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    The Trump recording reveals nothing new. Stop acting shocked. Stop making excuses. 

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    A man spent his life harming others. His multitude of business failures hung partners and employees out to dry. His casinos and the strip clubs in them enabled the degradation of moral fabric in ordinary Americans. His use of eminent domain, bankruptcies, and conning skills took money and property from tens of thousands. Most women in his life report a petty, misogynistic little man behind the empire his daddy gave him. Why would any thinking American be shocked by a video that clearly represents the character Donald Trump has always demonstrated?

    The answer: you shouldn’t be shocked. Reince Priebus knew what kind of man Trump is, so his condemnation at the 11th hour is meaningless. Paul Ryan getting sickened now does little to change the fact that he was ready to give him a bear hug in Wisconsin. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott issued rebukes even though they knew Trump as well as any American. I could go down a very long list of Trump endorses who are suddenly “blindsided” by news that Trump’s a pig.

    The Republican Party is broken. It’s not just the leadership within the GOP. The Moral Majority has been co-opted by “faith-based” con artists like Robert Jeffress, David Bozell, Ralph Reed, Joel Osteen, and Jerry Falwell Jr (whose father helped launch the Moral Majority in the first place). Those who refuse to support candidates with demonstrably poor principles seem to be few and far between, though Russell Moore and at least 70 others have been on the right side of the fight.

    Then, there are the primary voters. I’d call them GOP voters, but it seemed as if Trump did best in open primaries. Those millions who either failed to see Trump’s lack of values or ignored them for the sake of the alt-right’s persistent chanting should not be shocked at all. The information about Trump has been available from the beginning. The signs were clear. The writing has been on the wall. It would be one thing if he were an amoral man who proved he was a great leader by building his empire from scratch. It would be different if he didn’t have a huge list of complete and utter business failures that show he is utterly incompetent outside of real estate and reality TV. He has always been a one-trick pony in business, and that one trick was given to him by his dad. Unfortunately, only 42% of Republicans are even aware that he was born into his empire.

    None of you should be shocked by this latest evidence of the type of man Donald Trump is. The honorable thing would be to abandon his campaign as Jason Chaffetz and others have. Sadly, many will not. Party first.

    Over the next month, we’re going to hear phrases like “we’re not electing a Pastor-in-Chief” or “nobody ever said he was a choir boy” or “everybody’s said something in private they’d regret if made public” or “what he said over a decade ago has no bearing on what he’ll do as President.” If he has a decent debate on Sunday night, the reactionary calls for him to step down as GOP nominee will subside and the focus will be turned to the issues. There’s still a chance for a miracle, for the GOP to oust him (as they should have done months ago) or for him to realize he’s in a losing battle. Then again, he’s also going against his Democratic doppelganger, a woman so corrupt she makes it hard to tell whether or not Trump is actually worse. As crazy as it seems today, there’s enough time for the ADHD American society to latch onto something positive and propel Trump to the White House.

    There’s nothing shocking about Trump’s recorded remarks. The shocking thing will come in the next few days. If his debate performance is deemed positive, he’ll retain the nomination and has a chance of winning the election. You can accept that or not, but one thing his supporters need to do is stop making excuses. Accept him for his depravity and acknowledge that principles really don’t matter to you.

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    Only Ted Cruz can Beat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 

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    There seems to be a lot of confusion still floating around the Republican party. It surrounds the questions of how to beat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. At this stage, there’s only one viable solution: voting for Ted Cruz. A vote for any other candidate is a vote for Trump and therefore a vote for Clinton.

    Much of the confusion surrounds the likelihood of a contested convention. Unless John Kasich and Marco Rubio drop out on Wednesday and endorse Ted Cruz after winning their states, there is going to be a contested convention. However, the notion that a contested convention would yield anyone other than Trump or Cruz as the nominee is a falsehood. The Republican Establishment is powerful and the different factions are still deciding who is the lesser of their two evils, but they won’t alienate their base and fracture the party irreparably by pushing Rubio, Kasich, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, or whoever their chosen savior is at the time. In a contested convention, Trump or Cruz is still the nominee.

    To prevent the destruction of the party and the coronation of Hillary Clinton as President, there’s only one realistic solution. Cruz must either win the nomination outright (yes, it’s still very possible) or he must end up with the same or more delegates at the convention. For this to be possible, voters and even those reluctant power brokers in the party must realize two important truths: only Cruz can beat Trump and therefore only Cruz can defeat Clinton.

