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    Trump, Breitbart, and others took down the GOP to build a media empire 

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    There’s a scene in Zero Dark Thirty when the main character, Maya, is asked what she believed the chances were that Osama bin Laden was hiding in the compound where he was later killed. She replied, “100% he’s there. OK, 95%, ’cause I know certainty freaks you guys out, but it’s 100.”

    Depending on whether or not your support Donald Trump, you’ll either consider the latest revelations of coordination between Breitbart reporters and Democratic operatives as nothing at all or further proof that Trump has had as his primary goal the formation of his media empire after the election. As someone who views Trump as only slightly less liberal and damaging than Hillary Clinton, it’s clear to me that Breitbart, Drudge Report, Infowars, Gateway Pundit, and other ultra-pro-Trump sites were banking on getting him nominated and then subsequently rising into his empire when he loses.

    To one degree or another, they took advantage of their power as “conservative” media to denigrate actual Republicans who had much better chances of beating Clinton like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. My initial assessment back in January was that their motivation was viewership and money; a Trump nomination and subsequent loss would be an ideal atmosphere for these sites to operate and profit. Dissent drives visitors. Opposition gets page views. At the time, I couldn’t conceive of them selling out completely. Now, I will avoid full-blown accusations (Trump and co. are lawsuit-happy, after all), but it’s fair to say that they all benefit more from a Trump nomination than from any other candidate.

    According to Politico’s source:

    “He worked directly with Breitbart’s political team on the ground in the primary states to sabotage Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz, and elect Trump as nominee of [the Republican] party,” the source told POLITICO. “[Black] was coordinating with [Breitbart’s] top staff to rabble rouse against Rubio at rallies.”

    Working with the Democrats to deliver to them the candidate they wanted to face from the start is despicable. Taking down the Republican Party along the way is even worse, but there’s a silver lining. We get to see who’s on their own side and who’s on America’s side as we build our conservative party. Still, it’s disheartening to those of us who have trusted these sites over the years. It’s a betrayal that goes beyond greed or corruption. This was a truly damaging situation that they’ve created… at least for the rest of us.

    It’s a win-win for them. If he is able to win the election, they will be rewarded as the stalwart group who fought the Establishment and accomplished what was once thought to be impossible. If they lose, their places in Trump’s media empire are secured. Either way, they were able to sell out America for the sake of personal gain. It disgusts me, not because they are corrupt (most media is corrupt to some extent) but because they’re going to get away with it.

    Now, we can look forward to even more exposure for headlines like this…

    Breitbart Headlines

    We can expect to see family entertainment looking more like this…

    Trump TV

    All of this could have been avoided. I don’t completely blame the publications and news outlets that are allegedly involved. It’s our fault as well. We either didn’t see it coming or we didn’t blow the horns loudly enough. Then, there are those who don’t seem to be directly involved but who did nothing to stop it such as Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, and a ton of conservative websites who hopped on the Trump Train early but who are likely not part of Trump’s plan. These websites are run by true believers in Trump. That means their not complicit in the conspiracy, but their complicit from lack of discernment.

    Can any of this be proven? Nope. It’s all speculation based upon evidence and circumstances that all seem to point in the same direction. Since certainty seems to freak everybody out, I’ll put the chances at 95%. But it’s 100.

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    We must do better against Hillary than we did against Obama 

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    Before we talk about Hillary Clinton, let’s talk briefly about Donald Trump. I’m not in the camp that believes he’s definitely going to lose the election despite all of the media indicators such as polls and buzz. That doesn’t mean I’m calling this election rigged, but I’m also not going to fall victim to the experience and common sense that told us long ago Trump couldn’t win the nomination, either. This is a weird election year, so dismissing Trump before the fat lady sings is foolish.

    With that said, let’s discuss the more likely scenario: President Hillary. Mark Levin is calling for preparations for impeachment. He’s right, but that cannot be our only recourse against the disastrous liberalism she will attempt to rain down on the country. Impeaching anyone, especially a President, is extremely difficult. While some plan for that attempt, let’s take a look at the other things conservatives must do to save the country from Hillary.

