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    It’s time for Christians and conservative to end our addiction to Hollywood 

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    A decade ago, I received a job offer in southern California. The money was much better than I was making in Oklahoma, but the cost of living essentially made it a wash. What prompted me to move my family to the left(wing) coast away from conservative Oklahoma was Hollywood. I had a screenplay that was nearly finished and having access to Hollywood an hour away made pitching it much easier.

    In other words, I wanted to be part of Hollywood. No, I wasn’t into the glitz or the glamour. I’ve always enjoyed good storytelling and creativity was being stifled in favor of unnecessary sequels (everything was about franchises back then) and horrific reboots. I had a winner that was almost complete and Hollywood needed a fresh voice. I was going to give it to them.

    Life happened. I advanced in my job much faster than expected, gaining partial ownership of the company in less than a year. With my new partners, we formed another company, sold it along with the first company, and it became clear that my dreams of revamping Hollywood needed to go on hold while I built another company. Today, I have a great screenplay that I’m confident could get bought. It will never be seen by anyone in Hollywood. Living here for a decade and watching the leftward lurch of the industry made me realize that I no longer want to be a part of that world.

    It’s not just the politics and lack of creativity. The rampant militant atheism that was once quietly chuckled about behind the scenes has emerged as a blatant badge of honor worn by so many. There are notable exceptions such as Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, but the fact that they’re notable for being willing to discuss their faith is a testament to the heathen nature of the entertainment industry.

    Tonight, while much of America watches the Golden Globes, I will be busying myself with work. It’s not easy for many of us that loved Hollywood in the past to avoid this staple of life distractions, but it’s something that needs to be done. Christian conservatives in particular should do what we can to find new pastimes instead of supporting the people who oppose most of what we believe. They promote “tolerance” while demonstrating very little of their own when it comes to conservative responsibility or Christian morals. They demand “justice” to be served while condoning lawlessness at the border. They tell us they won’t support the President of the United States before he’s even sworn in while giving tearful goodbyes to the most failure-laden leader in American history.

    With all this, so many of us still pay good money to see them perform. No more. I’m done. That’s not to say that I’m boycotting movies and television. I’m simply going to be extremely selective. I’d rather see a good movie with a conservative message than an award-winning liberal flick. It’s not going to be easy since there are no “Christian conservative movie ratings” apps that I know of (someone should build one or let me know if there’s one already). I’ll have to go with my gut and read reviews of trusted conservatives. To that end, I will also try to put some reviews of my own up on this site when I find shows that are worthy. No promises – I haven’t seen very many this year that fall into that category, but now that I’m looking, hopefully more will come available.

    Christian conservatives often rail against the liberals and atheists in Hollywood, then we support them with our dollars and watch their awards shows. It probably won’t change any time soon, but if there’s a way to make them change, it’s by supporting those who are ideologically aligned with us and avoid those who are not. That doesn’t give us many options, but it’s better than encouraging their agenda by buying tickets to their shows.

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    As More True Conservatives Go #NeverTrump, the Need to Stop His Nomination Grows 

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    Popular radio host Mark Levin has switched his stance and is now #NeverTrump. He joins other true conservative pundits like Erick Erickson, Ben Shapiro, and Glenn Beck as they call for Republicans to see the existential threat to the country that Donald Trump represents.

    This is important. I was listening to Levin the other day and was surprised by his tone towards a potential Trump vs. Hillary Clinton general election. She would be such a disaster for America that Levin was scolding those of us who would not do our part to keep her out of office by voting for Trump. What he didn’t realize then is that Trump has the potential to be even worse for the country if he gets the nomination. Now, thanks to attacks from Trump supporters like Roger Stone, Levin has come around to that realization.

    For those who don’t fully appreciate how a Trump nomination would destroy us, here are a few bullet points:

