The honorable thing would be to abandon his campaign as Jason Chaffetz and others have. Sadly, many will not. Party first.

    Over the next month, we’re going to hear phrases like “we’re not electing a Pastor-in-Chief” or “nobody ever said he was a choir boy” or “everybody’s said something in private they’d regret if made public” or “what he said over a decade ago has no bearing on what he’ll do as President.” If he has a decent debate on Sunday night, the reactionary calls for him to step down as GOP nominee will subside and the focus will be turned to the issues. There’s still a chance for a miracle, for the GOP to oust him (as they should have done months ago) or for him to realize he’s in a losing battle. Then again, he’s also going against his Democratic doppelganger, a woman so corrupt she makes it hard to tell whether or not Trump is actually worse. As crazy as it seems today, there’s enough time for the ADHD American society to latch onto something positive and propel Trump to the White House.

    There’s nothing shocking about Trump’s recorded remarks. The shocking thing will come in the next few days. If his debate performance is deemed positive, he’ll retain the nomination and has a chance of winning the election. You can accept that or not, but one thing his supporters need to do is stop making excuses. Accept him for his depravity and acknowledge that principles really don’t matter to you.

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    Contradiction: Feminists Fight for Abortion but Enable Islam 

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    This was going to be a long, detailed argument for liberals to explore with links to examples of horrendous treatment, sexual assault, and relegation of women at the hands of Islamic men as they spread around the world. For the sake of my blood pressure, I stopped researching after around a dozen links. The crimes were saddening. The willful ignorance and outright enabling by liberals across the globe and especially in western societies infuriated me, so the research portion is up to you.

    Women are inferior within Islamic societies. In western societies such as Europe where they are getting a foothold, women are objectified in ways should never be tolerated. In America, the news is being hushed in an effort to placate the sensibilities of the left. After all, American liberals have plenty of babies to kill; why would they want a distraction such as the existential threat of Islam?

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali of Harvard University and the folks at Prager University did a nice job of highlighting these issues. Here’s the transcript followed by their video.

    Culture matters. It ‘s the primary source of social progress or regression. Nowhere do we see this more clearly than in the status of women. The Judeo-Christian culture —and perhaps a more apt word is civilization—has produced over time the law codes, language and material prosperity that have greatly elevated women’s status.

    But this progress is not shared everywhere.

    There are still hundreds of millions of people that live in a culture—the Islamic, for instance—that takes female inferiority for granted. Until recently, these cultures—the Western and the Islamic—were, for the most part, separated. But that is changing. Dramatically so.

    Large numbers of immigrant men from the Middle East, South Asia and various parts of Africa have brought a different set of values to the West, specifically Europe.  More than a million arrived in 2015 alone. More are on the way.

    As a result, crimes against girls and women—groping, harassments, assaults and rape—have risen sharply. These crimes illustrate the stark difference between the Western culture of the victims and that of the perpetrators.

    Let me be clear: not all immigrant men, or even most, indulge in sex attacks or approve of such attacks, but it’s a grave mistake to deny that the value system of the attackers is radically different from the value system of the West. In the West women are emancipated and sexually autonomous. Religiosity and sexual behavior or sexual restraint is determined by women’s individual wishes. The other value system is one in which women are viewed as either commodities (that is, their worth depends on their virginity), or on the level of a prostitute if they are guilty of public “immodesty” (wearing a short skirt for example).

    I do not believe these value systems can coexist. The question is which value system will prevail. Unfortunately, this remains an open question.

    The current situation in Europe is deeply troubling: not only are Muslim women within Europe subject to considerable oppression in many ways, such norms now risk spreading to non-Muslim women who face harassment from Muslim men.

    One would think that Western feminists in the United States and Europe would be very disturbed by this obvious misogyny.  But sadly, with few exceptions, this does not appear to be the case.

    Common among many Western feminists is a type of moral confusion, in which women are said to be oppressed everywhere and that this oppression, in feminist Eve Ensler’s words, is “exactly the same” around the world; in the West just as in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    To me, this suggests too much moral relativism and an inadequate understanding of Sharia law. It is true that the situation for women in the West is not perfect, but can anyone truly deny that women enjoy greater freedom and opportunities in the United States, France and Finland than they do in Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia?