    2018 starts November 9th

    As Captain America said in Avengers: Age of Ultron, “You get killed… walk it off.”

    It doesn’t matter what happens in the Senate, House, and in state races on November 8th. Take a breath, eat a burger, wrap yourself in good ol’ American patriotism and get to work the next day. If the GOP retains a majority in Congress, pretend like it’s on the verge of dissolving. We have to push forward with our conservative philosophies intact in order to defend America and the righteous cause of freedom. Hillary is going to try to take those freedoms away. The left will try to take majorities or expand on the ones they already have.

    This election cycle has been physically and emotionally draining. Take a short breather and then get back in the ring.

    Do not accept the bending and breaking Congress did for Obama

    In Obama’s first term, we were told early on that we needed to have majorities in order to fight him, so we won the GOP the House in 2010. We were then told it wasn’t enough, that we needed the Senate as well, so we gave them a majority in the Senate in 2014. What have they done in two years with a majority in both chambers? Nothing. We have seen no difference in Obama’s policies. Spending has increased. The Republican-controlled Congress gave Obama everything he wanted.

    Regardless of who controls Congress after the election, it’s imperative for conservatives to impede Hillary’s liberal efforts with every ounce of their being. Senator Ted Cruz shut down the government over Obamacare without a majority in 2013 and then helped the Senate take the majority a year later. That is the type of leadership that will be needed to halt Clinton’s moves.

    It’s important to understand that Clinton is left of Obama in many areas, but she’s to the right of him in others. Republicans should not impede every move. They simply need to impede the liberal moves. Does that mean I expect Clinton to have some conservative perspectives? No. Of course not. But then again, I didn’t expect Obama to have any, either, and he did from time to time. TPP, for all its flaws, was conservative in principle even if it turned out to be Obamatized when the details were revealed. We have to oppose for the sake of America, not simply to stop Hillary. In the rare circumstance where she wants to do something good, the GOP (and America) should support her.

    Don’t worry. It won’t happen often.

    Be bold

    Conservatives have a tendency of being bold when it counts the most. When they’re opposing liberals, they fight as hard as they can. However, they also tend to go partisan when it comes to less-than-conservative issues. We have to be bold and conservative across the board. That means when Mitch McConnell does nothing to stop the giveaway of the internet, we need him to know we disapprove. When Congress sends a spending bill through that pays for every liberal program under the sun, we need to give them hell over it. When they let people like John Koskinen get away with their crimes without impeachment because they fear election attacks, we must prove their theory wrong.

    It’s hard for conservatives to ever vote against the GOP because they’re almost always to the right of Democrats. However, we have absolutely no leverage over them. They know we’ll vote for them and reluctantly support them because the alternative is worse. We need to be able to pull them to the right or else. That’s why it’s time to…

    Build a new party

    Conservatives need a party of their own. There are rumors of other parties being built. That’s great. Let’s unite. We have one that is growing and vibrant today even though it won’t officially launch until after the election.

    If the Republicans know that we’ll support conservatives whether they run for the GOP or not, we’ll have leverage. We’ll select the conservatives in races and support them all the way through. If they get the GOP nomination, we’ll support them. If they don’t get the GOP nomination, we’ll let them run under our umbrella and still support them. This is an important concept to understand because it gives the GOP an incentive to support the conservative. We must stand tall and stick with the conservative no matter what. If the GOP loses an election or two over split votes, they’ll quickly learn that the only way to consolidate the vote is by supporting the conservative.

    That’s an oversimplified variation of the strategy, but it should make sense.

    The only way we can survive the wave of liberalism that is flooding the country is if we unite behind our righteous conservative philosophies. Hillary Clinton will be a disaster, but we can make it through her term just as we made it through Obama. We didn’t come out unscathed and there will be damage done over the next four years regardless of who wins the Presidential election, but if we stand strong behind our beliefs, we’ll be able to move America back in the right direction.

