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    Stop telling me to wait on defunding Planned Parenthood 

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    Every time I ask about when the GOP will use its majorities and control of the White House to defund Planned Parenthood, I’m met with a flurry of responses. The most common one has been that we have to wait until they’re able to repeal Obamacare because they can take care of Planned Parenthood in that particular piece of legislation. Well, it turns out they can’t. If the Senate bill passes, it will not defund Planned Parenthood.

    As I’ve noted before, defunding Planned Parenthood will not prevent abortions. In fact, it would make this political organization (that claims to not be a political organization) even more powerful than it is today. The reason we must defund Planned Parenthood is because it’s a moral blight on our nation to directly fund murder. This, more than anything else, is why the organization must be forced to generate its own revenue by having people willingly contribute rather than forcing every tax-paying American to participate.

    To those who have been telling me to wait, what am I waiting for now? It’s not going to be part of the health care bill. There’s not going to be a better time in the future to end the funding. What excuse do you have for me now that the pretend-pro-lifers in GOP leadership have at their disposal everything they need to make it happen?

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    We must defund Planned Parenthood, but let’s see the reality of the situation first 

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    I am pro-life. There are two very clear cases that can be made. Politically, our understanding of modern science combined with the tenets of both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence make it easy to see for anyone not indoctrinated to believe that it’s just a clump of “potential” life in the womb. Culturally, our Judeo-Christian values based upon the teachings of the Bible leave no doubt. Defunding Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with either of these arguments.

    This will be hard for many to read, but it’s important to be clear about something. Defunding Planned Parenthood will most likely NOT save lives. In fact, it will strengthen the organization. To understand this, we have to look at the situation with clarity.

    When we’re able to defund Planned Parenthood, they will not see a single penny less. They will see more money. Why? Because they will use their defunding to build the most powerful liberal fundraising apparatus the nation has ever seen. They will raise more liberal dollars than anyone other than the Democratic nominee for President. Defunding them will give them more money and power than they have today.

    This is indisputable by anyone who knows how these things work.

    If this is the case, why must we defund them? Wouldn’t it make more sense to not empower them through defunding? No. We must look at the two important elements from a moral perspective and one important element from a strategic perspective.

    Morally, it is wrong for the nation to allow abortion to be funded by taxpayers. Some would argue that it is therefore wrong to fund the military for similar moral reasons; killing is killing, right? No. The national government has within its enumerated powers the necessity for national defense. It does not have the power over health care (despite what we’ve seen with Obamacare and Trumpcare). Since it’s the left’s argument that abortion is a health care issue, it doesn’t make sense for the federal government to participate at all in the matter.

    The second moral reason comes down to choice. As Americans, we are forced to pay taxes. We can get into a discussion about whether or not that should be acceptable, but for today’s argument let’s assume that we all have to pay. When those tax dollars go to pay for something that could easily be paid for through choice (donations to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers) it is wrong for tax dollars to be redirected when the private sector could fund it better. If people choose to fund it, so be it. Those of us who would choose not to fund it deserve to keep our tax dollars from going in their direction.

    From a strategic perspective, any dollar given by the left to Planned Parenthood is a dollar that may have gone to fund other projects or candidates. By defunding and pushing them to fully fund themselves through donations and other means, we’re preventing those dollars from going elsewhere.

    My point isn’t to bring up some moral debate or ethical quandary about whether it makes sense to continue to fund Planned Parenthood. It’s important that we recognize the stakes of the fight. In the end, the political and cultural battles against abortion have very little to do with Planned Parenthood. When we recognize this, we can discern how to focus our efforts in the real battle.

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    Planned Parenthood Email Shows Cruz Terrifies Them 

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    There’s a reason that the Pro-Life movement hasn’t seen very much action at the national level. It doesn’t matter whether a Republican or Democrat sits in the White House. It doesn’t matter which party controls Congress. The only thing that can shake things up and shift the power in the battle against abortion and Planned Parenthood is a true conservative in the Oval Office. That person is Ted Cruz.

    Planned Parenthood is very well aware of this.

    In a fundraising email sent out by Planned Parenthood’s Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens, the women’s health organization and seller of baby parts told members who they DON’T want to win the GOP nomination.

    According to Life News:

    Laguesns says Cruz would be the biggest threat to the abortion corporation because “unlike Trump and Kasich, who are more or less in line with the Republican Party’s already terrible positions on reproductive rights, Cruz takes things much, much further.”

