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    The best way to cover the news: NOQ Report 

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    It’s no secret I’ve had many projects in the works lately. Between the Federalist Party, The New Americana, and expanding the family, my days have been loaded from the moment I wake up until the moment I pass out. Why start something else? It’s necessary.

    Two weeks ago, we did a soft launch on NOQ Report. This has been percolating for a while between me and Steve Berman, the managing editor for both TNA and NOQ. Conservative media has become a parody of itself in many ways. Most sites are very spammy. Some of them are so loaded with advertisements it’s hard to read the news without closing popups, popunders, popsideways, all the while ignoring semi-pornographc ads plastered everywhere.

    Then, there’s the identity crisis that’s been happening in conservative media. Some sites are very pro-Trump. Others are very pro-GOP. Most get confused between the two, not sure which direction to point since it seems like neither Trump nor the GOP itself are heading in a conservative direction on most issues. Throw in the rise of the alt-right and the confusing distinctions between nationalism and white nationalism and it’s easy to see the conservative media crisis that wasn’t prepared to do anything other than oppose Barack Obama. With the enemy out of the way, most conservative media sites are floundering.

    NOQ Report is designed to fix that, but it’s more than just making conservative media better. We wanted to try a modern way to present the news itself. NOQ stands for News, Opinions, and Quotes. Here’s what we came up with to improve conservative media through NOQ Report:

    • News: Standard operating procedure for most conservative media sites is to take news from mainstream media and regurgitate it with a conservative spin. There are very few conservative news originators; most sites pull reports and then retell the story. We aren’t in a position (yet) to have a robust origination department, though we do have some strong writers out there looking for fresh news. Instead, NOQ aims to tell the WHOLE story with four basic sections to our news stories. The first part is standard – tell the basic story. The next section, Perspectives, pulls from hundreds of various sources and curates them for our readers. Then, we get Reactions pulled from social media. Lastly, we have our Final Thoughts to wrap it all up.
    • Opinions: The key to having a great opinions-section is great writers. We’ve got them. We didn’t stop there, though. Our opinions section is going to avoid the editorial narrative that’s associated with the vast majority of publications. Our writers have free reins.
    • Quotes: There are plenty of sites that highlight quotes of historical figures. We’ll focus on quotes from today. What are the players saying? How does it affect everyone? This will be a very important section because it gives readers plenty to share on social media.

    Things don’t always go as planned. NOQ was supposed to get started next year, but a DDoS attack on The New Americana forced us to move things up. We needed money to get it going. We still need money to keep it rolling (hint, hint). So far, it’s working out nicely.

    Conservative media is in need of an upgrade. NOQ Report will deliver that. Check it out, subscribe, and spread the word. America needs it.

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    Trump, Breitbart, and others took down the GOP to build a media empire 

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    There’s a scene in Zero Dark Thirty when the main character, Maya, is asked what she believed the chances were that Osama bin Laden was hiding in the compound where he was later killed. She replied, “100% he’s there. OK, 95%, ’cause I know certainty freaks you guys out, but it’s 100.”

    Depending on whether or not your support Donald Trump, you’ll either consider the latest revelations of coordination between Breitbart reporters and Democratic operatives as nothing at all or further proof that Trump has had as his primary goal the formation of his media empire after the election. As someone who views Trump as only slightly less liberal and damaging than Hillary Clinton, it’s clear to me that Breitbart, Drudge Report, Infowars, Gateway Pundit, and other ultra-pro-Trump sites were banking on getting him nominated and then subsequently rising into his empire when he loses.

    To one degree or another, they took advantage of their power as “conservative” media to denigrate actual Republicans who had much better chances of beating Clinton like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. My initial assessment back in January was that their motivation was viewership and money; a Trump nomination and subsequent loss would be an ideal atmosphere for these sites to operate and profit. Dissent drives visitors. Opposition gets page views. At the time, I couldn’t conceive of them selling out completely. Now, I will avoid full-blown accusations (Trump and co. are lawsuit-happy, after all), but it’s fair to say that they all benefit more from a Trump nomination than from any other candidate.

