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    In case you missed it, I’m a Federalist 

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    Of all of the websites I contribute to, this has always and will always be my favorite. It’s the second website I ever personally owned and it represents more of my direct feelings. Yes, there have been a few guest contributors, but for the most part it has been all my writing lately. It’s the way it should be.

    For this reason, I sometimes forget to post to it. That’s not a representation of my sentiment towards the site, but things have been really crazy thanks to a combination of necessity and blessing. I often assume that all of the readers of this site know exactly what I’m doing based upon what I do on other sites. In case you don’t here it is…

    Most things are as they were a year ago. I’m still learning (and occasionally teaching) the Bible. I’m still enjoying my family. My business is doing well and I’m working on new initiatives within it. Then, there’s the politics. Most of my political efforts were done in the form of daily posts through the primaries, but we lost. Donald Trump was nominated, so my attentions shifted towards seeking an alternative.

    We tried many different parties. I contacted pretty much every party running a conservative that I could find, even if they weren’t big enough to make an impact. What I quickly learned was that they weren’t simply victims of low media coverage. They were victims of disorganization and lack of growth plans. I actually nearly lost hope in prospects for the future, but something happened. A wild idea turned into a quick inquiry. That inquiry was met with so much enthusiasm that I expanded the idea to a plan. The plan was working much better than I expected, so I started contacting more people about it, particularly those in the media. By the time all was said and done, I found myself heading into election day with a solid foundation upon which to build a new conservative political party.

    After election day, the Federalist Party will be born.

    I know what you’re thinking because I thought it myself. Third parties can’t win in the United States. What I know that you don’t is that the reason third parties don’t work is because we accept that they don’t work. More importantly, we’ve never seen a third party with the gumption and strategy to make itself work, to break through the imaginary boundary that protects the two major parties.

    Here is not the place to go into details yet and it’s about time to take the family to a movie, so I’ll leave you with this thought: If we can suspend disbelief in the possibility of a viable third party, we can actually make it happen, God willing. That’s what I’ve been working on lately. I’m hopeful that you will join us in this project.

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    We must do better against Hillary than we did against Obama 

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    Before we talk about Hillary Clinton, let’s talk briefly about Donald Trump. I’m not in the camp that believes he’s definitely going to lose the election despite all of the media indicators such as polls and buzz. That doesn’t mean I’m calling this election rigged, but I’m also not going to fall victim to the experience and common sense that told us long ago Trump couldn’t win the nomination, either. This is a weird election year, so dismissing Trump before the fat lady sings is foolish.

    With that said, let’s discuss the more likely scenario: President Hillary. Mark Levin is calling for preparations for impeachment. He’s right, but that cannot be our only recourse against the disastrous liberalism she will attempt to rain down on the country. Impeaching anyone, especially a President, is extremely difficult. While some plan for that attempt, let’s take a look at the other things conservatives must do to save the country from Hillary.

    2018 starts November 9th

    As Captain America said in Avengers: Age of Ultron, “You get killed… walk it off.”

    It doesn’t matter what happens in the Senate, House, and in state races on November 8th. Take a breath, eat a burger, wrap yourself in good ol’ American patriotism and get to work the next day. If the GOP retains a majority in Congress, pretend like it’s on the verge of dissolving. We have to push forward with our conservative philosophies intact in order to defend America and the righteous cause of freedom. Hillary is going to try to take those freedoms away. The left will try to take majorities or expand on the ones they already have.

    This election cycle has been physically and emotionally draining. Take a short breather and then get back in the ring.

    Do not accept the bending and breaking Congress did for Obama

    In Obama’s first term, we were told early on that we needed to have majorities in order to fight him, so we won the GOP the House in 2010. We were then told it wasn’t enough, that we needed the Senate as well, so we gave them a majority in the Senate in 2014. What have they done in two years with a majority in both chambers? Nothing. We have seen no difference in Obama’s policies. Spending has increased. The Republican-controlled Congress gave Obama everything he wanted.

    Regardless of who controls Congress after the election, it’s imperative for conservatives to impede Hillary’s liberal efforts with every ounce of their being. Senator Ted Cruz shut down the government over Obamacare without a majority in 2013 and then helped the Senate take the majority a year later. That is the type of leadership that will be needed to halt Clinton’s moves.

    It’s important to understand that Clinton is left of Obama in many areas, but she’s to the right of him in others. Republicans should not impede every move. They simply need to impede the liberal moves. Does that mean I expect Clinton to have some conservative perspectives? No. Of course not. But then again, I didn’t expect Obama to have any, either, and he did from time to time. TPP, for all its flaws, was conservative in principle even if it turned out to be Obamatized when the details were revealed. We have to oppose for the sake of America, not simply to stop Hillary. In the rare circumstance where she wants to do something good, the GOP (and America) should support her.

    Don’t worry. It won’t happen often.

    Be bold

    Conservatives have a tendency of being bold when it counts the most. When they’re opposing liberals, they fight as hard as they can. However, they also tend to go partisan when it comes to less-than-conservative issues. We have to be bold and conservative across the board. That means when Mitch McConnell does nothing to stop the giveaway of the internet, we need him to know we disapprove. When Congress sends a spending bill through that pays for every liberal program under the sun, we need to give them hell over it. When they let people like John Koskinen get away with their crimes without impeachment because they fear election attacks, we must prove their theory wrong.