    Other feminists have also argued that non-Western women do not need “saving” and that any suggestion that they “need” help from Western feminists is insulting and condescending to non-Western women.

    My perspective is a practical one: any efforts that help Muslim women—whether they live in the West or under Islamic governments should be encouraged. Every effort to pressure these governments to change unjust laws should be supported.

    Western feminists and female Western leaders have a simple choice to make: either excuse the inexcusable, or demand reform in cultures and religious doctrines that continue to oppress women.

    Nothing illustrates this better than what happened in Cologne, Germany on New Years Eve, 2015. That night, during the city’s traditional celebrations, numerous German women (467 at the last count) reported being sexually harassed or assaulted by men of North African and Arab origin. Within two months, 73 suspects had been identified, most of them from North Africa; 12 of them have been linked to sexual crimes. Yet, in response to the attacks, Cologne’s feminist Mayor Henriette Reker issued an “arm’s length” guideline to women. Just “keep at an arm’s length” distance between you and a mob of Arab men, she advised Cologne’s female population, and you will be fine.

    Mayor Reker’s comments underline the seriousness of the problem: a culture clash is upon us. The first step in resolving it is to unapologetically defend the values that have allowed women to flourish. Feminists with their organizations, networks and lobbying power need to be on the front lines on this battle. Their relevance depends on it. And so does the well being of countless women, Western and non-Western.

    I’m Ayaan Hirsi Ali of Harvard University for Prager University.

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    It’s Not Trump’s Fault. Nor the Media. It’s Ours. 

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    In Indiana, Ted Cruz was eliminated from the GOP race. Fingers are being pointed. There seem to be so many people to blame. The reality is this: WE are to blame. By “we,” I mean faithful Christians and true conservatives.

    How did this happen? How does a liberal narcissist knucklehead like Trump win over Republican voters? The answer lies in the inability of two related segments of America. Let’s start with true conservatives. The Mark Levins, Erick Ericksons, and Ben Shapiros of the world have failed. The grassroots activists, of which I consider myself an active participant, have failed. The National Reviews, RedStates, and Soshables of the internet have failed. Conservatism as a political ideology makes way too much sense for us to have failed, but we have.

    The reasons are numerous, but let’s list a few:

    • Fighting on Their Level: To get noticed, you have to get loud. To get loud means that you have to abandon the higher thinking of intellectual discourse upon which we have an advantage and dive into the realm of emotional argumentation and insincere pandering. This is a losing battle; when feelings are involved, logic is dissolved. Having a low flat tax for economic growth makes sense logically but it doesn’t appeal to the masses who have to be shown things in quick sound bites and brief headlines. Preserving liberties is a fundamental component of conservatism, but when emotional fairness leads to political correctness (which it invariably does), liberties are painted as discrimination. Conservatives have the better plan, but “better” is wiped out when we bring the argument down to the emotional level… which happens way too often.
    • Acceptance of the Lesser of Two Evils: How does John McCain stay in the Senate for so long? Because he’s better than the opposing Democrat. How does Paul Ryan become Speaker of the House? Because we’ve elected too many moderate Congressman. If ever there was a reason to remain on the #NeverTrump side of the ball, it’s this. We have to rebuild the Republican party under the flag of true conservatism which means that we cannot support anyone who is the lesser of two evils. As much as a Hillary Clinton White House terrifies me, I can’t say with certainty that Trump would be better. If anything, I’m leaning towards the notion that he would be worse. I will not vote for either. More on that in another article. In the meantime, we have to come to the realization that we cannot keep electing populists and moderates to office.
    • Allowance of Fakers: Conservatism is popular on the campaign trail. It’s popular for talk show hosts, podcasters, and bloggers. The problem is that too many of them are fair weather conservatives. They bend. They pretend. They wave conservatism around as if it’s malleable when it shouldn’t be. They’ve helped to redefine what conservatism is supposed to be, but the reality is that true conservatism is ideal the way it is. The fakers must be removed from the conversation.