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    On a national level, the conservative base must be built from the House 

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    2017 is going to mark several “beginnings” for conservatives. Establishment Republicans will try to push their reset button after trouncing conservatives and getting partially trounced by Democrats. Conservative Republicans will begin to rebuild their momentum after hitting the Establishment roadblock that halted many Tea Party candidates and their agendas. Libertarians will try to rebuild after failing miserably in the year that gave them the best shot of hitting the debate floor and making an impact in national elections. Smaller conservative parties like the Constitution Party will begin their rebranding after failing to be a blip on the radar again.

    Another classification of beginnings will also launch. I’ve heard from at least a dozen different attempts at forming new parties. Some, such as Rick Wilson’s crew, will attempt to build new moderate and pragmatic version of the GOP that can prepare candidates in the vein of Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Marco Rubio. Their main goal is to bring down the scourge of the alt-right that has infiltrated the Republican Party. Others, such as ours conservative party, will attempt to work from the true right to bring Constitutional conservatism roaring back to national prominence, It’s this new beginning that I want to focus on here.

    Our plans are to launch after this election and prepare candidates from the ground up. We want city council members. We want mayors. We want school board members. We want leaders at the local level who can help to build coalitions of conservatives among the base in preparation for bigger things to come. It must be a rapid ascension; regardless of who wins this Presidential election, we intend to be a force when the next Presidential election rolls around. To do this, we have to build the base and expand to state and national races. The only realistic way to make an impact nationally is to focus first on the House of Representatives.

    This is more than just for the sake of party prudence. It’s the House that has the highest concentration of conservatives through the Freedom Caucus and other groups that are able to influence the direction. This needs to grow. Over time, it needs to embrace our voters as their base. Today, this seems like a huge challenge, but the pace at which we’re growing is nothing short of spectacular. We’re picking up thousands of handraisers per week without having officially launched. We don’t even have our official name chosen yet. This preliminary momentum is exponentially higher than we projected when we started the project in August. By comparison, some of the other “parties” that we’ve been monitoring have failed to pick up a fraction of our size and momentum.

    What does this tell us? We’re on the right track. Our focus on the core principles of life, freedom, and smaller federal government fill a need that’s currently not being met by the GOP, Libertarians, or any of the smaller parties. It’s not about policies; every variation of a conservative party has the same basic focus points. The difference is that we’re approaching this with a plan of action and a message of hope shrouded in reality.

    The House of Representatives is the only part of the federal government that can rapidly shift. With the entire body elected every two years, it’s conceivable to put forth winners in 2018 and grab GOP defectors before 2020. The conservative wing of the House has great people. Many of them may be willing to switch to our party once it’s clear that we have enough voters behind us. This is why organizing it all is so imperative. This is why we’re starting now.

    There’s so much more to bring up but until we’re officially launched, it’s all just a blueprint. Once we get this rolling after the election, things will move rapidly. We need to get as many handraisers signed up for updates as possible before then.If you’re ready to make an impact by bringing conservatism back to the forefront of American political thought, please consider signing up.


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    The two driving forces behind Trump’s claims of fraud and media bias 

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    There’s a real fear manifesting around newsrooms and in government conference rooms around the country. Donald Trump and many of his top surrogates are hammering two ideas: voter fraud is going to steal the election from him and media bias is so rampant that the polls (which he once touted) are false.

    Regarding the latter, I wholeheartedly agree. The media is biased in favor of Democrats. It’s important to note that they’re not biased specifically against Republicans; they hate Libertarians, socialists, Green Party candidates, and anyone who doesn’t have the (D) next to their name. Of course, that means that their arch nemeses are anyone with the letter (R) next to their name, but it’s important to understand that they stand supporting Democrats rather than opposing Republicans. It’s subtle, but it’s important, particularly as we strive to build a new conservative party.

    With that out of the way, let’s address the former: voter fraud. Does it happen? Absolutely. Is it enough to swing an election? In some cases, yes. Is it enough to swing this election? Not at all. Unless something bigger than anything in Wikileaks’ bag of tricks comes out soon, Hillary Clinton is going to win many states that were once considered swing states by very large margins. If we’re being generous, voter fraud can account for a percentage point or two (though it’s usually much less than that). Spreading the notion that Trump would win Pennsylvania without voter fraud when polls show him down by nearly 7 points is ludicrous. This is why the media bias plays. He can’t just say the votes were rigged when he loses. He has to point out that the polls were rigged ahead of time as well.

