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    The Trump recording reveals nothing new. Stop acting shocked. Stop making excuses. 

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    A man spent his life harming others. His multitude of business failures hung partners and employees out to dry. His casinos and the strip clubs in them enabled the degradation of moral fabric in ordinary Americans. His use of eminent domain, bankruptcies, and conning skills took money and property from tens of thousands. Most women in his life report a petty, misogynistic little man behind the empire his daddy gave him. Why would any thinking American be shocked by a video that clearly represents the character Donald Trump has always demonstrated?

    The answer: you shouldn’t be shocked. Reince Priebus knew what kind of man Trump is, so his condemnation at the 11th hour is meaningless. Paul Ryan getting sickened now does little to change the fact that he was ready to give him a bear hug in Wisconsin. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott issued rebukes even though they knew Trump as well as any American. I could go down a very long list of Trump endorses who are suddenly “blindsided” by news that Trump’s a pig.

    The Republican Party is broken. It’s not just the leadership within the GOP. The Moral Majority has been co-opted by “faith-based” con artists like Robert Jeffress, David Bozell, Ralph Reed, Joel Osteen, and Jerry Falwell Jr (whose father helped launch the Moral Majority in the first place). Those who refuse to support candidates with demonstrably poor principles seem to be few and far between, though Russell Moore and at least 70 others have been on the right side of the fight.

    Then, there are the primary voters. I’d call them GOP voters, but it seemed as if Trump did best in open primaries. Those millions who either failed to see Trump’s lack of values or ignored them for the sake of the alt-right’s persistent chanting should not be shocked at all. The information about Trump has been available from the beginning. The signs were clear. The writing has been on the wall. It would be one thing if he were an amoral man who proved he was a great leader by building his empire from scratch. It would be different if he didn’t have a huge list of complete and utter business failures that show he is utterly incompetent outside of real estate and reality TV. He has always been a one-trick pony in business, and that one trick was given to him by his dad. Unfortunately, only 42% of Republicans are even aware that he was born into his empire.

    None of you should be shocked by this latest evidence of the type of man Donald Trump is. The honorable thing would be to abandon his campaign as Jason Chaffetz and others have. Sadly, many will not. Party first.

    Over the next month, we’re going to hear phrases like “we’re not electing a Pastor-in-Chief” or “nobody ever said he was a choir boy” or “everybody’s said something in private they’d regret if made public” or “what he said over a decade ago has no bearing on what he’ll do as President.” If he has a decent debate on Sunday night, the reactionary calls for him to step down as GOP nominee will subside and the focus will be turned to the issues. There’s still a chance for a miracle, for the GOP to oust him (as they should have done months ago) or for him to realize he’s in a losing battle. Then again, he’s also going against his Democratic doppelganger, a woman so corrupt she makes it hard to tell whether or not Trump is actually worse. As crazy as it seems today, there’s enough time for the ADHD American society to latch onto something positive and propel Trump to the White House.

    There’s nothing shocking about Trump’s recorded remarks. The shocking thing will come in the next few days. If his debate performance is deemed positive, he’ll retain the nomination and has a chance of winning the election. You can accept that or not, but one thing his supporters need to do is stop making excuses. Accept him for his depravity and acknowledge that principles really don’t matter to you.

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    Donald Trump and Paul Ryan: The Shady Scenarios Surrounding Their Interactions 

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    Speaker of the House Paul Ryan isn’t ready to endorse Donald Trump. The GOP’s presumptive nominee says he’s not ready to support Ryan’s agenda. The two are clearly at odds, but a scheduled meeting next week is anticipated as being the end of the feud and the beginning of unity within the party against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

    Then again, it might mark the beginning of a true splintering of the party. All will be determined after they meet, so let’s go over the scenarios before discussing why this is a catch-22 for both men.

    They Come Out Hand-in-Hand

    In this scenario, one of two things happened. The first is that Trump was able to put Ryan’s concerns at ease and demonstrate his malleability to fit in with both the Republican Establishment as well as a Congress that is fearful of losing some of its Republican members due to a backlash against Trump in November. On the surface, this is unlikely, but we should never underestimate what Trump is able to do behind closed doors. Ryan is smart enough to see through a sales pitch, but he’s also ambitious enough to see opportunities behind Trump’s presentation.

    The second scenario is that this whole thing is a charade to make a Ryan endorsement both credible and powerful. If they come out hugging and kissing, Ryan will be able to say that he was a skeptic like millions of other Republicans but that he now believes Trump will defeat Clinton and preserve the sanctity of the Republican party. It helps Ryan because he would be doing so with his eyes open rather than the blindness demonstrated by so many others who have accepted Trump as anyone other than Hillary. It helps Trump immensely as he tries to mend the gap he built with voters, particularly conservatives. In fact, this scenario would be more potent than had Ryan come out immediately backing Trump/

    They Agree to Disagree

    Ryan can come out supporting Trump with the same lukewarm embrace based solely on his opponent that many have adopted. This is the scenario that would almost certainly signal Ryan’s desire to run against President Clinton in 2020.

    They Separate Even Further

    Of the three scenarios, this is the one that would be most likely if there’s no ulterior motives at work. Trump goes in to convince Ryan. Even at risk of hurting his own standing within the party (especially if Trump wins the general election) he grows more strongly opposed to Trump and even declares that he will back Trump but only as the lesser of two evils.

    If this happens, we can know that there is no duplicity involved. Ryan has real concerns. Trump was not able to abate them. Ryan will speak out during the campaign about any policy proposals that Trump declares that go against the Republican platform. In this scenario, I would gain an immense level of respect for Ryan, a moderate that I’ve been critical towards since his rise to prominence in 2011. I still won’t agree with most of his actions, but at least we’ll know he holds values over ambition, America over the party.