    According to Politico’s source:

    “He worked directly with Breitbart’s political team on the ground in the primary states to sabotage Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz, and elect Trump as nominee of [the Republican] party,” the source told POLITICO. “[Black] was coordinating with [Breitbart’s] top staff to rabble rouse against Rubio at rallies.”

    Working with the Democrats to deliver to them the candidate they wanted to face from the start is despicable. Taking down the Republican Party along the way is even worse, but there’s a silver lining. We get to see who’s on their own side and who’s on America’s side as we build our conservative party. Still, it’s disheartening to those of us who have trusted these sites over the years. It’s a betrayal that goes beyond greed or corruption. This was a truly damaging situation that they’ve created… at least for the rest of us.

    It’s a win-win for them. If he is able to win the election, they will be rewarded as the stalwart group who fought the Establishment and accomplished what was once thought to be impossible. If they lose, their places in Trump’s media empire are secured. Either way, they were able to sell out America for the sake of personal gain. It disgusts me, not because they are corrupt (most media is corrupt to some extent) but because they’re going to get away with it.

    Now, we can look forward to even more exposure for headlines like this…

    Breitbart Headlines

    We can expect to see family entertainment looking more like this…

    Trump TV

    All of this could have been avoided. I don’t completely blame the publications and news outlets that are allegedly involved. It’s our fault as well. We either didn’t see it coming or we didn’t blow the horns loudly enough. Then, there are those who don’t seem to be directly involved but who did nothing to stop it such as Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, and a ton of conservative websites who hopped on the Trump Train early but who are likely not part of Trump’s plan. These websites are run by true believers in Trump. That means their not complicit in the conspiracy, but their complicit from lack of discernment.

    Can any of this be proven? Nope. It’s all speculation based upon evidence and circumstances that all seem to point in the same direction. Since certainty seems to freak everybody out, I’ll put the chances at 95%. But it’s 100.

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    Dear “Conservative” Media: You Should Be Better Than This 

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    It wasn’t too long ago when I was proud to declare that I operated a handful of conservative news sites. It was a badge of honor to wear the stripes of opposition against both the liberal mainstream media as well as the progressive slant of the vast majority of social media sites and blogs on the internet. They had the numbers but we had the high ground. Now, I have to distinguish that I’m part of the “other side” of conservative media that hasn’t devolved to the point of utilizing leftist Alinskyite tactics to try to sway readers.

    Today hit home with a slew of manipulated, spun, or outright false stories hitting conservative media on what is apparently a slow news day. I’m looking at the usual suspects like Drudge, Breitbart, and Gateway Pundit, but I’m also looking at some other sites that should know better.

    Let’s start with Drudge. Their current front page features an image leading to a story that rips on Hillary Clinton’s inability to climb stairs without assistance. While Hillary’s health is clearly a real concern and there are indications that she may not be physically fit for the office of President, this is not an example of it.

    Drudge Report Failure

    This problem with this report, as pointed out by Twitchy and CNN, is that the image was taken in February when Clinton apparently slipped on ice and was helped up slippery stairs. To all of the Hillary haters (of which I’m one), there are plenty of substantive problems to focus on when attacking her. This is not one of them and it makes conservative media look terrible.

    What makes it worse is that The American Mirror, a site that is normally more accurate and respected than Drudge, was the one that tried to make this into a real problem when it wasn’t. They’re perpetuating the lie and promoting the wrong agenda.

    Now, let’s turn to the realm of denial and political stretching. In this case, it’s Breitbart and Gateway Pundit, two conservative websites that have been on board the Trump Train since well before the primaries, attempting to find something, anything that will paint their liberal messiah as a winner.

    Breitbart Gateway Pundit Failure

    Seriously, I know you guys have some sort of interest in making sure that Trump wins the election, but you’re grasping at straws if you believe that there’s any real correlation between social media fans and votes. The election process is much more complicated than amassing likes. The act of clicking a button on Facebook is not the same as getting out and voting. Moreover, we have no view of the demographics or locations of the candidates’ social media influence. Who’s leading in swing states? If Trump owns social media in Texas, that’s not going to help him much on election day. In fact, it will have zero influence on the final result.

