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    If rescinding DACA is leverage for securing the border, I’m okay with that 

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    Anyone who follows me knows I’ve been unapologetic about my stance that DACA should be rescinded and not replaced. It’s cruel that DREAMers will have their lives turned upside down which is why I was opposed to the notion from the moment President Obama signed it. Why give them false hope knowing it would be taken away by the next President or the Supreme Court, whoever got to it first?

    I’m disappointed in myself for not seeing the play here with DACA. If what seems to be happening is allowed to move forward to its proper conclusion, then all of this was worth it. The play that’s materializing is a legislative replacement for DACA that allows DREAMers to stay in exchange for moves to secure the border. If that’s the play the GOP is calling, I can support it for now. There’s no way to know if its worthy or not until we see the end result, but I like the direction this is heading.

    All things being equal, I’d love to see the GOP negotiate a deal that legalizes DACA in exchange for several border-securing initiatives. I’m probably asking for too much, but one can dream, right?

    The reality of the situation is that DACA encourages illegal immigration. Therefore, if we’re to keep it in a legal manner, we must do so with the border properly secured. Democrats love to say getting rid of DACA will hurt 800,000 innocent people. They seem to gloss over the fact that our porous borders allowed 800,000 DACA-eligible children and their families to enter the United States illegally. That’s more than the entire population of 5 U.S. states.

    We are a sovereign nation. That status can change faster than most realize if we don’t take the steps to secure our borders, fix legal immigration, and protect the freedoms that all Americans have. I’ll probably be called a white nationalist for thinking these things, which is funny because I’m actually an immigrant brought here as a child through proper legal means. The system can work if people would stop breaking it.

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    Rhetoric vs. Reality: No, Trump is Not the Strongest Against Immigration 

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    Republican voters who feel that stopping illegal immigration is important tend to believe Donald Trump’s rhetoric instead of looking at the actual plans. It’s not even close. Trump is strong against immigration, but he’s not even close to being the strongest.

    We’re not talking about his moderate past. We’re talking about now. We’re looking at his current plan (which, apparently, his supporters have failed to do). His current plan, which has become much more mild than the rhetoric he spewed when announcing his candidacy, is still good, but it’s a far cry from being anywhere near the toughest on illegal immigration.

    First, Trump’s plan promotes “touchback amnesty.” How anyone claiming to be against illegal immigration can support the moderate notion of touchback immigration is insane. He wants to take illegal immigrants, reward them with a quick trip to their homeland, then reward them even further by giving them VIP preferential treatment to reenter the country with legal status.

    This is amnesty. In fact, it’s worse than amnesty because it’s much more expensive. It requires rounding up the illegal immigrants, then putting them on the fast track back to the country legally. In other words, those who have not broken the law and who have been going through the process of entering the country legally will be given the Trump shaft. They’ll be pushed to the back of the line so Trump can reward those who have come into the country illegally.

    This isn’t a big secret. He’s laid his plan out. His campaign has laid his plan out. His son has gone on television to declare his plan as a form of amnesty. However, those sound bites get drowned out by his more controversial diatribes.

    Trump’s supporters will say that Trump will build the wall. Even Trump has lied and said that Cruz copied his wall idea that he’s been promoting for seven months. Either he can’t do math or he’s flat out lying since he’s well aware that Cruz has been promoting the same wall since 2012. Without a President willing to sign for the building of a wall, it cannot happen. With a Cruz or Trump Presidency, we can have the wall. The difference between the two is that Cruz is realistic about his wall. Trump lies about being the first to promote it and he lies when he says he truly believes Mexico will pay for it. This is pure salesmanship. He knows it. Mexico knows it. Smart conservatives know it. Trump’s supporters listen to his rhetoric and fall for the pitch like rats fawning over their Pied Piper.

    Immigration issues don’t stop with the southern border. Legal immigration is a hot topic as well. Trump has latched onto a nationalist notion that he will put a temporary hold on all Muslims entering the country. Once again, it sounds good in speeches but it crumbles under scrutiny. Using a religious test is very easy to evade. All one has to do is to claim that they’re not Muslim and they will enter the country under Trump’s plan. If anyone is naive enough to believe that Jihadists will not lie to get into the country, Trump probably has swampland in Florida to sell you.