    When the dust settles from their meeting, we’ll have a much clearer picture of who is on whose side and how this race is going to unfold during and after the Republican National Convention. If I’m picking the most likely scenario, it’s that the come out of the meeting with Ryan endorsing Trump.

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    Why I Don’t Believe Paul Ryan When He Says He Won’t Be the Nominee 

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    Unlike the majority of rock-ribbed conservatives out there, I’m not one who despises Paul Ryan. He’s not my favorite and he’s definitely part of the “Establishment” despite protestations and labeling from others who are conveniently within the Establishment, but I believe his heart is in the right place for the role he’s in. Then again, it could just be that he’s much better than John Boehner.

    Regardless of how I feel about him, I think he’s likely being insincere when he says that he won’t be the ‘fresh face” that Karl Rove has called for in the GOP nomination process. The Establishment in its nebulous way is trying to have someone, anyone other than Donald Trump or Ted Cruz as the nominee. They will go after rule 40B from 2012 that excluded anyone from even being on the delegates’ ballot if they hadn’t won a majority of delegates in at least eight states. They have been and will continue to float names out there as possible alternatives, but I believe that Paul Ryan is already their guy.

    Mitt Romney failed. His conspicuous attack session on Donald Trump was to gauge whether he would get supporters calling for him to run. They didn’t.

    John Kasich failed. He was supposed to be the sane choice of the remaining three candidates. All he had to do was mount a respectable showing and win eight states, but that’s not going to happen. Now, all they have left is a rules change. It will happen the week before the convention, at which time the Establishment will try to insert Ryan into the conversation again.

    I think it’s likely that he’s already been tapped for the job. I also think it’s likely he’s been told to quash all discussions about him being the nominee. By doing so, he is not a part of the conspiracy. He’s the reluctant warrior who fought to maintain the sanctity of the process but who had to step up when the process failed. It will be very much like the scene in Gladiator when Caesar Marcus Aurelius offers Maximus Decimus Meridius his throne when he dies.

    Marcus: “Do you accept this great honor that I have offered you?”

    Maximus: “With all my heart, no.”

    Marcus: “Maximus, that is why it must be you.”

    This is the year of the insurgents. It’s the year of the anti-Establishment wing of the Republican party. As much as I oppose a Donald Trump nomination, I equally oppose stealing it from him or Ted Cruz through manipulation against the voice of the people. Only Cruz and Trump have unified enough voters to back them en masse. They should not be robbed, why it’s so important for the party to unify behind Cruz.

    For the “sake of the party,” Ryan may “reluctantly” have to forgo his own motivations and accept the nomination. That’s the narrative they’ll want us to believe and it absolutely must be stopped. If it happens, remember this post and know for certain that Ryan was the planned Establishment stooge all along.

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    Why Conservatives Must Give Paul Ryan a Chance to Embrace Conservatism 

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    The last thing that any conservative wants to hear is that another John Boehner clone is given the gavel, but that’s exactly what’s happening. For the sake of the country and the conservative movement, it’s important to give Paul Ryan a little (very little) room to show his conservative side.

    Below is a transcript from the commentary followed by the video itself.

    Right before Paul Ryan is announced as Speaker of the House, lame duck John Boehner did him a favor in the form of what is turning out to be his most egregious act of cowardice. He gave President Obama a clear path for the rest of his Presidency, effectively declawing the Republican majority. It was the crowning achievement end Boehner’s career of battling his own party and failing his country.

    In essence, he saved Ryan from having to do the dirty work once he took over the Speaker’s seat. It’s horrible, but it’s done. Now, we have a clean slate with Ryan and as conservatives it’s extremely important to give him the fresh start he needs. It’s not for his sake. It’s for the sake of conservatives and more importantly for the sake of the country.

    The Freedom Caucus, the Tea Party, and consistent conservatives like Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are facing a backlash from all sides. Obviously the Democrats are against them and always will be. Mainstream media is against them, painting the conservative movement as obstructionist and against any forward movement. Neither of those things can really be changed.

    There are two other fronts where we can change the perceptions. The Republican Establishment, for all of its evils that have been manifested by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, has unified against the conservative wing of the party. Then, there’s the people. Because the other three angles are against the conservatives, the people have, for the most part, followed suit. There are still plenty of supporters of the Tea Party movement and conservatism in general, but its losing momentum. These two facets – the Republican Establishment and the general feelings of voters – are both areas that conservatives can win back. The key to this is Paul Ryan.

    Paul Ryan

    No, I’m not suggesting that Paul Ryan should be handled with kid gloves, nor do I believe that he’s inclined to do the right things. He’s demonstrated that with his various moderate positions, amnesty being the most profound. However, there are two courses of action that conservatives can take. We can assume the worst and start our attacks now before he’s had a chance to do anything or we can accept that he’s the new leader of the House of Representatives and guide him towards the right. It’s a question of civility. By giving him a chance up front, there’s less of a chance that conservatives will be blamed if he fails. If we start attacking like we’re all inclined to do at this point, then his successes will be his successes while his failures will be pinned on conservatives obstructing him.

    There are bigger things at play right now than fighting for a conservative voice in Congress. First and foremost is the Presidency. The thought of having another moderate candidate win the nomination should be completely obtuse to every Republican after two horrendous Presidential elections. The second important thing to remember is the near future of the conservative movement. We need to be winning seats in the House and Senate, not losing them, and at this point every obstruction that the conservatives put up that isn’t clearly righteous will be used to usurp candidates in 2016 and 2018.

    I don’t believe that Paul Ryan will be much better than John Boehner, but we have to give him the opportunity to either prove us wrong or prove us right. If we start swinging in the early days of his tenure as Speaker, we’re just turning ourselves into the scapegoats that will lose now AND in the future.

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