    “And he has the fan base to prove it. About 50% of Trump’s and Kasich’s supporters think abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, but a whopping 73% of Cruz’s supporters want to ban abortion in all or most cases,” the Planned Parenthood VP complains.

    Laguesns gripes that Cruz “consistently says he will open an investigation into Planned Parenthood on his first day in office. But maybe that’s less surprising when you see some of the people who have endorsed him — people like Troy Newman, the notorious anti-abortion extremist.”

    In a country where abortion is becoming acceptable, even normal, this particular insight into Planned Parenthood demonstrates the need for consistent Pro-Life perspectives in the White House. A liberal GOP nominee doesn’t worry them at all. I call that an endorsement for Ted Cruz.

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    Blaming the Planned Parenthood Attack on All Conservatives is Like Blaming ISIS on All Muslims 

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    The rhetoric is still rhetoric even if it comes in the form of righteous indignation.

    In comments, social media posts, and even mainstream media stories, I’ve found a clear trend that the attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs is being labeled as a direct result of vocal right-wing mouthpieces who espouse the defunding of Planned Parenthood, protection of gun rights, and a pro-life worldview. This annoys me because the argument, when brought up in regards to radical Islam and calls for advances of the tenets of the Koran, gets quashed as generalizing a group based upon the actions of a small minority within the group.

    Robert Lewis Dear might represent a microscopic portion of the conservative movement. I say “might” because despite assumptions made by nearly everyone, we are not certain that he was a right-wing extremist Christian nut job as many are claiming him to be already.

    For the sake of expediency, let’s assume he is. We know he’s an extremist and a terrorist by definition. He’s probably conservative. He might consider himself a Christian. He’s likely insane (again, by definition). Does that mean that the conservative movement that pushes for gun rights and wants to defund Planned Parenthood is to blame for breeding this monster?

    No. Alternatively, we cannot claim that Muslims who support the Koran and the ways of life it attempts to produce are to blame as a whole for the rise of radical Islamic terrorists like the Islamic State. In a similar fashion, we cannot say that the bigoted actions of Westboro Baptist Church are a result of the teachings of the Bible or that they represent the body of Christianity.

    Crazy people do crazy things. Most of the time, they are stopped, whether by intervention before they go over the edge, law enforcement foiling their plans, spiritual experiences that change their perspectives or the most likely scenario. That most likely scenario is that the evil in the heart that drove Robert Lewis Dear to commit his acts are present in other people but they are either logistically or emotionally incapable of following through with their desires.

    Americans can be diligent without living in fear. Conservatives and liberals will push as far to their respective worldviews as they can through the various means of communication at their disposal. That shouldn’t stop because of insanity. That cannot be halted because of tragedy. That must not be withdrawn because circumstances demand politeness.

    To blame conservatives for the actions of individuals or groups is as prejudiced and ignorant as blaming Muslims for the the Paris attacks, the genocide being attempted by Boko Haram, or the caliphate being initiated by the Islamic State.

    Unfortunately, there are still those who will not see it that way. A survey on a left-wing site asked the question, “Are conservatives to blame for Planned Parenthood attacks?”

    Are Conservatives to Blame for Planned Parenthood Attacks

    145 votes does not make for anything other than an anecdotal comment, but with only 6% believing that conservatives are not to blame for the attack, it’s clear that the liberals on this particular site are ready to place at least some of the blame on conservatives.

    The President will use this incident to push his gun control agenda. Mainstream media will use this to highlight extremism as being a result of conservative talking points. Liberals will blame Christianity regardless of Robert Lewis Dear’s perspectives on religion. None of them will allow a tragedy to be wasted.

    As conservatives, we must not allow spin to quiet our perspectives. As Americans, we cannot allow the actions of a deranged man to dictate doctrine or politics that will affect the masses.

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    Yes, You Can Do What You Want With YOUR Body 

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    Planned Parenthood
    There are two things that chap my khakis about the abortion debate. I’ll keep it brief so that I don’t get too riled up to the point of insult. It’s possible to be passionate and remain civil (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).