    Only Cruz can Defeat Trump

    The math is easy. Cruz is within striking distance of Trump in delegates. That’s fine and still favors Trump, but there’s a catch. In head-to-head polls, Cruz crushes Trump. When Rubio and Kasich drop out, the majority of their support goes to Cruz. That will shift the remainder of the primary races heavily in Cruz’s favor and would give him either the lead or an outright nomination victory by the time the convention rolls around.

    Cruz One on One with Trump

    The key to this is Rubio and Kasich dropping out soon. There’s evidence that an arrangement has already been struck. Could it mean that one of them will be the Vice President and the other will be the Secretary of State, similar to the deals Barack Obama cut in 2008? No. Not yet. Kasich is unlikely to want to participate because at this point he’s hoping to parlay an Ohio win into Trump’s VP spot, not Cruz’s. Still, everything is just speculation at this point so we’ll hold on to hope…

    For voters, it comes down to one thing: vote Cruz or Trump. Voting for either Kasich or Rubio outside of Ohio and Florida is a vote for Trump, period. They cannot mount enough delegates to overtake the frontrunners. They won’t be gifted the nomination at a contested convention.

    If they drop out and their supporters generally go to Cruz whether as their second choice or as their not-Trump choice, Cruz will get what he needs to be the nominee.

    Anyone But Trump Would Defeat Clinton

    When pundits were saying in June and July that Trump was a joke, I was skeptical. By August, I was completely convinced that nearly every “expert” was absolutely wrong about Trump fading away. It wasn’t prescience or insight but rather a gut feeling that told me Trump was going to stay in and had a chance of pulling it off. That gut feeling that told me he could win the nomination is the same gut feeling (this time backed up by facts) that tells me he would be utterly obliterated by the media in the weeks leading up to the general election if he gets the nomination. They’ve taken it easy on him so far by not diving into investigative reports (as they’ve done with every GOP nominee since Richard Nixon), but if he locks up the nomination, they’ll unleash hell.

    Currently, Trump is the only candidate that generally loses to Clinton. Every other candidate defeats her in the vast majority of the last couple of months of polling. Trump hasn’t been close in a while and is losing ground with every new poll:

    Trump vs Clinton Head-to-Head

    Cruz, on the other hand, has been surging against her and recently overtook her:

    Cruz vs Clinton Head-to-Head

    Overconfidence hurt Republicans in 2012 when a decent GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, should have easily defeated Barack Obama. That mistake won’t happen this year because with the stakes as high as they are, it’s completely unfathomable that any GOP candidate other than Trump and possibly Chris Christie could fail to defeat Hillary Clinton. While there’s still a chance that Bernie Sanders could beat her, it seems as if the Democratic Establishment made up their minds long ago.

    Republicans MUST Choose One or the Other

    There are two choices in the nomination race. Assuming that the Republican Establishment will get their wish for a contested convention, it’s still almost certain that they would nominate one of the two frontrunners. If it’s not close, the leader would likely win. If it’s close, then it’s all up to the power brokers within the party. Either way, Cruz or Trump will be the nominee.

    At this point, a vote for John Kasich or Marco Rubio (outside of their home states) would be a vote for Trump. His base is strong, but it’s smaller than most realize. Assuming he can get 35%-40% of the vote, we know that there are enough people against him to be able to defeat him if the votes are unified behind Cruz. Votes for either of the two other candidates will do nothing but prevent Cruz from beating Trump.

    If you read the rhetoric and untruthful memes posted by Trump supporters on social media, you might get discouraged. If you look at the facts, it’s clear that the path for a Cruz nomination and Presidency is realistic as long as discerning Republicans vote against Hillary Clinton. That vote in the primary is manifested in one man: Ted Cruz.

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    Yes, Social Security is Careening Toward Insolvency Regardless of MSM Spin 

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    Social Security is a blight on the economic stability of this nation. This is no longer a generational problem. It’s not something that our grandchildren or even our children are going to have to deal with based upon the most accurate analyses available. It’s going to affect this generation. Today’s 30-45-yr-olds have a 95% chance of facing insolvency before we’re eligible to receive it, but many liberals and mainstream media talking heads believe that this is a distant problem.

