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    Dear John Kasich: Sign the “Heartbeat Bill” 

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    How the fight against abortion will be fought for the next 2-4 years can be shaped by one man: Ohio Governor John Kasich. He has the opportunity to sign the “Heartbeat Bill” which would prohibit doctors from committing abortions once a heartbeat is detected. This happens as early as six weeks.

    The Governor has expressed some concerns. While he’s pro-life, his views lean towards the moderate end of the spectrum. There are controversial pieces to the bill, most notably the prohibition on abortions even in cases of rape or incest. Kasich has stated that he believes in exceptions for abortions.

    There’s another factor that’s being considered: court challenges. If he signs the bill, it will turn Ohio into ground zero for abortion activists. There will be more protests and legal challenges filed in the state than it’s ever seen before. Kasich, considered a pragmatic leader, will use this as the reason to veto the bill if he does. This would be a mistake. It’s time for challenges. It’s time to test the court system to see what it will take to fight this battle in other states. Pragmatic conservatives will say that we need to stack the courts first, but this would be a mistake. Because legal challenges take so long to prepare and moving up the court system is a tedious process, we must start now. If we wait, it’s possible for the courts to already be reversed if Donald Trump loses in 2020.

    Assuming that Trump keeps to his promise of nominating a staunchly pro-life Supreme Court justice, this may be the best time in modern history to make an impact in the war on abortion. By the time the Heartbeat Bill reaches the Supreme Court, Trump’s nominee should be confirmed.

    By signing the bill, Kasich will stretch the limits and encourage other states to prepare to head in the same direction. They will all be watching to see how it plays out in the courts, but being the “first on the dance floor” gives Ohio the opportunity to set the agenda. Currently, most states have various restrictions on abortion prohibition ranging from “viability” or the third trimester up to 24 weeks. By pushing the limit all the way up to heartbeat status, around 6 or 7 weeks from conception, other states will be able to get their own similar legislation ready.

    I’ve never been a big fan of John Kasich, but his stalwart opposition to Donald Trump demonstrated that he’s willing to stick to his guns. This is a time when he needs his guns pointed in the right direction. It will give him pause from a moral perspective to stretch the limits so far and to include rape or incest. It will seem like the impractical move for a practical politician to make. He must push all of those urges aside and act boldly now for the sake of the fight against abortion. Blinking now will allow the opportunity to pass. Millions of future Americans can be saved by a signature. Sign the bill, Governor.

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    Of Course John Kasich Dropped Out. Mission Accomplished. 

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    Call me a conspiracy theorist. Call me prescient. Call me bitter. When John Kasich stayed in the race beyond his big victory in his home state of Ohio, I wrote that I believed he had made a backroom deal with Donald Trump to help him secure the nomination.

    In retrospect, I’m not sure if the deal was made with Trump or someone in the Republican Establishment, but the evidence is very clear that his mission was to prevent Cruz from being the nominee. Some will say, “but he made a deal with Cruz over Indiana.” Right. A “deal.” It was arguably the biggest factor in Trump’s monumental victory. It was a boneheaded move by the Cruz campaign that completely backfired and I would suggest that the Kasich team knew it would. I’m not going to dwell on the mistakes the Cruz campaign made; in retrospect, their campaign was technically strong by failed to account for the emotional effect of proper political campaign politics.

    Kasich is complicit in this major blow to conservatism, the Republican party, and America. Whatever deal he made with Trump, the GOP elites, or whoever, his mission was accomplished. Do I blame Kasich for Cruz’s loss? No. I blame us, the grassroots. I blame the conservative pundits who either betrayed their own ideology or failed to spread it properly. I blame the Christian pandering to political correctness that has allowed Trump to be acceptable to many of us who believe the Bible. I blame the Cruz campaign for not seeing the landmines they were setting for themselves.

    I don’t blame Kasich. He should have been an easy foe to vanquish, but most underestimated his effect on the outcome.

    There’s no need to dwell on it. However, we must remember. Kasich is on the list of those who fought against America. Etch his name on tablets of history as an enemy of conservatism.

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    The Cruz-Kasich Ticket is Intriguing but Unlikely 

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    I don’t like John Kasich as a politician. I don’t know him personally, but as a conservative it’s hard for me to imagine ever voting for a ticket that included him. Then again, this is a strange election cycle so ruling out anything is naive.