    As for faithful Christians, our calling is to share the Gospel, to live by the tenets of the Bible, and to fight when appropriate. We aren’t. As a group, we’re relenting to the same political correctness that is rampant in politics. By standing by and lightly chastising the moral degradation of the country, we’re allowing for people like Trump to become our representatives. It’s sad that Trump is now the “last hope” for defending religious liberties. In other words, we are now condemned to fight on our own.

    I’m disgusted, but at this point it’s time to look in the mirror to see why this happened. Once we get our wits about us again, it’s time to do something about it. As Shapiro points out, it’s time to start rebuilding now.

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    In This Tumultuous Political Season, Cruz Supporters Must Have Faith and Courage 

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    I have the pleasure of being in California, the state that will likely determine if Donald Trump gets to 1,237 before the convention or if we’ll have a contested convention. By this time in the nomination process, the delegates are pretty much wrapped up, so for the first time since moving out west I’m going to have a say in a Presidential election.

    Ted Cruz is the man that I believe should be the next President. I write articles, make videos, and communicate with people online throughout the day in an attempt to do my part in making him the GOP nominee. One of the most exciting moments in my political pastime (it’s more of a hobby than a profession) was when Cruz announced he was officially running. I felt drawn to him before any major campaigns were launched and seeing him launch his first gave me the early gumption to push forward working in the background to help him.

    It’s important to understand this because during this political season, tensions are much higher than I’ve ever seen during an election. I was too young to experience Ronald Reagan’s attempted coup of the Republican nomination in 1976, but I’ve watched every other nomination cycle since and it’s clear that we haven’t seen anything like this in the modern era. As I posted on another site, the candidates on both sides of the aisle are fighting so ferociously that the hatred for other voters within the same party is remarkable. There are many strong Cruz supporters who will be emotionally affected if he doesn’t win. The same can be said about Trump supporters.

    As for me, I’ll be disappointed for a few moments. Then, I’ll move forward without an ounce of anger, sadness, or disappointment lingering. That’s the plan, at least. As invested as I am in helping Cruz, I am exponentially more invested in God’s plan for me, my family, this country, and the world.

    If God’s plan is for Cruz to win, he will. If God’s plan is for me to be the GOP nominee, He could make that happen. The wonders of having an omnipotent Father who knows the beginning from the end is that His Will is all that matters. Knowing that He will elevate our next leader into that position does not take away our responsibility (more on that later) but it does remove any and all need to be upset by the outcome, whatever that outcome might be. Yes, even a Trump Presidency.

    We know that He can do anything. We don’t know what He will do and it could be a long time before we know why He does what He’s going to do with this election. I’ll reference a point I made in an article on the lessons from the Book of Daniel that is relevant to our current political situation. In Daniel 3:17-18, we see that there’s a difference between acknowledging that God’s Will is absolute and knowing that we have no idea how His Will acts in our lives.

    17 If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.

    18 But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.

    They knew that even in the face of certain death, God could save them. That’s the faith that we need. They also knew that it was His choice, His plan, that determined whether or not their desired outcome would come to pass. That’s the courage that we need.

    This is absolutely, under no circumstances, a license to not act. If through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are compelled to support any candidate, we must act. The fact that the outcome of the election is in God’s hands doesn’t give us an excuse to not do our part. As God’s children, we are active participants in God’s plan. As God’s children, we must also continue to act appropriately if the outcome that we desired does not come to pass.

    Two things must happen. We must have the faith to not lose hope until the very end. For Cruz supporters, that means pushing forward until the nomination is secured. If he wins, the new battle begins. If he is defeated, we much have the courage to push in the new direction that God lays out before us. This is a time for discernment in politics. It’s needed desperately now, perhaps more than ever.

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    Ted Cruz on Religious Liberties for All 

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    “Heckler’s veto.” That’s not how it’s normally described, but if you think about it, that’s pretty much what it is. Many who fight against religious liberty will go through their course as hecklers to those of us who believe in the truth of the Bible or those who hold other beliefs.

    The visual nature of social media means that from time to time we will be sharing messages that should resonate for our audience. To see more of them, which are great for sharing on social media, simply click on the Messages category.

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