    At the last GOP Debate, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio rightly pointed out that it’s a complete disaster that must be dealt with immediately. It’s not an issue for the President we elect in 2024 or 2028. If liberals like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump get their way, this problem will start to manifest within one or two decades. It’s an issue that has been so mishandled by the left and the media that some might point to conspiracy theories that they want this to be the financial demise of the country and the trigger for economic collapse around the world. While I don’t subscribe to New World Order destruction scenarios, this is the one that actually makes the most sense. The willful blindness towards the issue is disgusting.

    Next to the Supreme Court appointees, this issue represents the biggest long-term existential problem the next President will face. It’s the elephant in the next room, the one that every politician with the possible exception of Donald Trump knows is sitting there waiting to stomp on us. It’s also the issue that for decades has been pushed off to future generations because it’s such a strain on any administration to tackle. Congress sees it looming and still opts to handle more “pressing” issues that affect us immediately. Presidents look at reports and see that they’ll be out of office before it rears its ugly head in the public conscience, so they punt as well. It has to stop with THIS election, right here, right now.

    That’s what makes spin pieces like the CBS report on the issue so infuriating:

    It’s strange yet expected that they would look at the issue, declare in their article that the most favorable estimates put insolvency at 18-years away, and somehow try to spin this as a positive. They were gracious enough to include the report that puts disaster as soon as a decade away as well, but they did so with a site debunking that it’s 7-8 years away (in typical MSM spin fashion). They and all who ignore this type of issue (yet trumpet the doom and gloom of global warming) are complicit if it’s allowed to sink the economy and hurt tens of millions of Americans.

    What everyone needs to understand is that it may be too late already. This should have been handled by Bill Clinton, then George W. Bush, and definitely by Barack Obama. Now, it’s time for drastic measures. Rubio and Cruz get this. Trump and Clinton do not. Then again, they might think it’s an issue that they can punt rather than address because for the sake of winning votes, telling people the cold hard facts is often not the easiest way to get elected. Trump’s and Clinton’s stances are the populist view based upon the ignorance of an American electorate that sticks its head in the sand because so many of our political leaders choose to do the same.

    It’s a sad testament to the gullibility of a society that will look at global warming as a looming existential threat but that ignores Social Security because it’s not a very sexy topic to discuss at election time. If we don’t act immediately with THIS election, we will be crushed under the weight of Social Security before the average temperature rises another degree.

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    Humbly, I Ask You to Support Ted Cruz to Slay the Three-Headed Liberal Monster 

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    The race for the White House is down to three liberals and a conservative. Some would say that Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a chance, but don’t underestimate the ability of Hillary Clinton to blow it or for one of her scandals or criminal investigations to blow it for her. As far as the GOP, the infiltration of Donald Trump into the Republican nomination picture means that Ted Cruz is the lone conservative who has a chance of winning the general election.

    Some will immediately balk and say, “Trump’s not a liberal!” It has been well documented that Trump is not a conservative and even those who cling to the idea that he’s a moderate Republican haven’t examined his policy proposals closely enough. From his health care plans to his love affair with Planned Parenthood to far-left tariff proposals to… look, either you’ve been paying attention or you haven’t. Trump isn’t as liberal as Sanders, but he’s barely to the right of Clinton on many issues and pushes left of her on trade and portions of his tax plan. His immigration policy is conservative. He has allegedly evolved on guns and abortion. Otherwise, he memorized some Republican talking points but has never and will never take the most important stand on the conservative platform to reduce the size of government and empower Americans. He’s all about big government and he believes that he can make America great, not the people. He’s a liberal through and through.

    Most conservatives have coalesced around Ted Cruz as not only the candidate that can beat the three liberals but also as the best person to bring back the Reaganesque and Coolidgesque ideologies that propelled the country to prosperity and incredible positions of world leadership. There are those, particularly more pragmatic Republicans, who are still concerned about Cruz’s ideologies and the consistent principled conservatism he’s practiced throughout his career. Those who have supported candidates other than Cruz and Trump might feel like Cruz is too conservative, too divisive, or that he has too many enemies in Washington DC to make things happen.

    This is where an understanding of the Executive branch versus the Legislative branch is necessary. As a Senator, Cruz has been a challenge for the GOP. His anti-Establishment style is righteous but divisive. He’s made many enemies and few friends. He’s broken from the norm and challenged the Establishment to do the right thing or expose their underlying treacheries. The last major candidate to be as conservative, principled, divisive, and universally hated by the Establishment was Ronald Reagan. Those of us who are old enough to remember can attest that whatever hatred you think the Establishment feels towards Cruz, it was double against Reagan after he dared to contest the 1976 Republican convention against an incumbent, Gerald Ford. The sames things being said about Cruz were said about Reagan in 1980.