    The announcement that Ted Cruz is going to suspend his campaign in New Mexico and Oregon while Kasich will suspend in Indiana has drawn the natural speculation of how deep the deal goes between the two non-Trumps left in the GOP race. Based upon what we know so far and in reading between the lines, it’s very likely that this can all be taken at face value. Kasich has no chance of getting a single delegate in winner-take-all Indiana and Cruz will get delegates in proportional Oregon and New Mexico whether he campaigns there or not.

    Then again, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    My initial response was that there was no chance at a ticket.

    I still think it’s almost certainly not going to happen, but then I remembered something. It’s 2016. If we’ve learned anything this election cycle, it’s that nothing is impossible. The more I considered it, the more I realized it went from impossible to nearly impossible to my final verdict of “highly unlikely.” With that said, I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened. Here’s why it would make sense:

    • Kasich can help tremendously in Ohio, the “must win” state for the Presidency.
    • Cruz could use balance on the ticket (not that I want balance, but for general election voters having two rock-ribbed conservatives could be spooky).
    • Combined delegates at the convention would make Trump’s defeat on the second ballot more palatable to his supporters. That’s not really how it works, of course, as Kasich throwing his weight behind Cruz does not bind delegates to vote for him, but the perception is important.
    • It could prevent a Trump-Kasich ticket which may be the only way that Trump would have a chance on a second ballot.

    We won’t bring up the Marco Rubio factor. If he were to become Trump’s VP, it would complicate things. Personally, I’d rather see him over Kasich on a Cruz ticket, but I don’t have a say in the matter.

    One might wonder how those of us who really don’t like left-leaning Kasich could possibly accept him as VP. Here’s the thing, and this is important to understand: a Vice President is like a backup quarterback. They don’t see much action unless the big guy goes down. The actual duties of the Vice President are minimal. They wield less power than most cabinet positions. I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable if, God forbid, Cruz won the election and then something happened to him that put Kasich in the big chair, but if it’s what it takes to win the nomination and election, it’s a chance worth taking.

    The speculation will be broad going forward. Trump and his surrogates will whine about it all being unfair and desperate; no big surprise there. At the end of the day, this is likely just a pair of candidates doing what they think is best to help them win the nomination.

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    John Kasich is Helping Trump and Hurting Ohio (and no, he’s not delusional) 

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    There’s a narrative out there that John Kasich has one or more of a few possible ailments or character flaws. Is he too egotistical? Is he delusional? Is he political schizophrenic? Does he simply like running for President? Is he using Common Core math?

    No, I’m afraid to say that John Kasich may be crazy… like a fox. What he’s doing is nothing short of brilliant on a political level. He’s positioning himself to be the most likely pick as Donald Trump’s Vice President. The only problem is that his quest for personal glory is hurting the people that elected him to govern the state of Ohio and could end up destroying the proud Republic known as the United States of America.

    In Michigan, the Cruz camp reports that they were “double-crossed” by the Kasich team that had promised to vote with the Cruz delegation to place people in positions of power for the rules committee. This stinks. No, it doesn’t stink like losing. It wreaks of the desperation that John Kasich is feeling about his chances to be President. As I wrote last month, all of his talk about pushing for a brokered convention is a lie. He’s pushing for the VP spot. If there was any doubt a month ago, all of it has been erased.

    Kasich is trying to be the ultimate firewall for Trump. He has one credential – winning Ohio – and he hopes that it’s enough to prove his value as a Trump VP. In the meantime, he’s playing softball with Trump as he campaigns and turns his attacks vehemently towards Cruz.

    There’s no point in trying to convince Kasich that he has no chance of winning the nomination in an open convention. Zero. He knows it. Now, the only question that remains is whether he’s simply being clever or if he worked a deal as I speculated last month as early as January. Either way, he’s dealing and Trump is eating it up. At this point, with Trump as enemy #1, Cruz supporters should view him as enemy #1A.

    Then, there’s Ohio.

    It’s one thing to run for President as a sitting Governor when you have a chance of winning. Since Kasich has no chance of winning, he’s doing a great disservice to his home state by leaving them hanging in their precarious condition. The fact that he’s doing it all for Trump means that he could be doubling up on Ohio’s woes.

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    If His Campaign is Any Indicator (which it is), John Kasich Would Be the Worst President 

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    It’s easy to like John Kasich. He seems like a sincere guy and he’s passionate about winning the GOP nomination no matter what he has to do to win it. Unfortunately, he’s also a beneficiary of the very thing he claims is working against him: lack of publicity. If he were ever to have the spotlight shining on him, voters on both sides of the aisle would realize that he doesn’t belong in the top 10 list of GOP candidates, let alone the final three.