    The question that everyone seems to be asking is “why?” I’ll sound pompous by saying this, but it’s been blatantly obvious for months. Trump doesn’t care if he wins or loses the election. He has a win-win scenario. If anything, he is much better off if he loses the election. His long-time goal of having a Trump media empire to play with until he dies and to solidify his kids’ future is in play today. He knows that he needs video of Hillary Clinton killing baby animals to be leaked in order to have better than 6-1 odds of winning this thing. That’s the biggest reason that his rhetoric has been sharply shifted towards blaming everyone in recent weeks. He blames the GOP. He blames the crooked media. He’s pre-blaming voter fraud.

    All of this is a setup to secure a lucrative mandate from his fervent base to get all the backing he needs for his media empire.

    The GOP is crooked, so he needs Steve Bannon to clean them up. The media is crooked, so he needs Sean Hannity to set them straight. The system is broken, so he needs a platform to set it straight. This election has been his launching pad for something even bigger than the Presidency. This is a play for real, permanent power. He wants what Rupert Murdoch has, which is sad considering that Murdoch’s team is partially responsible for building what could become their most direct competitor.

    This is also why I get annoyed by questions like, “Why is Trump’s son-in-law discussing creating a Trump television network?” The answer has been right there in front of us all since a couple of months after he launched his campaign. I suspect there are plenty of people who saw it coming before he even launched.

    Does this mean that he’s trying to throw the election? No. He wants to win. He’s been trying to win. However, he’s been holding his media empire in his back pocket the whole time. It’s enabled him to get where he is today. He’s not a bold “straight talker” because that’s just his personality. Most don’t give him enough credit to realize that he’s cunning and calculating. He’s been able to take risks with his actions and words that are only possible when someone knows they have a safety net waiting down below if they fall off the edge. He wasn’t attempting to cheat political death when he made his bombastic attacks starting on day one. He needed the attention. If the attention won him the election, so be it. If it lost him the election, so be it. Either way, he wins in the end.

    The second reason that he’s making all of these claims is because his ego demands it. He’s a winner. Every loss must be spun as a win. He didn’t fail with his multiple business collapses or bankruptcies. He wants us all to believe he was brilliant, making moves and staying a step ahead of disaster the whole time. The whining against voter fraud and media bias are simply scapegoats he’s creating so he can look an interviewer in the eye and said that he would have won if the system had been fair.

    In retrospect, it’s clear that Trump was inevitable. He was going to do the damage he’s done to this country whether we liked it or not. It’s a bonus for him that he found enough people to like it. Now, he has a base that will follow him long enough to put their credit cards into his subscription-based media model. Love him or hate him, the way he’s played the party and the country is a masterpiece.

    Image credit: Philly.com

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    Millions of voters have fallen for Dread Pirate Roberts’ trick (and why I won’t) 

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    In the classic movie, The Princess Bride, we find our hero trying to save his love from the hands of the evil Vizzini. He challenges him to a battle of wits where Vizzini must discern which cup has poison and which is safe. Then, both will drink and the winner is the one not dead. The trick was on him, though. Both cups were poisoned. Wesley, aka Dread Pirate Roberts, had developed a tolerance for the poison, so regardless of which cup Vizzini chose, he would die and Wesley would live.

    That’s the Presidential election of 2016 in a nutshell. The difference is that a few members of the political class and the media will be able to survive the poisonous choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The rest of us are doomed to liberalism, incompetence, corruption, and potential destruction regardless of who wins. Hillary is more liberal than Trump. Trump is more incompetent than Hillary (and please don’t point to the real estate empire he was born into as proof that he’s not incompetent). Both are corrupt. Both give us a smorgasbord of directions from which our destruction can come once they’re in the Oval Office.