    It’s hard for conservatives to ever vote against the GOP because they’re almost always to the right of Democrats. However, we have absolutely no leverage over them. They know we’ll vote for them and reluctantly support them because the alternative is worse. We need to be able to pull them to the right or else. That’s why it’s time to…

    Build a new party

    Conservatives need a party of their own. There are rumors of other parties being built. That’s great. Let’s unite. We have one that is growing and vibrant today even though it won’t officially launch until after the election.

    If the Republicans know that we’ll support conservatives whether they run for the GOP or not, we’ll have leverage. We’ll select the conservatives in races and support them all the way through. If they get the GOP nomination, we’ll support them. If they don’t get the GOP nomination, we’ll let them run under our umbrella and still support them. This is an important concept to understand because it gives the GOP an incentive to support the conservative. We must stand tall and stick with the conservative no matter what. If the GOP loses an election or two over split votes, they’ll quickly learn that the only way to consolidate the vote is by supporting the conservative.

    That’s an oversimplified variation of the strategy, but it should make sense.

    The only way we can survive the wave of liberalism that is flooding the country is if we unite behind our righteous conservative philosophies. Hillary Clinton will be a disaster, but we can make it through her term just as we made it through Obama. We didn’t come out unscathed and there will be damage done over the next four years regardless of who wins the Presidential election, but if we stand strong behind our beliefs, we’ll be able to move America back in the right direction.

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    On a national level, the conservative base must be built from the House 

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    2017 is going to mark several “beginnings” for conservatives. Establishment Republicans will try to push their reset button after trouncing conservatives and getting partially trounced by Democrats. Conservative Republicans will begin to rebuild their momentum after hitting the Establishment roadblock that halted many Tea Party candidates and their agendas. Libertarians will try to rebuild after failing miserably in the year that gave them the best shot of hitting the debate floor and making an impact in national elections. Smaller conservative parties like the Constitution Party will begin their rebranding after failing to be a blip on the radar again.

    Another classification of beginnings will also launch. I’ve heard from at least a dozen different attempts at forming new parties. Some, such as Rick Wilson’s crew, will attempt to build new moderate and pragmatic version of the GOP that can prepare candidates in the vein of Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Marco Rubio. Their main goal is to bring down the scourge of the alt-right that has infiltrated the Republican Party. Others, such as ours conservative party, will attempt to work from the true right to bring Constitutional conservatism roaring back to national prominence, It’s this new beginning that I want to focus on here.

    Our plans are to launch after this election and prepare candidates from the ground up. We want city council members. We want mayors. We want school board members. We want leaders at the local level who can help to build coalitions of conservatives among the base in preparation for bigger things to come. It must be a rapid ascension; regardless of who wins this Presidential election, we intend to be a force when the next Presidential election rolls around. To do this, we have to build the base and expand to state and national races. The only realistic way to make an impact nationally is to focus first on the House of Representatives.

    This is more than just for the sake of party prudence. It’s the House that has the highest concentration of conservatives through the Freedom Caucus and other groups that are able to influence the direction. This needs to grow. Over time, it needs to embrace our voters as their base. Today, this seems like a huge challenge, but the pace at which we’re growing is nothing short of spectacular. We’re picking up thousands of handraisers per week without having officially launched. We don’t even have our official name chosen yet. This preliminary momentum is exponentially higher than we projected when we started the project in August. By comparison, some of the other “parties” that we’ve been monitoring have failed to pick up a fraction of our size and momentum.

    What does this tell us? We’re on the right track. Our focus on the core principles of life, freedom, and smaller federal government fill a need that’s currently not being met by the GOP, Libertarians, or any of the smaller parties. It’s not about policies; every variation of a conservative party has the same basic focus points. The difference is that we’re approaching this with a plan of action and a message of hope shrouded in reality.

    The House of Representatives is the only part of the federal government that can rapidly shift. With the entire body elected every two years, it’s conceivable to put forth winners in 2018 and grab GOP defectors before 2020. The conservative wing of the House has great people. Many of them may be willing to switch to our party once it’s clear that we have enough voters behind us. This is why organizing it all is so imperative. This is why we’re starting now.

    There’s so much more to bring up but until we’re officially launched, it’s all just a blueprint. Once we get this rolling after the election, things will move rapidly. We need to get as many handraisers signed up for updates as possible before then.If you’re ready to make an impact by bringing conservatism back to the forefront of American political thought, please consider signing up.


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    If you’ve thrown in the towel for conservatism, pick it back up 

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    Every day, there’s a feeling of dread that comes over me. It’s quick; I’ve learned to recognize it and either think through it if it’s mild or pray through it if it’s severe. The dread I feel is that the country and the world may be heading in directions from which we can never return. The road leading left. The direction of lawlessness. The path away from God.