    I’m not suggesting that social media isn’t a factor or that polls are to be trusted, but between the two, I’ll believe the state-level polls before I believe the number of retweets or a candidate’s popularity on Reddit.

    The saddest part for me is that I have to sift through this junk. In an effort to do my part in bringing conservative media back up to the high ground and promoting a message of Christian Constitutional Conservatism, I tie into just about every conservative news source on the internet. Yes, there are hundreds and yes, it takes a long time every day, but it’s worth it as we build a truly conservative Drudge alternative. As a result, I have to see things like this pop up in feeds even though the sources have already been debunked.

    Conservative News Feed

    There are other examples that really chapped my khakis this weekend, but you get the point. There are those in conservative media who have gone down the road of manipulative journalism are not helping. You’re latching onto tactics that your liberal messiah would use. Alinksyism and Trumpism are close cousins when political tactics are in focus.

    We need more. We deserve better. The origins of conservative media that drove many of us to participate are being lost in an effort to bump up page views and promote Donald Trump. I get it. This is business. At some point, America and the conservative movement have to come in somewhere on their list of priorities. It’s a shame that neither is close to the top of the list for many of these publications.

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    Why Katie Couric’s Lies Were Much Worse than Brian Williams’ 

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    Yahoo’s Katie Couric and NBC’s Brian Williams have a few things in common. They were both considered to be respectable journalists at one point. They used to be trusted to deliver the news appropriately. They both lie.

    Williams was suspended and demoted before getting a glimpse of renewed fame due to America’s short-term memory problem. More importantly, his lies were the type that didn’t necessarily distort the news. He’s egotistical and wants the world to think more highly of him than he deserves, but as far as we know he didn’t utilize his deceptions to manipulate the way people felt about anything other than himself.

    What Couric did with her recent gun documentary debacle is in a completely different league than Williams’ transgression. To understand why, we have to understand the two different types of journalists on television, radio, print, and the internet. There are more than two types, but the majority of journalists who are active participants in mass media reporting fall into one of two categories:

    1. Reporters: At different levels they have different titles, but generally these are the journalists who simply report the news in as unbiased a way as possible. Despite the fairy tale of a perfect media world, there’s no way to completely eliminate bias when humans are in the mix, but there are plenty of good reporters out there who will state the facts and position the stories in a way that allows the audience to draw their own conclusions. Both Williams and Couric usually fall into this category.
    2. Commentators: These are the pundits. They’re the talking heads common on “the shows” from cable news, talk radio, and on blogs across the internet. They’re supposed to be clearly delineated; nobody turns on Mark Levin or The Morning Joe with expectations that they’re going to get an unbiased perspective on any piece of news.

    When a journalist crosses over by claiming to be delivering the first category while secretly inserting the second category, they’ve wiped away the lines.  They’ve become activists. Williams didn’t, as far as we know, ever really do that in a deceptive way. While there were times when he might have inserted some editorial perspective in his reports, he did so in a way that was transparent. His lies were designed to fuel his own ego, not to use propaganda to change hearts and minds.

    Couric deceived. She intentionally manipulated the footage in order to present a report that was actually a commentary. The two most common evils in journalism are false sources at the top of the scale and premature reporting at the middle of the scale. Intentionally editorializing a report falls somewhere between those two.

    What Williams did was foolish but relatively harmless. What Couric did was blatantly corrupt as an abuse of the power that she’s been given as well as the trust that she’s earned over the years. She had one goal: to make people less sympathetic about gun rights by manipulating them through lies. This is an unforgivable offense for a journalist. If Yahoo has any integrity, she will be fired.

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    Salon Writer Who Posted False Mosque Fire Story Previously Attacked Media for Jumping to Conclusions 

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    The biggest problem with biased journalists on unabashedly liberal websites is that their rhetoric rings hollow when the tables are turned on them. Such is the case for Salon political staff writer Benjamin Norton in his coverage of the arrest of the alleged Houston mosque arsonist. Before posting (and deleting) a story that turned out to be completely false, Norton had chastised the media for jumping to conclusions a little over two weeks ago.