    I am not voting for either candidate. I will not support either candidate. I will oppose both candidates. Trump supporters will say that this means I’m supporting Hillary. Hillary supporters will say that this means I’m supporting Trump. Both are wrong. Our nation was built on the dissent against the choices given to pre-revolution patriots by the ruling class. Those patriots, many of whom died fighting for the birth of the nation while others became the leaders who carried us through those formative years, did so against the call of the masses. People often forget or never learned that the American Revolution was not popular before it started. There wasn’t a massive uprising of the mighty majority to make it happen. Most Americans, unhappy as they may have been with the circumstances, would have preferred to work within the British system rather than oppose. This changed once the revolution started gaining traction, but if it were up to the masses, we would have ended the 18th century under the rule of the King.

    These stories – The Princess Bride, election 2016, and the American Revolution all come together to help us see one clear path forward. Americans who are unhappy with the binary choice forced upon us should look outside of those choices without fear of wasting their efforts or votes. They shouldn’t drink from either poison cup. They shouldn’t bow down to the voice of the masses. Today, a large majority of Americans are firmly in Hillary’s camp or Trump’s camp. A good number of those people in the camps are there unwillingly, but they’re not going to leave out of fear for the other camp being stronger as a result. They carry the spirit of those against the American Revolution in their hearts; dissent at this point would be destructive in their opinions. I’m not saying this to insult them. The lukewarm supporters on both sides are doing what they think is right, but they’re still doing it out of fear. They fear the other side winning just as many unhappy subjects of King George feared going to war with England.

    We have two choices to make. The first choice is easy: we need a new conservative party. Join it. Regardless of who wins, we cannot sit around and wait for this travesty to repeat itself next election, and the election after that, and after that, and…

    The second choice is harder. Do we simply avoid the Presidential election? Do we vote for down ballot conservatives but skip the top of the ticket? Do we endorse and support a third party candidate?

    I have looked at and spoken to 3rd-party conservatives. Right now, the only one who has any chance at all is Evan McMullin. His path is nearly impossible, but not completely impossible. We asked members of the new party if they thought we should endorse and the volume of replies was absolutely shocking. Regardless of how that plays out, we must speak directly to McMullin before endorsing. Most questions can be answered by simply watching his interviews and reading articles about him, but the question we haven’t had answered is: Does he have a real strategy to win this thing? If he can’t win, we won’t endorse. That’s not a question of whether or not he has the potential to win. We need to know if he has the strategy to win. The only way to know this is to hear it from his mouth.

    Regardless of what happens with or without McMullin, it’s easy for me to say that I will not be voting for either major party candidate. They are disasters. Both sides are trying to put their cups closer to me, but I won’t drink from either. Suicide just isn’t my thing. As Vizzini said, “I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.”

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    The Libertarian Party mess and why it gives hopes for a third party rising 

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    For years, the Libertarian Party has been the protest vote. As the party that represents liberty within its name and individual freedoms within its platform, it was a natural fit for hundreds of thousands of conservatives who were done with the Republican Party. This was supposed to be their year. This was supposed to be the time when the Democrats and Republicans put up such weak candidates that the Libertarian Party could work its way into the debates and therefore into national prominence.

    Then, they blew it. They decided to follow suit with the other parties by nominating their variation of a bad candidate. Gary Johnson seems to be a good man with some strong, albeit basic, ideas of how to fix the country. His qualities end there, though, as he has proven time and again on the campaign trail that he’s absolutely not ready to be Commander-in-Chief. Now, we’re seeing the party that had its best chance ever splitting; Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld said this week he’s going to focus on hurting Trump while Johnson said he can’t win and will focus on attacking Hillary.

    Another opportunity to break the two-party system was flushed down the toilet.

    This seems like bad news for those who would like to see three or more valid options instead of the binary choices that have plagued this country for decades. In reality, it’s the best possible news. As we strive to grow our new conservative party, one of the biggest roadblocks has been convincing people that the current third-party options cannot be salvaged. The Constitution Party has never been able to reach any level of significance despite existing for a quarter century. America’s Party has some good people at its core, but its plan for growth is nonexistent. Both will end up showing no improvement from their 2012 voting numbers. Now, it seems the Libertarians are facing the same fate.