    Cruz’s plan is to use passport measures, biometrics, and controlled immigration factors to prevent radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country is the ONLY way to truly keep the next terrorists from gaining entry. His plan focuses on the countries where Islamists operate. This means there’s no way for them to lie their way into the country the way they can with the Trump proposal.

    If there’s anything that chaps the khakis of true conservatives, it’s the notion that Donald Trump is the toughest on immigration. He’s a tough talker and an incredible salesman, but if you compare the plans, his immigration plan is a distant third.

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    Cruz Wanted a Border Wall in 2012 While Trump Was Still Lobbying for Amnesty [VIDEOS] 

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    A common claim by Donald Trump and his supporters is that he was talking about building a wall before the other GOP candidates, Ted Cruz in particular. This is 100% false. Ted Cruz was defending the building of the border wall to a series of moderators in July, 2012. At that point, Trump was on record as still supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    The only defense that he and his supporters can muster is that he has “evolved” on his beliefs of nearly seven decades. This is awfully convenient, of course, considering that his new talking points match the narrative that is required to stir up what psychologists are calling the “authoritarian wing” of the Republican party. These are the Republicans who are angry about what the government is doing and who want someone strong to tell them what to think and how to act. It’s the daddy-issues wing of the party – those who know enough to want change but who don’t take the time to research the claims of their chosen candidate.

    These people won’t be reached. Instead, we’re appealing to the curious- but thoughtful-Republicans who are interested in hearing what Trump has to say but who won’t follow him blindly based upon the unlikely claim that he’s erased 67-years of liberalism just in time to be Mr. Conservative. They will research him and come to the conclusion that he was pro-amnesty less than two years before his infamous anti-immigrant rant when he launched his campaign.

    Meanwhile, consistent Ted Cruz has been fighting for a wall on the border for several years. Here’s a couple of instance against hostile audiences when he was making the difficult pitch for building a wall in front of people who clearly were against the concept.

    Now, let’s take a look at three more videos. The first one was made by a super PAC supporting Cruz. Before you believe that it’s obviously going to be biased, it’s important to note that they’re using actual footage of Donald Trump and others over the years clearly stating what he truly believes.

    Here’s my personal take on the two scenarios surrounding Donald Trump. Did he have a revelation after 66-years of life to reverse nearly all of his views, or is it more likely that he saw an opportunity to follow the Obama administration and achieve his personal goal of being President of the United States even if it meant denouncing his own perspectives and reinventing himself as a pseudo-conservative?

    For those who don’t care what he thought for 66-years and believe that he’s against amnesty today, you should really take a closer look at what his actual policy on illegal immigration is. He’s actually to the left of a few candidates on the issue, particular Cruz.

    Trump’s supporters will never look into the border wall or amnesty matters because the truth goes against the narrative they’ve been sold. However, if you’re undecided and believing that Trump is the gold standard for stopping illegal immigration, you should definitely do the research. Trump’s greatest ally is ignorance..

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    Trump’s Amnesty Plan is Supported by Many Except His Supporters Who Don’t Know What it Means 

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    Donald Trump’s expedited touchback amnesty plan is very similar to other amnesty plans except that it makes him seem tough on immigration and it will cost a whole lot more than other plans. It’s a feel good plan for the Republican Establishment to make them feel like they’re being tough while not alienating minorities. There’s a reason that conservatives fought it in 2007 and there’s a reason that we should all fight it today.

    For more details, check out the article they did in Newsweek:

    Or this article on Red State:

    Or this article on AEI:

    Below is a video in which I detail my thoughts. Here’s the transcript if you prefer to read it:

    There’s a terrible irony that surrounds Donald Trump’s support. Much of it is based upon the idea that he’s tough on illegal immigration. This is humorous (or sad) because his proposal for expedited touchback amnesty would be disliked by a good chunk of his supporters if they ever took the time to research the details.

    Many of his supporters have been laser-focused on two concepts: building a wall and deporting illegal immigrants. They miss the second component of his immigration plan. This is by design. He never brings it up at rallies. He only reluctantly talks about it in interviews when asked directly which almost never happens (more on that in a moment).

    First, let’s take a quick look at the basics of his amnesty plan.

    Of course, he won’t call it an amnesty plan. That’s a word that’s taboo when trying to appeal to his crowd. Instead, he screams loudly and proudly that he’ll get them out. “They gotta go,” he’ll say repeatedly to raucous cheers. The other part that they never hear about in rallies or around the watercooler is that he’ll take them and move them to the front of the line in to register for Z visas. In his plan, they would be permanent. In other words, he wants to deport 12 million people, screen them for criminal records, and let the other 11.5 million back in legally in an expedited fashion.