    What Reagan proved and what Cruz will prove as President is that the qualities that made everyone hate him are the same qualities that can unify the party from the Executive branch. He doesn’t need to get along with anyone. Congress is beholden to him, not the other way around. That’s not to say that Congress will give him whatever he wants, but they will put bills on his desk that align with the conservative principles that this country needs or he won’t sign them. As one of 100 Senators, he held 1% of the power of one wing of the Legislative branch. As President, he holds 100% of the power of the Executive branch. Our form of government is elegantly designed to allow ideologues like Cruz and Reagan to flex their conservative muscles and act as the conscience against a Legislative branch that, by its very nature, is made up of deal-makers. The irony is that Trump would have likely made an excellent Senator but would be a terrible President specifically because of his penchant for cutting backroom deals.

    If Trump is allowed to get the nomination, everything points to a Democratic victory in November. Polls, favorability ratings, scandals, and common sense say that Trump cannot win. Even if he’s able to defy the odds, it still means that a liberal will be in the White House doing damage to our nation

    John Kasich and Marco Rubio have both run honorable and effective campaigns. That’s why they’ve made it this far against more powerful candidates like Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and Chris Christie. However, their time is up and they do not have a path to the nomination, not even through a brokered or contested convention. A vote for either of them is a vote for Trump and therefore a vote for one of the three liberals to win the White House.

    After a hard fight, it’s time to unify around the only man that can prevent the disastrous election of Trump, Clinton, or Sanders. Make your voice heard and your vote count. Only Cruz can halt the three-headed liberal menace that aims to destroy this country.

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    Rubio and Kasich Don’t Have to Win Their States to Stop Trump. They Just Need to Get Out of the Way. 

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    Republicans are being told by the various pundits and talking heads that there’s a complex formula for stopping Donald Trump from getting the GOP nomination. They say that the two flailing bottom candidates need to win their states, then either drop out or push forward to a contested convention. This is wrong.

    For the sake of the passion I feel against Donald Trump and his unwilling proxies, John Kasich and Marco Rubio, we’ll keep this post short. Ted Cruz can stop Trump from getting the nomination. All he needs is for the voters who support Kasich and Rubio to realize that their candidates have no path to the nomination and to coalesce behind Cruz. There’s no covert plan that can stop him without fracturing the party irreparably. Cruz is the only candidate who can flat out stop Trump – not Rubio, Kasich, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, or any of the other secret weapons they’re planning on unveiling at the Republican National Convention. That’s not to say that there are no secret plans. It’s just that they won’t work and every sensible Republican needs to accept that it’s Trump, Cruz, or destruction.

    The current thinking even among much of the electorate is that Kasich wins Ohio, Rubio wins Florida, then they drop out and pledge their support for Cruz. This is a pipe dream. They’re not going to drop out and support Cruz if they win their states. To be more specific, they won’t do it without very particular things happening, namely Kasich winning big in Ohio and then getting the VP tap. Unfortunately, Trump is the more likely choice for Kasich based upon how he’s changed his tune towards Trump in the last month, so those who believe Kasich winning Ohio will stop Trump are probably going to get a rude awakening.

    As far as Rubio winning Florida, it’s not going to happen. He came in a distant fourth in Michigan and there are still plenty of voters who simply won’t vote for someone without a chance. Even more unfortunate is that there are plenty of people who still will vote for Rubio if he’s in the race. This means another anti-Trump vote that’s split between the three candidates. It means another big win in winner-take-all Florida.

    If you’re a voter in one of those states, don’t listen to the hype or the complex secret plans being pushed by the elites. Vote for Trump or Cruz, whichever you would prefer as the nominee. A vote for Rubio or Kasich is, essentially, a vote for Trump anyway.

    The longer that Kasich and Rubio are in the race, the more likely it is that Trump will be the nominee. In fact, it’s better for them to lose Ohio and Florida and drop out than to win them and stay in. The best scenario seems unlikely: cut a deal with Cruz and endorse him before March 15.