    Our new party has already been gaining traction despite the facts that it won’t officially launch until after the election and as of today it does not have an official name. We have the working title of “Unified Conservative Party” and it’s just that – a working title. This has caused many to question us about the name, not realizing that as a working title, it won’t be the final version. As with all working titles, the idea is to have something that people can clearly understand. Sometimes, working titles end up being the final version. “Snakes on a Plane” was a working title that stuck. Our working title will not stick. Before launch, the real name will be revealed.

    Where other third parties have failed is in velocity. Since the 19th century, they’ve never been able to achieve the proper velocity to be able to make a real impact. Achieving this velocity requires a party to remain under the radar until they have enough participants to jump into the scene. If they are revealed too early, the Establishment (unified from both major parties) will quash them immediately. The combination of three circumstances give us great hope for the future.

    1. Voter angst in 2016 gives us the mandate to move forward.
    2. Modern growth strategies that have only become available with the rise of social media and the internet empower us to take the message to the masses in ways that other third parties have failed miserably to accomplish.
    3. A passionate and talented core that is coming together nicely tells us that we’re onto something.

    We probably wouldn’t even be talking about this had the Libertarian Party nominated Austin Petersen. They chose to go down the non-conservative road; in many ways, Johnson is more of a moonbat than a freedom guy. Still, it’s another indicator that this nation needs a strong and conservative third party to rise and enable patriots to lead America once again.

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    Trump supporters, stop playing the victim card and own your failure if it comes 

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    The standard liberal mentality is to blame others. When a liberal sees a friend or someone in their family do something bad, they blame the system, the elites, or some other esoteric classification of “anybody but us.” When a liberal sees someone they don’t know fall into the hands of crime or perversion, they blame society. When a liberal sees their candidates lose, they blame the vast right-wing conspiracy.

    The victim card has not been held exclusively by liberals, but they have a much higher predisposition for playing it. At least they used to. Today, we’re seeing another example in the form of Trump supporters. These “victims” are those on social media, mainstream media, and even in the bowels of the RNC itself that have been claiming the folks in the #NeverTrump camp will be to blame if Trump loses.

    No. You have the burden of proof. You have the job of selling him to voters. You are the people responsible if Trump loses. If you are on the Trump Train, stop blaming those of us on the sidelines. We’ve looked at Donald Trump. We’ve looked at Hillary Clinton. We’ve decided that neither is acceptable. The fact that they represent the two parts of a binary choice for the next President of the United States does not instantly require us to pick one or the other. It also does not mean that voting third-party (or not voting at all) is a vote for Hillary. That’s a ludicrous and illogical claim. Is a vote for Gary Johnson a vote for Hillary? Is a vote for Jill Stein a vote for Trump? No.

    If you are bound and determined to make the case for Trump or against Hillary, make your case. How will he make America great again and why should we believe that this time he’s not lying. Do you have anything Threats prove the point that Trump is such a weak candidate that his supporters have no redeeming value with which to grab hold. Argue his qualities. Don’t try to manufacture failures in our principles simply because you don’t share them.

    The fatal blow will likely come to all of our freedoms regardless of which candidate loses this election less than the other. Don’t dishonor us simply because we’re not willing to strike a self-inflicted wound. Either show us how Trump has earned our vote or leave us alone about it. Either way, stop trying to blame us for your failure to make a valid case other than, “but Hillary.”

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    The Liberal Agenda will be Crafted by Debate Questions as Much as (or more than) the Answers 

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    Some are reporting that there could be 100 million people watching the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Moderator Lester Holt will be alone in his duties of asking the questions. We’ll all be paying attention to the answers, but the questions themselves are actually equally or more important.

    This size of an audience gives mainstream media the opportunity to determine what we feel is important. Sorry to be the one to tell you this, folks, but that’s how the system works. Coverage is given to the items that the “powers that be” want covered. I’m not suggesting any conspiracy theories, here. It’s very well documented that the media contorts the sentiment of the nation around particular subjects through ongoing coverage of those items while stifling interest in other items based upon lack of coverage. It’s a classic case of the tail wagging the dog; they don’t simply listen to what we want them to report, but they also have a hand in reporting what they want us to see.

