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    Stop telling me to wait on defunding Planned Parenthood 

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    Every time I ask about when the GOP will use its majorities and control of the White House to defund Planned Parenthood, I’m met with a flurry of responses. The most common one has been that we have to wait until they’re able to repeal Obamacare because they can take care of Planned Parenthood in that particular piece of legislation. Well, it turns out they can’t. If the Senate bill passes, it will not defund Planned Parenthood.

    As I’ve noted before, defunding Planned Parenthood will not prevent abortions. In fact, it would make this political organization (that claims to not be a political organization) even more powerful than it is today. The reason we must defund Planned Parenthood is because it’s a moral blight on our nation to directly fund murder. This, more than anything else, is why the organization must be forced to generate its own revenue by having people willingly contribute rather than forcing every tax-paying American to participate.

    To those who have been telling me to wait, what am I waiting for now? It’s not going to be part of the health care bill. There’s not going to be a better time in the future to end the funding. What excuse do you have for me now that the pretend-pro-lifers in GOP leadership have at their disposal everything they need to make it happen?

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    Had a baby, sold a company, committed to a party: My busy two weeks 

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    When people ask me on radio interviews, “Who is JD Rucker?” my standard reply is the honest truth. I’m nobody. I’m a Christian, husband, and father.

    They ask this question because I’m heavily embedded in the formation of the Federalist Party, which means they want to know what political chops I bring to the table. It’s important for me as well as the party that I never allow delusions of grandeur to creep into my psyche. I truly am nobody, or more accurately, I’m just like hundreds of millions of Americans who are disenfranchised with the way government intrudes on our lives. I’m among those who realize small government, the type that can fit within the boundaries of the Constitution, is the only way to go. The only difference between me and so many is that I’m no longer willing to wait. I tried the GOP, then tried to help fix the GOP through the Tea Party. I’ve looked at third parties, and while some have great ideas they lack in strategy; they simply don’t know how to win.

    I needed to do something about it and found that there are a ton more people like me. Every day, people are raising their hands and declaring they’re Federalists. It’s been wonderful.

    The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. As I write this, I’m watching over my son who was born less than two weeks ago. He was born with a long list of challenges with his heart. His aorta and pulmonary artery were switched. There was a hole in the wall between his ventricles. His aortic arch was off. The poor little guy had problems. By the grace of God, we were led to a wonderful doctor and hospital and the prognosis is great. Lord willing, he’ll be in great shape and ready to go home in the next few weeks.

    While all of this was happening, I sold my half of my company to my partner. He knew my situation and the fact that I’d need to dedicate a ton of time to family and politics so he made me a fair offer and released me. It happened at the exact right moment as medical bills were on the verge of breaking us.

    Meanwhile, The New Americana, my other project in conjunction with the Federalist Party, has accepted new editorial leadership. Again, the timing couldn’t have been better. Steve Berman came on board and has been running the day-to-day since Jacob was born. Amazing how the timing has worked so perfectly thus far. Praise God!

    Now that everything seems to be heading in the right direction, I’m working my way back into the mix with the party. Things are moving so quickly on all fronts in the political world that every moment counts. The team has been very supportive and all have filled the gap from my absence nicely. Now, it’s time to hit the ground running once again.

    My requests: pray for Jacob, help support the party, and help support The New Americana. Steve’s going to be doing this full-time as soon as I’m able to pay him.

    Thank you all for your patience. I can’t wait to get even more involved in everything as time goes on.

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    If California adopts single-payer, I’ll finally leave the state 

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    It’s mildly ironic that on the 10th anniversary of me taking up residence in the state of California, I’m seriously considering moving my family out. It’s not the outrageous cost of living nor the left-leaning nature of the state even in the “conservative safe haven” of Orange County. Sacramento is now pushing for single-payer health care. If that makes it in, I’ll finally move out.

    As is often the case with liberal ideas, the fantasy surrounding the proposal is so outrageous that many in the state will stick their heads in the sand (even further than they already do) and love on the idea while ignoring the consequences. They’re calling for free… everything: no copays or deductibles. This is why it has a chance of succeeding. People will hear that and instantly rejoice.

    Of course, “free” is never free. You might be wondering how much this proposal will cost California tax-payers. The current budget is $183 billion. That’s a lot of money and it’s made possible by outrageously high taxes on residents and businesses. To make this single-payer plan work will require $400 billion per year. Yes, this plan will more than triple the current budget.

    Let that sink in. I’ll wait.

    Guy Benson sums it up nicely at Townhall:

    If you’re craving a “fair” system that stifles innovation, rations care, limits access, creates lengthy wait lists for basic medical services, and has worse survival rates for serious conditions like cancer, single-payer is the way forward.  And even if that all sounds acceptable to you, good luck paying for it.

    I’m not rich but my revenue is above average. Even so, I’d by crushed by further increases in state taxes. No thank you.

    As Aaron Bandler noted on DailyWire:

    California already faces a $1.6 billion budget deficit this year, but the state’s debt problems are actually much worse than that, as the state faces unfunded liabilities of almost a trillion dollars. Given that the Tax Foundation has already ranked California as having the sixth-highest tax rates in the nation, the ensuing tax rates from implementing a single-payer healthcare bill system would be even more onerous and cripple the state’s economy.

    The problem with creating utopia is that reality eventually kicks in and the attempted utopia turns into a living nightmare, which is why states that have tried to implement single-payer have failed to do so. The price tag of the bill being put forward in the state senate suggests the same will be true for California.

    The left is great at selling a dream. They’re like the junior high student council candidate who tells people how awesome it will be when they have Pepsi coming out of the water fountains. They’re in the business of making promises and blaming others for the consequences. No state exemplifies this better than California. I fear I may have to abandon the nice weather to find greener pastures soon.

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