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    To Beat Donald Trump, Every Discerning Republican Must Coalesce Around Ted Cruz 

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    Forget a brokered convention. It would do as much if not more harm to the Republican party and the country as nominating Donald Trump. Forget a third-party run. Whatever Mitt Romney is thinking, it’s wrong. Lastly, forget voting for John Kasich or Marco Rubio. Their chances are approaching absolute zero. The only thing that can prevent Donald Trump from getting the GOP nomination and handing the country over to Hillary Clinton is if discerning Republicans coalesce around Ted Cruz.

    There’s an important qualifier in that last statement: discerning Republicans. What is the difference between a discerning Republican and a regular Republican? It’s an important distinction, albeit arbitrary, that stems from understanding what has happened this election cycle. A discerning Republican is one who:

    • takes the time to understand the issues and explore the candidates’ solutions
    • compares what candidates say to their history, political record, and proposals
    • votes with their conscience based upon a desire to fix what President Obama and Congress have tried to destroy, not out of a misplaced desire to burn the whole thing down
    • looks at the primaries realistically and doesn’t waste their vote on a candidate that simply cannot win

    This pretty much eliminates all Donald Trump supporters. I’m not trying to insult them, but I find it hard to believe that more than a small percentage of his supporters have looked at their candidate through a lens of discernment and still come to the conclusion that he’s what’s best for the country. On an emotional level, he can be very appealing. He’s rich and successful, bold and different, therefore his supporters can admire him and even idolize him as the manifestation of their anger and weakness. Even when his policy proposals are embarrassingly bad and worthy of one of his famous midday flip-flops, his supporters are protected by a shroud of blissful ignorance. They are locked in, Kool Aid cup in the left hand and hand raised loud and proud in a pledge of support to their chosen savior.

    For the rest of us, we have to decide. Is it worth fighting the very clear fact that Ted Cruz is the only candidate that can beat him? Some will inevitably do so based upon a heartfelt desire to support their candidate or an unwillingness to support Cruz for whatever reason. It’s my hope that these passionate supporters of Kasich and Rubio will be discerning and realize that a vote for their candidate is a vote for Trump. There’s no other way of looking at it. The writing is on the wall.

    Kasich and Rubio are fighting for their lives to win their home states… at least that’s the narrative. The reality is that Kasich is fighting for a VP spot (despite his protestations against the notion) and Rubio is fighting for a brokered convention that would destroy any possible hope of stopping Clinton in November. If you’re one of those who believes that either of these scenarios is worth having Trump as the nominee, then so be it. There’s nothing I can say to dissuade you from promoting that disastrous path. However, if you’re one who realizes how bad a Trump nomination would be for the party and the country, then please refer back to the list above and start looking into what Ted Cruz represents and how he will fight for Americans.

    The Republican party has reached a point of futility that must be reconciled immediately. Voting for Ted Cruz is the only path that will end the Trump menace and keep Clinton from the White House. It’s time for Republicans to be discerning.

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    Dear @MarcoRubio and @JohnKasich: If You Steal the Nomination in a Brokered Convention, I Will Not Support You 

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    It’s hard for me to claim that I’m not a straight-ticket Republican considering that the last time I supported a Democrat was David Boren in the early 90s. However, there are a handful of occasions when I abstained from voting. If the GOP nominee comes as a result of a brokered convention that supersedes the will of the voters, I will be abstaining.

    I’m a #NeverTrump guy, so there’s a chance I may abstain, anyway. However, as much as I do not want Trump to be the nominee, I would never support the nomination of someone who is propelled by anything other than the vote of the people. That seems to be the plan in the Republican Establishment’s camp as they decide which of their two remaining candidates have the best chance at the convention. It may come down to which one, if either, can pull out a victory in their home state.

    Neither of you have a path to the nomination that doesn’t include a brokered convention or the strangely convenient deaths of the two frontrunners. If you’re not going to call for double homicides, then you’re pushing for a brokered (aka stolen) convention. That is not acceptable. It’s not American. It will do nothing but destroy the party and hurt the country. If you choose to go down this path, you will be directly responsible for willful acts of destruction to the Constitution and the GOP.

    At this point, there seems to be only three possible motivations to stay in the race:

    • A Stolen Convention: You will lose the general election and you will destroy the party in the process if you are able to scheme your way to the nomination. If that’s your motivation for staying in, then you do not believe in the right of the people to select our leaders in a Democratic fashion as guaranteed for this Republic by the Constitution.
    • You Support Donald Trump: If you’ve cut a backroom deal with Trump to block Ted Cruz by staying in, then you’re even worse off ethically than had you pushed for the brokered convention.
    • Working a Deal with Ted Cruz: This is the only acceptable motivation for not suspending at this point, not because I’m a Ted Cruz supporter but because it’s honorable. Parlaying your position in the race to earn a spot in a Cruz administration is an unfortunate part of politics but it’s a proper use of your positioning and something that is done all the time (looking at you, Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions). We’ll know within the next two weeks if this is reality.