    Holt is coming in with one major advantage: he’s a registered Republican. This means that the cards are already in play to counter any arguments that Trump was treated unfairly. This was done intentionally, not just for Trump’s sake but also for the sake of the overarching agenda itself. After watching Matt Lauer get skewered from both sides, they felt that Hold would be the least controversial host. They don’t want him in focus. They want the questions in focus.

    This is when they have the biggest possible stage to craft the narrative.

    Keep in mind that this is neither nothing new nor is it even that nefarious. It’s an ongoing battle between mainstream media and alternative media to keep our attentions in the wrong directions. Alternative media plays its part in highlighting the strange things that really shouldn’t be a concern while mainstream media keeps it simple by keeping our focus on the things they want us to see. This isn’t universal; there are plenty of smaller or alternative media sources that do a nice job, but unfortunately for the sake of pageviews they tend to lean towards crazy more often than not.

    What’s the moral of the story? Watch the debate with discernment. Don’t just watch the answers carefully. Pay attention to the questions. There has been so much happening in the world the last year that we’ve become very easy to distract. This is their prime opportunity to keep the distractions coming.

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    Cruz Endorsement Won’t Help Trump or the GOP. In Fact… 

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    This weekend, I will be posting on The New Americana about how the Ted Cruz endorsement of Donald Trump for President is the rallying call conservatives have needed to finally break free from the bonds of the GOP in order to form a new conservative party. This was based upon initial reactions from many NeverTrumpers who looked to Cruz as a leader. Their reactions were not as Trump or Cruz had likely hoped.

    Before we get into that, it’s important to understand that I hold no bitterness towards Cruz. It became clear through his primary campaign that many of the things we clung to regarding Cruz as a principled conservative were negotiable. This didn’t make him any worse of a candidate in most of our eyes. It simply made us realize that he’s much more of a politician than we had initially hoped. No big deal, really. Just as we put our best foot forward easily during a first date but often struggle to maintain it as a relationship continues, the revelations early on that Cruz was a politician didn’t take away from the fact that he was the best candidate for the job.

    This latest “betrayal” was simply a political move, one that will prove to be a poor one. By turning the attention away from Trump’s shortcomings and towards the existential threat that Hillary Clinton poses, Cruz attempted to justify his decision as a righteous one. He, Trump, and the GOP hoped that it would be a wakeup call to those of us opposed to Trump that we have a bigger battle to fight. It was the standard “lesser of two evils” argument that we’ve been hearing for months.

    That’s the problem. We already know Hillary is an existential threat. Our concern is that Trump may be a little less of an existential threat or may be even worse. At this point, we don’t know and it was people like Cruz who we looked to in order to act as the conservative dissent against Trump’s leftward lurch. Cruz pointed to a mode disciplined campaign in recent weeks as justification for changing his mind. What he failed to mention is that Trump has changed in other ways since the convention as well. He’s exposed more of his liberal ideologies, pulling down his tax cuts, promoting big government spending, proposing a minimum wage increase, pushing for government-funded maternity leave, and a handful of other Democratic ideas being adopted by the GOP. In other words, Trump may be campaigning nicer, but he’s even MORE of a threat to society today than when Cruz failed to endorse him at the convention.

    This is going to hurt the GOP. It brings to light the thing that conservatives have feared the most: an unchecked Trump. Please don’t take this as support for Hillary in any way, but the one thing she has going for her in the eyes of conservatives is that she’s a clear force for us to unite against an oppose. With Trump, the opposition from the right is currently scattered. It was people like Cruz who gave us at least a little hope that Trump could be reined in by conservatives if he were to win the Presidency. By endorsing, he loses his standing as a conservative dissenter to Trump’s liberal ways.

    Some would say that an endorsement does not mean that someone has embraced them fully. I disagree. That’s not to say that endorses are incapable of dissent, but it takes away their core argument. Trump represents the new Republican Party, one that can finally achieve its long-term goal of being the moderate party rather than the conservative one. The more that conservatives like Cruz endorse Trump, the more relevant a new party becomes.