    Most days, I receive a stark reminder that we, the Christian Constitutional conservatives who once made up a large portion of America, are being assaulted from every angle. Liberalism has embedded itself in education and the media. Godlessness is en vogue. Perhaps worst of all, many of the once-diligent fighters for freedom and faith are cutting deals, making exceptions, and accepting that any attempts at purity or principles are futile and therefore we must sacrifice our values for the sake of expediency.

    Some days, I think about throwing in the towel. I wonder what it would be like to move out of southern California to a secluded area away from the struggles. I could just focus on my family and my business and stay away from the tumult of politics and world events.

    Today, I’m throwing away the towel altogether. Throwing it in the ring and declaring surrender is no longer an option and I encourage every God-fearing, America-loving person to do the same. This is a fight that will continue whether we defend ourselves or not. It’s a battle that will find its way into our personal backyards regardless of where we go or how well we prepare. We are in a time of world war in which the enemy wants to take away our principles. They want compliance. When they have enough people complying, they will demand obedience. Soon after they have obedience, the sole of their boots will be on our necks, a position from which we cannot recover.

    I will not comply.

    Faith, family and country are worth protecting. Retreat is not an option. They will find us no matter where we go. As we look at an upcoming election that will almost certainly give us one of two anti-freedom Presidents, the pressing need to be better and do more has increased. We must unite and fight. The Republican Party will no longer defend us as their leftward lurch has made it hard to distinguish them from Democrats. There are fighters within the party who can help, but they’re few and far between.

    This is a call to all patriots, but in particular it’s a call to those who have thrown in their political towels. You, the people who have bled and wept for your country only to see it press onward towards oblivion, are the people who cannot give up hope. You must pick up your towel and get back in this fight. If nobody represents you in government, let’s put better people in there. If you’ve fought for good people who were pushed aside for more pragmatic/liberal alternatives, push forward for the next fight.

    It’s not just about elections. This is about calling out those who push liberalism. It’s about calling out those who claim the conservative mantle during elections but who toss it aside while in office. It’s about declaring with a unified voice that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are still in play and therefore still require defense.

    We are building a new party. It will be one based solely on principles. The conservative philosophy of defending our God-given rights has no real champions in party form. There are good Libertarians. There are good Constitution Party members. There are even good Republicans. However, no party has risen above the hypocrisy to focus its efforts on principles. That’s what we’re going to do. Pick up your towel and join us.

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    The Libertarian Party mess and why it gives hopes for a third party rising 

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    For years, the Libertarian Party has been the protest vote. As the party that represents liberty within its name and individual freedoms within its platform, it was a natural fit for hundreds of thousands of conservatives who were done with the Republican Party. This was supposed to be their year. This was supposed to be the time when the Democrats and Republicans put up such weak candidates that the Libertarian Party could work its way into the debates and therefore into national prominence.

    Then, they blew it. They decided to follow suit with the other parties by nominating their variation of a bad candidate. Gary Johnson seems to be a good man with some strong, albeit basic, ideas of how to fix the country. His qualities end there, though, as he has proven time and again on the campaign trail that he’s absolutely not ready to be Commander-in-Chief. Now, we’re seeing the party that had its best chance ever splitting; Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld said this week he’s going to focus on hurting Trump while Johnson said he can’t win and will focus on attacking Hillary.

    Another opportunity to break the two-party system was flushed down the toilet.

    This seems like bad news for those who would like to see three or more valid options instead of the binary choices that have plagued this country for decades. In reality, it’s the best possible news. As we strive to grow our new conservative party, one of the biggest roadblocks has been convincing people that the current third-party options cannot be salvaged. The Constitution Party has never been able to reach any level of significance despite existing for a quarter century. America’s Party has some good people at its core, but its plan for growth is nonexistent. Both will end up showing no improvement from their 2012 voting numbers. Now, it seems the Libertarians are facing the same fate.

    Our new party has already been gaining traction despite the facts that it won’t officially launch until after the election and as of today it does not have an official name. We have the working title of “Unified Conservative Party” and it’s just that – a working title. This has caused many to question us about the name, not realizing that as a working title, it won’t be the final version. As with all working titles, the idea is to have something that people can clearly understand. Sometimes, working titles end up being the final version. “Snakes on a Plane” was a working title that stuck. Our working title will not stick. Before launch, the real name will be revealed.

    Where other third parties have failed is in velocity. Since the 19th century, they’ve never been able to achieve the proper velocity to be able to make a real impact. Achieving this velocity requires a party to remain under the radar until they have enough participants to jump into the scene. If they are revealed too early, the Establishment (unified from both major parties) will quash them immediately. The combination of three circumstances give us great hope for the future.

    1. Voter angst in 2016 gives us the mandate to move forward.
    2. Modern growth strategies that have only become available with the rise of social media and the internet empower us to take the message to the masses in ways that other third parties have failed miserably to accomplish.
    3. A passionate and talented core that is coming together nicely tells us that we’re onto something.

    We probably wouldn’t even be talking about this had the Libertarian Party nominated Austin Petersen. They chose to go down the non-conservative road; in many ways, Johnson is more of a moonbat than a freedom guy. Still, it’s another indicator that this nation needs a strong and conservative third party to rise and enable patriots to lead America once again.

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