    The circumstances that surrounded his story were pretty compelling. It all started Christmas Day when a mosque in Houston had a suspicious fire. CAIR was calling for law enforcement to treat the incident with a possible “bias motive” as they investigate. In other words, they wanted the police to determine that it was a hate crime. Then, news broke this morning that an arrest was made. The man’s name was Gary Moore, 37, of Houston. Norton proceeded to post an article to Salon that was so biased against the alleged arsonist and anyone who espouses what the left deems to be Islamophobia that most readers would assume that Gary Moore committed a hate crime against Muslims. With no image available, they probably pictured a middle-aged white Texan with tobacco tucked under his lip carrying a Bible in one hand and an AR-15 in the other hand.

    It was a perfect story for Salon. The only problem is that Gary Moore is a black man, a devout Muslim, and a regular patron of the mosque that was set ablaze.

    The article was taken down once the narrative no longer matched the facts. Thankfully, we have a screenshot of the story for you to read. Before you do, take note that the same author posted on his site an article that attacks the media for jumping to conclusions about anything that relates to Muslims. The golden nugget is in the first sentence when he writes, “You can basically make up anything about ISIS, and the Western media will uncritically repeat it.”

    To restate the rhetoric in a different light, you can basically make up anything about Islamophobes, and the liberal media will uncritically repeat it.

    Here’s the original story:

    Salon Houston Mosque Story

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    Headlines are More Powerful than the News Itself for Spreading Disinformation 

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    When I was a child, my father warned me to never repeat what I read as a headline in the grocery store checkout line. He told me about tabloids, how they took a smidgen of truth and manipulated it to form a shocking headline attached to a misleading story in order to sell more magazines. The same thing is happening today but for much more nefarious reasons.

    In the smartphone-driven, social media enhanced world of modern digital propaganda, the tabloids are alive and well. The problem is that the vast majority of online publications, including journalistic stalwarts like the New York Times and the Washington Post, have invoked tabloid principles in order to sell something. The difference is that they’re not selling magazines. They’re selling ideas. Unfortunately, the ideas are driven by agendas that can do much more harm than grocery store checkout headlines about aliens replacing some celebrity’s brain.

    Headlines are extremely powerful. The attention span of western culture in general and Americans in particular has dropped when it comes to digesting the news. We see so much information and there’s so much more to get that we often relegate our fact-finding the a headline and a snippet. In general, people are “reading” more articles but spending much less time doing it. This means that they’re not really reading the articles. They’re just getting a taste of it and forming their opinions accordingly.

    A recent example of this comes from Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post. Here’s the headline.

    I can already hear it. There are people across the country and around the world who are talking to a relative, friend, or coworker sharing this fact. Some of them are noting that it came from a reliable source. After all, the Washington Post or other old school liberal rags would never mislead, let alone lie. right?

    Welcome to tabloid journalism 2016. You may not have bought a magazine. You probably didn’t even click to the story to give them a penny of ad revenue. You did, however, see the Tweet, Facebook post, or the headline itself on the website and added it to your list of facts that support your position on gun control. You were sold.

    Here’s the reality of the story. Since 1994, gun homicides have dropped 49% in the United States. Motor vehicle deaths have dropped faster which is why the number of deaths from motor vehicles is now about equal to the number of deaths from guns. Unfortunately, that’s not how the headline reads. That’s not what people will think. They will read the headline and assume that gun deaths have increased to the level of motor vehicle deaths.

    That’s exactly what they want you to think.

    Forget about safety improvements in vehicles being the reason for the statistical tie. That doesn’t make for a juicy headline. More importantly, it doesn’t achieve the goals of their agenda.

    This isn’t just a liberal thing. Conservative publications do the same thing. Heck, we do the same thing here. Anyone who claims that their publication does not engage in this sort of activity is either unfortunately misinformed or willfully glib. One scan through the Drudge Report will show you that agendas are at work even in the news aggregation systems.