    We will be building this party. With or without Cruz, the need for conservatives to have a valid and tangible voice has never been more clear. If anything, Cruz boarding the Trump Train is further justification and an example of how lost the GOP has become.

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    Donald Trump is Napoleon the Pig from Animal Farm 

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    It’s easy to find irony in comparing Donald Trump to the villain in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. First, the fact that Orwell was a socialist might make the comparison something of a compliment in the eyes of Trump supporters who either haven’t read it or are unfamiliar with its meaning. Second, the villain, a pig named Napoleon, represents Joseph Stalin, one of the early leaders of the Soviet Union.

    The biggest irony, though, is that Trump would likely consider it endearing in some way. He would respect Stalin’s absolute authoritarian power over the land and while he would condemn Stalin’s actions against his own people, there would be a hint of longing to be like him in other ways.

    If you haven’t read the book, do so before reading this article if you ever plan on reading it at all. There are spoilers coming. It’s still taught in most public schools, so we’ll assume that most have read it.

    The story follows Napoleon who, after the farm animals vanquished their human masters, shared a leadership role with Snowball. Through cunning and manipulation, Napoleon forced Snowball from the farm as well, leaving the fate of the animals on the farm in his own hands. He went on to convince the animals that his actions, while seemingly contrary to the precepts they’d established from the start, were actually in their own best interests. Some of the animals questioned his intentions mildly, but they all eventually went along with it.

    Over time, his shifts away from the independence and beneficial living circumstances that they fought for initially led to harsh realities facing the animals. They thought they remembered that things were different in their initial thinking, but they trusted Napoleon, his fellow pigs, and the harsh dogs who accompanied them everywhere. In the end, they came to understand that the pig they’d followed to keep away from the evils of men was actually working towards becoming one of the enemies himself.

    Donald Trump is Napoleon to the Republican party. He’s slowly shifting the conservative principles of the party out the door and replacing them with the same sort of populist views that helped to build the modern Democratic party. Some Republicans are noticing the shifts and crying foul, but most are accepting him just as the farm animals accepted Napoleon. “He’s not perfect, but at least he’s not a Democrat.”

    If Trump wins (and I believe that he will), we will see through his first and only term that he’s a big government, big-spending Democrat who has used immigration as a way to demonstrate his conservative credibility. I don’t doubt that he’ll build his wall, though not necessarily for security. There are better ways to secure the border that won’t cost $70 billion and that won’t require the use of eminent domain to lurch the lands by the border away from Americans who own them. In fact, a drone-based electronic border would be exponentially more effective because it would allow us to actually monitor the entirety of the border and to catch those who try to cross it. The wall will bring us a false sense of security as we’ll hope that there are no 31-foot ladders to scale a 30-foot wall or as we pray that there aren’t a ton of tunnels that the wall would not be able to detect. or prevent.

    A virtual wall would be practically impenetrable, but one would have to understand Trump’s motives for building a wall in order to understand why he won’t go with the better, cheaper virtual wall. He wants a monument. He wants The Great Wall of Trump to rival The Great Wall of China in a thousand years. It’s his windmill from Animal Farm.

    If Trump is Napoleon, then his fellow pigs are Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, and the various Republican officials who have stood by his side. That would mean that Trump’s variation of Napoleon’s dogs would be Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh, protecting him from insult and attacking those who would question their top pig.

    When the dust settles, we’ll have a wall and a bunch of liberal policies that would be very similar to the ones we would get with a President Clinton. The real difference is that with Clinton, we can oppose her in unison just as the animals opposed humans together… and won. Trump will deliver us to the humans (liberals) and it will be too late for opposition when it’s revealed.

    This isn’t a call to vote for Clinton. She’s just as bad and I would never ask anyone to vote against their conscience. However, a vote for Trump is just as bad because he’s the enemy within rather than the enemy we can all unite against. 2016 is a sad year for conservatives, but at least it gives us the ability to start fresh with a new party separate from the GOP or the Democrats.

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