    Before anyone jumps in to point out the massive amount of free publicity that Donald Trump has received when compared to Kasich, it’s important to keep in mind that Ted Cruz has suffered the same handicap and flourished as a result. Part of running a Presidential campaign is inspiring people regardless of who in the press is against you. Cruz has many more enemies that Kasich, yet he’s been able to stay relevant and win states. Kasich won his home state and may head into the convention with over 50 primaries and caucuses lost. That’s well known and arguably the biggest reason that he should drop out, but that doesn’t seem to be working so we’ll point out more reasons.

    His campaign is a joke. He’s unable to raise enough money to fight this battle. He’s unable to get his message out to voters and when he does, he’s unable to win. That says something about the candidate when he still hasn’t eclipsed Marco Rubio in victories despite being on several more ballots.

    He ran through New Hampshire like there was no tomorrow and still lost. Then, he put all of his eggs in the Michigan and Ohio baskets, winning one. Now, mathematically eliminated from being able to win the nomination outright, he’s pushing for a contested convention that will magically go his way despite every indication that it absolutely won’t. He’s running a campaign based upon delusions. Campaigns are the precursor, the tryout for the position of President of the United States. If his campaign is delusional, what could possibly make us believe that his Presidency wouldn’t be equally delusional?

    Here’s the ad that, as Politistick stated, would end his political career if this were a sane world:

    In Trumpspeak, John Kasich is a loser who choked in every contest other than his home state. In regular English, John Kasich has done nothing with his campaign other than demonstrate that he’s the least qualified of all the candidates (including Democrats) to lead this country.

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    Never Eat Pizza with a Fork. It’s Embarrassing. 

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    Recent revelations that John Kasich eats his pizza with a fork align him ideologically (from a culinary perspective) with Donald Trump. This cannot be allowed to stand. We’re talking about pizza. We’re talking about tradition. We’re talking about decorum.

    We’re talking about America.

    Is this a petty and frivolous post? Absolutely. Still, I stand by my assertion. You cannot be the President of the United States if you eat pizza in this obtuse manner.

    The visual nature of social media means that from time to time we will be sharing messages that should resonate for our audience. To see more of them, which are great for sharing on social media, simply click on the Messages category.

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    Here’s the 1999 Headline We Want to See Again Very Soon 

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    Most people following politics know John Kasich as the guy who still thinks he can somehow defy the laws of mathematics and earn the Republican nomination for President. What some don’t remember is that it’s not his first rodeo. Governor Kasich has been down this road before, only the last time he did it he was much quicker in his realization of the truth.

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that this isn’t about winning the nomination or preventing Donald Trump from getting it. John Kasich is in this race for John Kasich at the detriment of America, Ohio, and the Republican Party. He simply wants to make John Kasich great again.

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    After Romney Backed Cruz, Kasich Attempted Damage Control By Releasing Romney ‘Endorsement’ 

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    In the world of political spin, we’ve seen some of the masters at work this election season. From Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, we’re seeing masterful uses of media to get the message out regardless of how false they might be. Two days ago, we saw an amateur make an attempt at the same and the results are humorous.

    Just as the demonstrable liar Trump has painted Ted Cruz as a liar and the racially illiterate Clinton has painted Bernie Sanders as a racist, now Kasich is trying to paint Mitt Romney as having endorsed the Ohio Governor. This is strange, of course, since earlier in the day that the Kasich campaign released the video, Romney asked Utah voters to support Cruz and specifically told them NOT to waste their vote on Kasich.

    Some might say that the timing was simply off, but this is a YouTube video. It’s a 15-second spot. In today’s digital world, a quick ad could have been put up to replace it if indeed there was simply inconvenient timing and a pre-existing ad buy in play, but that’s not what they’re trying to do. They’re literally lying, trying to steal Cruz’s thunder by pretending like Romney never declared that he was voting for Cruz.

    It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders, but it may be possible that John Kasich is either dirtier or stupider (or both) than any of the three liberals running for the Presidency.

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    Brokered Convention Lie: John Kasich is Helping Donald Trump and Must Be Stopped 

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    There was a time when I thought that John Kasich must be an idiot. As it turned out, he’s probably the third smartest of the 16 original major GOP candidates and is working towards solidifying his political future.