    In case anyone is wondering why working a deal with Trump is different from working a deal with Cruz, it’s because the Trump deal would be a smokescreen to divide the party by keeping the anti-Trump vote diluted while a Cruz deal would be an attempt at unifying the party to coalesce around conservatism. Helping Trump keep Cruz down is different than helping Cruz rise over Trump. One is divisive, the other is unifying.

    Then, there’s also the fact that a Trump nomination would be almost as bad for the country as a brokered convention, but I digress.

    Some will say that abstaining to vote, whether it’s for Trump or the brokered convention dynamic duo, is a vote for Hillary Clinton. As Americans, we are given the privilege of helping to decide our leaders. That privilege is tainted when it becomes a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. Moreover, it comes down to two perspectives regarding this particular general election. First, I’m not convinced that a Trump Presidency really would be the “lesser” of evils compared to a Clinton Presidency. Under no circumstance would I want to see Clinton as President and under no circumstance would I want to see Trump as President. When seen through that perspective, abstaining is a righteous choice because it becomes a zero-sum game.

    The second situation – not voting for someone who stole the nomination at the convention – is a matter of long-term principle for the country. I would support either Rubio or Kasich if they won the nomination outright, but stealing the nomination through convention is, in my opinion, equal to a Constitutional crime. We cannot as a country reward those who circumvented the system for personal gain. If Cruz was not a valid option to defeat Trump, then an argument can be made that Rubio and Kasich were acting out of patriotism against a force opposed to American values. With Cruz positioned to win the nomination if they drop out, it’s no longer a matter of helping the country but rather helping their egos. They can say what they want about their patriotic duty to stop Trump, but the argument doesn’t hold unless they also believe that Cruz is an existential threat… which he’s not.

    At this point, Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich, you are obstructing and scheming. Stop lying to the American people by pretending that you can win the nomination. Admit that you were considering destroying the party through a brokered convention, then drop out. Otherwise, you’re traitors to the party and representatives of corruption.

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    Reason #144 to Vote Cruz: A Brokered Convention would Destroy the GOP and Damage the Country 

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    There seems to be three camps making their cases for the Republican nomination. The first two are taking the standard approach; Ted Cruz and Donald Trump want to win enough delegates to become the GOP nominee for President. The third camp is the worst idea that has been floated by Republicans in modern history (yes, even worse than nominating Bob Dole). A brokered or contested convention is the end of Republican party and will propel the country towards disaster with at least four more years of a liberal in the White House.

    It would never even be a consideration in any year that didn’t feature a frontrunner that was so unpopular with Republicans, but that’s what we have. Donald Trump seems to be appealing to many of the anti-Establishment Republicans, but he’s performing so well in states that have open primaries that some are calling his onslaught a case of sabotage by the Democrats. This will shift based upon his momentum as many ill-informed Republicans start to buy into the inevitability of a Trump nomination, but unexpected wins in Iowa, Oklahoma, Alaska, Kansas, and Maine – all closed primaries and caucuses – demonstrate that actual Republicans want to nominate Cruz.

    For Marco Rubio and John Kasich, the only mathematical path to victory is for them to win their home states on March 15 and to prevent Trump and Cruz from getting enough delegates to win the nomination outright. In such a situation, the first ballot at the Republican convention would not yield a winner, leaving the second and subsequent ballots to be mostly open for their delegates to choose who they want. The idea is that Rubio or Kasich can appeal to the pragmatism of the delegates to select them instead of one of the anti-establishment candidates.

    The very concept of a contested convention would hurt the Republican party in the general election. It will demonstrate a weakness within the fractured party and the Democrats would exploit it. That would hurt. What would actually splinter and destroy the Republican party is if Rubio or Kasich get their way. If the 3rd or 4th place finisher is propelled to the nomination, it’s over. It will be a bloodbath in the general election. Many Republicans will stay home. Many others will revolt. As much as they don’t want to see Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders as President, polls will be so poor for the “fake” Republican nominee that a lot of Republicans will simply give up.