    That’s the power of the digital age. Agendas aren’t pushed by stories. They’re pushed by headlines. As the election approaches, don’t sacrifice the truth for the sake of someone’s agenda.

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    Gawker Follows Our Lead, Switches to Political Focus 

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    Back in August of this year, I decided to switch gears with this site and make it focused on two things that represent my passions: Christianity and politics. With the slant being very much to the right, I knew that there would have to be a left-leaning site that followed in order to keep the balance. That site turned out to be Gawker, a site that has been doing left-wing politics as a hobby for a while but that is now devoting all of their resources towards spreading a progressive agenda.

    I’m being facetious, of course. We get tens of thousands of visitors per month while they get millions. No, they’re not countering my move or following our lead. In fact, they have no idea who we are. That’s okay. It makes for a self-satisfying headline.

    Nevertheless, Gawker has decided to skip out on their original calling and shift to politics in an attempt to save a sinking ship. Their style of quick-post link-jacking “journalism” was doomed ever since Google rolled out their Panda algorithm which hurts sites that offer low-quality content. As page views went down, so did influence. As influence went down, so did much of their scooping ability. They made enemies and fresh stories were getting harder to come by as a result. This made for a reduction in advertising dollars which has precipitated this move.

    Despite my annoyance about their origins and techniques, the shift itself is righteous. This is, after all, Presidential campaign season and if you’re going to latch your wagon onto something in order to save a high-cost online publication, it might as well be on the topic that has the best chance to keep on giving. Gawker will, of course, make their living off of low-quality link-jacking just as they always have. The only difference is that now they have a wider range of sources.

    They no longer have to rely on relationships to get the scoop. They don’t need the scoop. As sites like WND on the right and Salon on the left have learned, you don’t have to put out the best investigative journalism to get page views in politics. You just have to put out crazy headlines with outrageously polarizing content.

    Is it too little, too late? It certainly would have been nice if they’d made the move a few months earlier. We thought we were a little late by making the move in August instead of our original plan of May, but then again we don’t rely on page views. We don’t have a ton of money invested into the site which means we don’t have to generate a bunch of revenue.

    We wish them luck despite the opposing political views. That’s the beauty of running a conservative site. You don’t necessarily need luck. Good content will suffice. Still, we’re hedging our bets by putting a conservative “watchdog” publication on their Kinja property to be able to keep tabs on them just in case they get too far out of line.

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    One Syrian Refugee Picture Shows How the Liberal Media’s Spin Machine Operates 

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    For the last four decades, mainstream media has shifted to become the tip of the spear for the liberal mindset, often called the progressive movement. With few exceptions, there is a preponderance of left-leaning and even far-left ideologies at work in the major news publications that shift thoughts in the United States. We no longer live in a land of free journalism. We live in a land of spin doctoring.

    It’s not the clear examples of bias that should concern conservatives. Sites like Slate and Salon are so slanted that they don’t try to hide it anymore. It’s the allegedly unbiased mainstream media that does the real heavy lifting to shift the hearts and minds of the American people towards a leftist agenda. Let’s take a look at this story:

    It should have been clear by the fact that this story was propped up ahead of all other perspectives on Google News for an extended period of time that the agenda machine was in full operation. In most cases, a story remains at the top for an hour, two at the most. This story has remained at the top since midday yesterday.

    The image they carefully selected to point out the evil Republican governors and their heinous reaction to the Paris terrorist attacks is a ringer. Look at those women. Look at those children! How can anyone believe that terrorists could ever possibly be in this group of refugees?

    Syrian Refugee Propaganda

    Of course, you have to read the fine print to see that these aren’t refugees in the United States. They’re in Greece. They also don’t mention that they’re not in line to come to America. This is a food line at the reception center where women and children are sent to collect food for the men waiting back at camp. The truth will never be allowed to get in the way of the agenda and NBC wants everyone to believe that these are the poor souls that are being turned away by heartless Republicans.