    This was proposed in the Senate and rejected by conservatives in 2007. The difference is that those Z visas were temporary and it did not include the expediting process that Trump wants. He literally wants to reward those who broke the law by giving them permanent residence in the United States.

    There are a few ironies. The original touchback amnesty plan was supported by 63% of illegal immigrants in 2007. Trump’s plan, if he becomes President and explains the details, will be supported by even more. Why not? They get to take a short vacation back home on our dime, then they’ll be expedited back into the country legally. Now, I don’t support amnesty, but I’d rather see Marco Rubio’s Gang of Eight plan over Trump’s touchback amnesty plan because at least Rubio’s plan would be straightforward and much cheaper. Trumps amnesty plan will cost billions, and that’s before he builds his wall.

    You may be wondering why you haven’t heard about this. The biggest reason is because the mainstream media actually likes the idea. They don’t want to expose his supporters to the truth and risk them not voting for him as a result. They’re foaming at the mouth for the opportunity to attack him if he gets the nomination and they don’t want to blow it by giving his supporters the facts.

    For a real border security plan that includes building a wall, tripling border patrols, and not allowing expedited touchback amnesty, you have to look at Ted Cruz. His plan is more conservative and does not reward illegal immigrants who broke the law with a free family vacation and preferential treatment to get back into the country legally.

    I’ve always asserted that if Trump supporters knew about his touchback amnesty plan, his support for affirmative action, his use of eminent domain, his progressive tax plan, or any of his other liberal ideas, they would start supporting a real conservative. Unfortunately, most would rather cover their eyes and ears and latch onto the concept that Trump’s a winner.

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    Enhanced Screening is the ONLY Way to Mitigate Radicalization and Terrorism 

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    There is a lot of talk around the country about closing immigration altogether, particularly for Muslims, and on the surface it can seem like a good idea. The biggest reason it’s a terrible idea is because it will dramatically increase the amount of radicalization of Muslims and even non-Muslims who are already in the country. In other words, our knee-jerk reaction to terrorism will increase the threat of terrorism in the country.

    I remember not too long after 9/11 I had lost my wallet. I had no identification other than a couple of credit cards, a library card, and an old expired driver’s license. As fate would have it, I needed to get on several planes in the days that followed so I was able to experience what was called “enhanced screening.” It struck me that it was very different from airport to airport, but one particular screening process was so long it almost made me late for my flight. I was asked questions about everything from my neighbors (whose name I embarrassingly didn’t know) to who my Congressman was. I was indignant at first, but once I made my flight and settled in, I realized that I appreciated what had just happened.

    In the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, we have learned that the Department of Homeland Security could have accessed Tashfeen Malik’s social media accounts and learned of her Islamist perspectives. We could have learned that she supported jihad before she ever set foot in the country to commit it. There are so many things that we could have done, but we didn’t because of budget constraints and for the sake of political correctness.

    Let’s explore this whole situation so we can understand the right path to fighting terrorism. Keep in mind that I am not suggesting we abandon many lawmakers’ plans to close down immigration and the refugee program because I’m weak on immigration. The reality is that the programs can be turned into our best defense against terrorism.

    Crazy-Stupid-Awesome Screening

    What I experienced in my 30-minute questioning session at the airport is nothing compared to what would need to be done for all immigrants. I’m not just talking about Muslims or those who are immigrating from countries that have terrorist organizations in them. I’m talking about all immigrants.

    Of course, none of this will work with the current state of border security. That must be fixed first. This starts with building two walls (yes, Canada is vulnerable as well), increasing border patrol greatly, and improving the Coast Guard’s ability to patrol the waters that surround us.

    Then, we must screen. We must screen the refugees. We must screen the immigrants. We must invest the money and resources to create a manageable bottleneck of entry into the country that is practically Draconian in nature. Background checks. Interviews. Polygraphs. Social media checks. Psych evaluations. Access to emails accounts.

    Sponsorship should be a requirement and all sponsors must be heavily vetted as well whether it’s an individual or an organization.