    The first problem is that the debate isn’t really a debate. Roe v Wade has been decided and is the law of the land. Many are acting as if Planned Parenthood is the only way for women to get abortions. Granted, it’s one of the easiest places to get an abortion, but defunding the organization while a righteous investigation is taking place should be a no-brainer considering the evidence that we’ve seen so far in the videos. Anyone who wants to debate that is politically motivated; there’s no real justification other than to say that the law doesn’t apply if liberal causes break it.

    As Ted Cruz said, this particular question about Planned Parenthood should have been easy and the Senate should have acted as a unit based upon what we know so far. Instead, it has become a question about abortion in general rather than Planned Parenthood’s activities.

    The second and bigger issue is the question of whether or not conservatives will allow women to do as they please with their body. The very heart of true conservatism thrives when in the pursuit of individual freedoms. I would never advocate a law, action, or principle that attacks an individual’s right to do anything that only affects them. If someone wants to smoke and that smoke doesn’t get into anyone else’s lungs, so be it. If they want to drink, as long as they’re not risking others, so be it. If someone wants to worship a false god, so be it.

    In all of those cases, it’s our responsibility to give them the educational resources to live responsibly. It’s not our responsibility to mandate. Personally, I will share what I know about Jesus Christ, for example, in hopes of helping them. I would not advocate mandatory reading of the Bible.

    A woman or a man should have the freedom to do as they please with their bodies. The debate about abortion inserts another body into the equation. There are many valid arguments that can be made by pro-choicers. They can argue about the economic condition of the country and the need for population reduction. Obviously I do not agree but at least it would be a valid argument.

    This isn’t a new perspective, but since the questions about “my body” keep coming up, the answer needs to be continuously restated. Do what you will with your own body but leave the other person’s body alone.

    The abortion debate is not about a woman’s body or her right to choose what to do with it. The debate circles around someone else’s body and the right for that person to exist.

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    The Planned Parenthood Debate isn’t Life versus Choice or Right versus Left. It’s Good versus Evil. 

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    There are many who are positioning the fight over Planned Parenthood as different types of battles. Some say it’s government versus women, the so-called “war on women” that Republicans are allegedly waging. Others say it’s Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice with the future of abortion law hanging in the balance. Still others look at the divide among lawmakers and conclude that it’s right versus left with the Democrats wanting to fund it and the Republicans wanting to defund it.

    All are partially correct but mostly wrong. This is a fight about criminal activity. It’s a battle over whether or not the United States government is willing to continue to fund an organization that has been publicly questioned over morals and inquired about from a legal perspective. We don’t have all of the answers. We need the answers before we can decide whether they are worthy of taxpayer money or not.

    It’s for this reason that the fight is about good versus evil. There’s a distinction that should be noted: we’re not saying it’s about right versus wrong. In that debate, one’s perspectives on abortion come into play. Whether one believes that it’s right or wrong is not the question. Have they taken taxpayer money and used it to break the law? People who are on the side of good and lawfulness, regardless of their political affiliation or perspective on abortion, will want to know the answer before continuing to fund this organization. Those on the side of evil would fund without prejudice and willfully ignore the allegations without investigating them.

    Am I accusing people supporting Planned Parenthood funding of being evil? No. Good people can be swayed to do evil things based upon their values. Just as many support Planned Parenthood regardless of their potential criminal activities, others would support conservative institutions if they were accused of breaking the law. If a conservative organization such as National Right to Life received federal funding and videos were released demonstrating that they may have broken the law, everyone with a conscience should demand defunding while an investigation is performed. Even though they might match a conservative ideologically, our values would demand that we probe first before continuing with funds.

    The same should be the case with Planned Parenthood. The allegations are serious and the video evidence is compelling enough to demand an inquiry. Citizens paying half a billion dollars in taxes to fund the organization have a right to know the truth about whether they are breaking the law or not before we give them another dollar. That’s not political. It’s lawful. If you are pro-choice and believe in two things -the quality of work that Planned Parenthood does for women and the sanctity of law in the United States – then you should not be opposed to defunding. In fact, you should be demanding that the organization be defunded as quickly as possible and that an inquiry is made because you’ll want one of two things: the truth to come out in favor of Planned Parenthood or the reassignment of the funds to an organization that helps women without breaking the law.

    It’s okay to be pro-choice and pro-lawfulness at the same time. It’s time to put the politics aside in this issue and discover whether or not Planned Parenthood is breaking the law or not. Blind support is dangerous.

    Planned Parenthood Blind Support

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