    I thought he was a campaigning idiot for putting all of his eggs in the New Hampshire basket. Then, I thought he was an egotistical idiot for staying in to win his home state when he knew he had no path to the White House. Recently, I realized that he had made the right moves if his intention was to get the VP tap from whoever the nominee ended up being. With everything finally in focus, it’s clear that he has had one intention all along: being Donald Trump’s VP pick. All of the talk that’s buzzing, including from Kasich himself, about the plan for a brokered convention is a lie. Based upon the math and the path to the convention, Kasich’s best bet for a brokered convention was to be the last “sane” candidate standing before dropping out and allowing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to split the remaining delegates. By staying in, Kasich is attempting to ensure that Trump gets enough delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot.

    It wasn’t the type of conspiracy theory that I wanted to point out alone, but surprisingly there were very few mentions. One mention did stick out from a strange source: former Clinton adviser Dick Morris.

    “I suspect there may be a quiet, secret, behind-the-scenes understanding reached between Trump and Kasich, where Kasich stays in the race, siphons off enough votes, and Trump is the nominee. People were talking about Kasich being in the race to cause a brokered convention. That’s the exact opposite of the truth. If he stays in the race, he will make a brokered convention very unlikely because Trump will win those delegates.

    “Where everybody gets it wrong is they don’t understand that in the Republican primaries, you have a few states that are winner-take-all, but most of the states that remain are winner-take-most, which means Trump would walk away with the vast bulk of the delegates were it a three-way race.”

    It’s a very astute, albeit brief analysis of the situation. Kasich’s supporters lean approximately 60/40 in favor of Cruz if Kasich drops out. In most of the winner-takes-all states left on the schedule, that would be enough to tip the scale in favor of Cruz. New Jersey and Maryland are probably out of reach, but the remainder of the winner-takes-all states leading up to the June 7 finale would go to Cruz, setting up what could be the most epic battle in recent primary history: California. If Kasich were to drop out soon, it’s very likely that whoever wins California will have the 1,237 delegates necessary for the nomination.

    On the other hand, Kasich’s lingering presence may be enough to prevent Cruz from even being viable by the time California rolls around.

    Despite his massive failures with education in Ohio, John Kasich can do math. There is no brokered convention that yields his nomination. The only brokering being done is between Kasich and Donald Trump to ensure the worst ticket in the modern era: Trump/Kasich.

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    The Fight for the Survival of the Country Comes Down to John Kasich’s Ego 

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    Despite every effort to do otherwise, I’ve grown to like John Kasich. I really do. He’s proven that he truly cares for America and has some good ideas about how to make it better. Unfortunately, now he’s also proving that his love for America falls just shy of his love for his own political career. At this point, John Kasich is enemy #1 in my book.

    If Kasich has his way, the country will fall. That’s only an outrageous statement if you don’t assume three things:

    • A Hillary Clinton Presidency would be worse than the last eight years we’ve suffered under Barack Obama
    • A Donald Trump nomination will harm the Republican party and will ensure a Hillary Clinton Presidency (and if it doesn’t, a Trump Presidency could be even worse)
    • A brokered convention that does not yield the frontrunner as the nominee will destroy the Republican party and ensure a Hillary Clinton Presidency

    Those are the options. They’re assumptions that should be very clearly understood by all but the most loyal Trump supporters or Democrats. If you’re a conservative or moderate Republican, the writing is on the wall. We are being weighed in the balance and at this point we’re being found wanting. This is bad. John Kasich can fix it.

    It comes down to ego. If Kasich wants to help the country, the best way he can do that is to join Ted Cruz’s campaign and earn a spot in the administration. Personally, I’d like to see him as the VP choice (yes, even over Carly Fiorina or Marco Rubio, both of whom I like). He would make a great VP, a very good Secretary of State, and is uniquely qualified to fill just about any major cabinet position based upon an exceptional level of knowledge across the board.

    The problem is his ego. That’s the only possible reason that a man of his intelligence can come to the conclusion that a nomination through a brokered convention could somehow yield a positive result. There’s the conspiracy theory that he’s the pawn of a nebulous Republican Establishment, but I’m not buying into that yet. We’ll see, but I believe it’s more likely he’s being manipulated into bringing about a Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan nomination through convention, but I don’t believe he’s doing it willfully. I could be wrong, but I’m hopeful that it really is just ego. At least with ego there’s a chance he’ll come to his senses before it’s too late.

    John Kasich has no mathematical path to the nomination and a brokered convention will destroy the party and sink the country into Clinton hell. If he can be made to get over himself and think with the country’s best interests in mind, there’ still hope.

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