    It’s important to remember that the treatment of refugees and immigrants must be done humanely, but that doesn’t mean that they have the same rights as American citizens. Human rights cannot be violated, but personal freedoms enjoyed by Americans cannot be granted. Think of coming into the country like being on parole. They get an immigration officer with whom they must check in. If they miss, they get the ankle tracking system.

    Again, and I can’t reiterate this enough, we must do this for all immigrants. Anyone who believes that easily identifiable Muslims are the only threat are naive. Extremism is spreading everywhere and to everyone.

    Those who think that this is a lot to go through for the sake of immigrants aren’t getting the point. I’m not viewing this as simply a way to bring in more immigrants and refugees. This must be done for the sake of fighting terrorism itself.

    Immigration for the Sake of Fighting Terrorism

    If we cut off legal means through which people can enter the country, we’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to discover the plans that are already in the works. The NSA and the FBI are very adept at tracking the activities of terrorists. That’s the reason why there has only been one major terrorist attack in the United States in the last 14 years. Do you believe that since 9/11 the San Bernardino attacks were the only ones that were planned?

    With an appropriate screening process that can alert the authorities to attempts to enter the country by potential extremists, we’re better able to find those already in the country who have plans similar to the California terrorists. This is an invaluable tool already being used by law enforcement and cutting off all immigration or all Muslims from entering the country will only hamper those efforts.

    It would be different if we had already been screening for a while, but apparently we have not. Now, we have to play catch up which means that we have to find those who are already planning attacks and mayhem within the country.

    Why Shutting it Down Won’t Work

    There’s something very important to remember that seems to get missed by many making bold statements about shutting down Muslim immigration. We have been losing the public relations war with the Islamic State from the beginning. They’re able to radicalize people who are weak in spirit, who are angry about something within western society, and who feel persecuted. Shutting down Muslim immigration will make it much easier for the Islamic State to recruit people who are already within the country.

    We will position it as a reasonable precaution based upon the events in San Bernardino, but that’s not how it will play out on the world stage. The Islamic State and other Muslim organizations will point to it as proof positive that the United States is waging a war against Islam itself. This will play poorly overseas, but more importantly it will dramatically increase the ease of radicalization of those already here.

    Yes, there are Muslims within the country who already have Islamist views. There are those who are already wanting to wage jihad. There are those who are angry with the United States, society, life, whatever, who can be radicalized without ever making direct contact with anyone. Syed Farook was already radicalized before he brought his terrorist bride over to the states.

    By using extreme screening for immigration to our advantage, we will be better equipped to battle against jihad. It’s not a compromise to stopping immigration. It’s actually MORE potent in the fight against terrorism.

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    The Best Analogy You’ll Hear All Day About the Need for Border Security 

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    Between the influx of illegal immigrants to the risks of terrorists coming across the southern United States border, the need for security is a polarizing political topic. A group of citizens called the Arizona Border Recon have been making a stand against illegal immigration for a while but have now turned their attention towards the risks of terrorist infiltration.

    Both challenges have the same solution: secure the borders. Those who oppose groups like these and border security in general often call the practice a hateful one, but one of the members of the group spoke a memorable line that really hits home that not everybody who wants secure borders wants it out of bigotry or hatred.

    “You don’t lock your doors because you hate what’s outside, but because you love what’s inside,” Mark McConnell, one of the volunteers, said.

    It’s a striking statement that represents what many Americans feel. We’re not against immigration. We’re against illegal immigration. We’re not against helping those in need. We’re against helping those who mean to do us harm one way or another.

    Arizona Border Recon

    There’s an important takeaway when you read the statement released by Tucson Sector Border Patrol. Notice that they are not condemning those who are trying to help. They are calling for safety and encouraging everyone, even those who are armed and trained, to be in contact with the authorities. This isn’t a statement calling for an end to organizations like Arizona Border Recon. It’s acknowledging that they can be helpful but that they need to be careful.

    Border security work is potentially dangerous and complex; usually taking place in remote locations in very inhospitable terrain. Border Patrol agents receive extensive training and are taught to coordinate and communicate with a multitude of law enforcement officers to prevent unanticipated encounters with one another. Agents are also supported by ground-based and sophisticated aerial detection technology.  We strongly encourage private citizens and all non-governmental organizations to contact the Border Patrol and/or local law enforcement authorities to report suspected unlawful activity.

    Here’s the video from KVOA-TV:

    I, for one, would feel safer if I lived in that area knowing that these patriotic men and women were out there at night while I sleep.

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