    They could have used one of these images of actual Syrian refugees if they wanted to, but that wouldn’t fit their agenda.

    Syrian Refugee Politics

    Syrian Refugee Men

    Male Syrian Refugees

    Syrian Refugee Males

    I’ve given up on the concept that Americans will someday wake up to the insane slant that’s put on mainstream media. Instead, my only realistic hope is that enough Americans will see the truth in order to keep a balanced perspective. If that means I have to push hard to the right, so be it.

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    Understanding the Media’s Agendas During Presidential Election Cycles 

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    There’s a naive notion that has been fading over recent years that the news media is designed to report the news. Most are waking up to the fact that there’s no such thing as “fair and balanced” in American media whether mainstream or alternative. All of it is biased. All of it is driven by agendas.

    With that acknowledged, the agendas that drive a Presidential election season are very different from most others. Even in off-cycle election years, the national media is less interested because they have limited control. The local media still has the primary influence over congressional, senatorial, and gubernatorial elections because only so much airtime can be given to them nationally. With Presidential elections, the power shifts.

    Before we get into the discussion, it’s important to debunk a common myth. Many, perhaps most believe that the driving force for the agendas is money. More page views online, more viewers on television – the standard profit-generating components of the news are not part of the agenda despite what some will tell you. It’s the other way around. The agenda is the driving force while the revenue generated from it all is a bonus. For example, when GQ posted a racy and insulting headline about Ben Carson, they knew they were going to get a ton of hits. However, the additional dollars they made as a result were not the reason for the article. They truly wanted to hurt the candidacy of someone on the rise.

    Donald Trump discussed how he drove ratings through the roof and he was correct. He then said he made CNN and Fox a ton of money, which in the whole scheme of things he did not. Ad time is sold in advance and while CNN did make extra money by running the debate longer and getting more ads in while high levels of viewers were watching, the extra cash was microscopic as a blip on their balance sheet. They love the attention and the ability to shift the mindset of people towards their agenda.

    Before you dismiss this, read on.

    Estate Run Media

    Eric Schmidt

    Many countries suffer from the evils of state run media. They don’t get to see what’s really happening in their own country and they only get to see what their government wants them to see in the outside world. Iran, China, and North Korea are the well-known examples but there are dozens.

    In America, we don’t have state run media (well, there’s more to it than that, but we’ll discuss that later). We have estate run media. The various media barons control the vast majority of the media we take in on a regular basis. It’s not just Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner. Corporations such as General Electric, Verizon, and Time Warner are able to maneuver the news cycles and entertainment feeds that encompass our informational lives. Throw in the “minor” players like Yahoo and CBS and you can see how easy it is to manipulate the news.

    Then, there’s Google. Too much could be written about them, but it would be easier to follow everything the NSA does than to try to decode Google’s massive network of influence.

    One tie-in with Google is Alphabet’s (Google’s new parent company) Chairman of the Board Eric Schmidt. One of his startups, The Groundwork, is a high-level technology gun for hire that would be well outside of the league for any political campaign to hire, but one did. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is the only political client for the company and they charged $177k so far. While it’s a lot in the world of political IT, it’s practically charitable work for a company of this pedigree, funding, and skills. Of course, with a backer that is worth $9 billion, there’s no need to make money on the endeavor. It’s all about the agenda.

    If you want to see what the symbol for the company is, just look at their website. Creepy.

    Legislating from the Computer

    Legislating from the Computer

    Some will rightfully point out that there’s no way for these various estates to be able to control every word that is spoken, printed, or posted by the individual journalists and they would be absolutely correct. Journalists are a very independent group (my first career was as an old newspaper guy) and they are in the business of swaying, not being swayed.

    The part that few realize is that from top to bottom, the political agendas are vetted through hiring, promoting, firing, and demoting. For a common view that most would understand, compare the hosts on Fox News versus MSNBC. I don’t think I need to point out the agendas at work. Rupert Murdoch isn’t feeding them talk tracks into their ear pieces directly, but the News Corp team selected the right people at every level of production. The same is true across the pond at MSNBC. The funny part is that television isn’t event he most stark example of editorial control for the sake of agendas.