    There’s another factor: Congress. While the Presidential race is definitely the most important individual prize, the idea of forcing a brokered nominee down the Republicans’ throat will keep them home and cost the party seats. We will end up with a very delicate lead in the House and we will lose the Senate. Any argument to the contrary is grasping at straws for Rubio’s and Kasich’s sake.

    Ted Cruz can unite the party. He’s the most acceptable alternative for Trump supporters and he’s even starting to pull some Establishment support his way.

    Most importantly, he can win the general election. Compared to Trump, Cruz polls much stronger head-to-head against Hillary Clinton.

    It’s time for the party to continue to coalesce around Ted Cruz. The two alternatives – a Trump nomination or a brokered convention – will throw the party and the country into turmoil. As bad as a Trump nomination would be, the idea of a brokered convention may actually be worse.

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    Rubio’s Debate Pro and Con: When He Draws from His Inner Petulance 

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    Marco Rubio had a good night. I found myself rooting for him during some exchanges and was impressed with his debate preparation and change in style. Something was off, though. He was scoring points with cheers, but his best moments weren’t actually substantive. He landed some good shots on Donald Trump, then grinned like…

    That was it! He was relishing in his attacks. He was having fun, and while it came across very nicely at times, it also betrayed a reality about him that I’d never noticed before. He’s petulant. He’s a child and was getting his jollies from being one of the little kids popping the schoolyard bully in the cheek.

    I know what a lot of you are thinking. Many have characterized him in similar fashion in the past, but I never bought into it. Any time a candidate is young, critics pull out the “child” insults. For the first time, I finally saw that play out as his immaturity reigned. This is a problem. We’re not talking about a whippersnapper running for Congress. This is a 44-year-old lifetime politician who wants to be the leader of the free world.

    By contrast, Barack Obama was 47 when he took office and Ted Cruz would be inaugurated at 46. Both have youth on their side but they were never seen as gloating schoolboys. Rubio did. His best moments were when he was repeating his Polish workers talking point before grinning at the audience for approval.

    It was his biggest pro. It was also a glaring con.

    What most saw was an aggressive Rubio hitting in his hour of desperation and scoring nicely. What I saw was a good performance that made him seem like he’d make a decent Vice President. He’s not ready for Oval Office.

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    The Path and the Math: Why Cruz is the Only GOP Candidate that can Stop Trump 

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    The mainstream media and even a handful of conservative media types are starting to spread the narrative that the Republican nominee will be Donald Trump but that Marco Rubio is the one who can stop him. This is by far the most ludicrous notion, so much so that I question the judgment of a handful of people I respect. Rubio has neither the math nor the path to defeat Trump. Ted Cruz is the only GOP candidate with a chance.

    As many have speculated, it may be too late if there’s not a major shakeup before the “SEC Primaries” coming up on March 1. By major shakeup, I’m not referring to the obvious need for Ben Carson and John Kasich to drop out. I mean that everyone other than Trump and Cruz need to drop out. Some are saying that it’s Rubio who should be going head-to-head, but even that doesn’t make any sense if you look at the facts logically:

    • If all but Cruz drop out, the majority of the orphan supporters will rally around Cruz, giving him the voter advantage over Trump.
    • If all but Rubio drop out, Kasich’s supporters would favor Rubio but Cruz’s and Carson’s supporters would be split with Trump, allowing him to maintain a voter advantage over Rubio.
    • In the states where Cruz is ahead of Rubio in the upcoming Super Tuesday, he is either beating Trump or within striking distance.
    • In the states where Rubio is ahead of Cruz in the upcoming Super Tuesday, Trump has a huge lead. Rubio doesn’t lead in a single state.
    • Cruz represents a start conservative contrast to Trump on most issues other than immigration. Rubio represents a similar ideology with Trump other than immigration.

    In other election years, it would be reversed. Texas is normally much later in the cycle and Florida is earlier. It’s reversed this year, giving Cruz the proper path to beating Trump. Even if everyone drops out and if Cruz were to join with Rubio as his running mate, it would be challenging for the Gang of Eight Senator to lead the ticket and pick up states. In fact, there’s a very good chance that he could emerge be competing on March 2nd having lost fifteen consecutive contests without a single win.

    If the anti-Trump vote coalesces around Cruz, he will win the nomination. If it attempts to coalesce around Rubio, the best they can hope for is a brokered convention which would splinter the party and guarantee a Democratic general election victory regardless of the nominee on either side.

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