    Other than legislating from the bench, the worst type of political agenda control is legislating from the computer. This is the practice of swaying the opinions of readers, watchers, and listeners by properly positioning the right stories with the right spin in the right direction at the right time. The Arab Spring was a beautiful example of this in action as the majority of American media portrayed the uprisings as good versus evil when in reality the evil was driving the revolts against oppressive but stable governments. If you were to poll Egyptians about whether or not they would rather have the current situation or the one they had six years ago, the results would be stunning.

    By empowering the right people and burying the wrong ones, the powers that be have given license to those tell the stories to do so with their particular spin. I’m not suggesting that the journalists are coerced. Instead, they’re trained. If the GQ editors were presented with a different story titled “F— Hillary Clinton” or “F— Bernie Sanders,” for example, would the story have run? No. The journalist didn’t need coaxing, though. He clearly doesn’t like Ben Carson and he knew that his editors would allow his vitriol on their pages.

    Policy might be signed by politicians, but much of it is crafted by journalists.

    Progressive versus Conservative Media

    Progressive versus Conservative Media

    Briefly, there’s a distinct difference between progressive media and conservative media. Progressives take what they’re given. They follow the winds of change very adeptly and can turn on a dime. This was clearly demonstrated in 2008 when their darling, Hillary Clinton, started showing signs of weakness while their new champion emerged. They turned on her so quickly it was blinding.

    Conservative media is different. Some would say it’s slower and more splintered. Others attribute this to being more principled. Regardless of the reasons why, the bitter battles last longer and the holdouts stay to the bitter end.

    This is an advantage for the Democrats because their media backers, which account for an incredibly higher percentage of mainstream media outlets, are fast to unify behind their winner regardless of who it is.

    There’s another big difference in they way they attack their opponents. The left is sneakier, perhaps even smarter in their attacks. They don’t go for the kill. Their goal is balance. Their goal is to prolong the primaries for as long as possible. They want the Republicans to fight each other, which means they will attack the most likely candidates to win with the most ferocity.

    Currently, those candidates are Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. Carly Fiorina is mostly off their radar as they don’t see her sticking around throughout. Jeb Bush is weakened, which means they’re backing off attacks on him until he’s able to mount a comeback. Then, there’s Donald Trump. He will only get token attacks. The big guns are being held until the impossible dream of the Democrats comes true. They don’t think he can win the nomination, but if he somehow can, they know they can destroy him. This is why they haven’t marched out dozens of women denouncing him as a misogynist. It’s why they haven’t brought up dozens of examples that would paint him as a racist. It’s why they’ve taken it easy on him, using only editorial rhetoric that can galvanize his base rather than full blown attacks to make his supporters doubt him.

    They have so much ammunition stored up to use against him if he gets the nomination that they’re actually hoping he’s the nominee. It will be a an ongoing media bloodbath for the months leading up to the election if he gets the nomination. That’s why they don’t take the types of shots at him that they take on Carson, Cruz, and Rubio. Of the four, Trump is by far the easiest for them to destroy regardless of who is nominated by the Democrats.

    Keep in mind that I like much of what Trump is saying. This isn’t an attack against him or his positions. It’s an understanding that no matter what 70% of the Republicans say about a willingness to back him if he’s nominated, the rest of the country will be pushed by mainstream media to completely despise him. I’m not against Trump. I simply realize that he would have less of a chance of winning the general election than any other GOP candidate other than maybe Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, and George Pataki. Yes, Bobby Jindal would even have a better chance of winning the general election than Trump.

    The Need to Fight

    Steve Deace Fight

    As conservatives, we have plenty of weapons in our arsenal to guide public opinion. The problem is that the progressives have quite a few more as well as better organization. If we are to win the White House in 2016, we have to consolidate our efforts. The sooner we can rally behind a single candidate, the better.

    The agendas are real and they’re powerful. The only chance Republicans and America have of protecting and advancing our future is to recognize what we’re up against and to act accordingly. This is a fight to the end.

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