    • We Will Lose the Senate – As the Weekly Standard points out, a Trump nomination would endanger at least six hotly contested Senate seats. For the 7 out of 10 Americans who view a Trump Presidency as repugnant, the thought of him possibly winning AND having control of the House and Senate is unimaginable. To defend against that possibility, the down ticket candidates will face near-certain elimination if Trump is their counterpart on the ticket.
    • Party Abandonment – The Libertarian, Conservative, and other right-leaning parties are ready and willing to take disenfranchised Republicans into their ranks. Trump has done a nice job at bringing out Republicans who have never participated in politics in the past, but a Trump nomination would mean that it’s now their party. These new Republican voters succumb to the authoritarian nature of Trump and will fight against conservatism, the importance of individual freedoms, and the need to limit government. That’s not to say that all Trump supporters are weak-minded; many are simply misled to believe that their strongman is a strong man.
    • The Democrats Will Almost Certainly Win – Some may say that this argument bodes ill for the #NeverTrump movement because it means that if he’s the nominee, we’ll need to galvanize around him. Here’s the thing: if he’s the nominee, he forces us to determine which evil is the lesser of the two. We’ve voted like that for years with candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney who were both much more conservative than Trump. Whether it’s right or not, the lesser-of-two-evils argument will not have the same effect. Many of us will reluctantly pass on voting for the Presidency. It’s unfortunate, but I simply cannot vote for a big government liberal regardless of whether the letter (R) or (D) is in front of their name.
    • He’s Incompetent – While his supporters cry foul because he’s failing in building an organization to gather delegates, they’re missing the point. It demonstrates how far over his head he is with this campaign. He’s winning for one reason and one reason only: the media. Without all of the attention, he would have faded based upon his asinine liberal policy proposals long ago. He could have known the rules and built a strategy to account for the dynamics of a Presidential campaign. He had the resources (after all, he’s a billionaire) and the connections to put the right people in place to implement his plan. Instead, he’s operated a campaign run by ignorant people that has succeeded in spite of itself. If he ran his campaign properly, he would have already gained the required number of delegates. The nomination should already be locked up by now. If he doesn’t have the competence to run a solid campaign, why should we expect him to be a competent President?

    The evidence is clear: as bad as the Democrats would be for this country, there’s a real possibility that Trump could be even worse.

    Even if you don’t believe this to be true, you must admit that he faces tremendous challenges defeating the Democrats if he’s nominated. There’s a notion that if Trump gets the nomination, he’ll rally the Establishment around him to stop Clinton or Sanders. Whether he can or not is debatable, but when rock-ribbed conservatives see him as more of a threat than the Democrats, he won’t be able to sway them. Levin and many others see his thuggish style, ignorant policy proposals, and liberal ideologies and realize that he will not be able to get the support of the conservatives even if the Establishment reluctantly backs him.

    Trump is a liberal. He wants to build a wall and stop Muslims from entering the country, but so does Ted Cruz. The difference is that Trump holds these two conservative views and then turns to the left on nearly everything else. It’s not just his pro-life, anti-gun, pro-Democrat past. Many of his current ideas are liberal, including:

    • Big government
    • Increased spending
    • Affirmative action
    • Entitlements
    • Tariffs
    • Fair Trade
    • Progressive taxation
    • Touchback amnesty
    • Federal control of land
    • Planned Parenthood

    All of this is happening at the wrong time. If he had run in 2008 or 2012, I probably would have supported him because the alternatives were nearly as liberal and Trump. We have an opportunity in Ted Cruz and in the other elections down ticket. This should be the year of insurgency, the anti-Establishment, pro-conservatism year. Why Trump emerged now to run the Republican party towards a liberal course is nefarious.

    The conservative movement has finally gained footing in America. This was supposed to be the year when we could eject the RINOs in Congress, put a Constitutional conservative in the White House, and correct the course of the nation. Now, the ultimate RINO threatens that notion. It’s time for Trump’s supporters to wake up and smell his liberalism.

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    Trump Stopped Pretending to be Conservative in January but His Supporters Didn’t Notice 

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    For the first few months of his campaign, Donald Trump espoused many conservative ideals. Once his policy proposals started coming out and the need to push certain liberal perspectives hit, he switched gears. Now, he’s basically attacking all truly conservative ideas other than his border plan which is mostly conservative (other than touchback amnesty).

    It was brilliant. He’s picking up the moderates, but he’s not losing the conservatives who seem to be oblivious to his policy stances. It’s either a testament to brilliant campaigning that allows for manipulation in all the right directions or it points to the fallacy of the conservative movement, much of which has fallen for his Pied Piper call and is now beyond reproach.

    The visual nature of social media means that from time to time we will be sharing messages that should resonate for our audience. To see more of them, which are great for sharing on social media, simply click on the Messages category.

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    Donald Trump IS the Establishment 

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    Political pundits have been scrambling for the last week trying to explain why the Republican Establishment would be racing to support Donald Trump, particularly in Iowa. They’ve united on many fronts to oppose Ted Cruz. Meanwhile a group of stalwart conservatives have rallied around Cruz and have even locked arms in opposition to Trump. What should this tell every Republican voter?

    Cruz is the only conservative with a chance of winning. Trump IS the establishment.

    Very few can make a rational argument against the first statement. The second statement takes more discernment and therefore more explaining. There’s a conspiracy theory running around both conservative and liberal publications that the Republican Establishment believes that Trump would be easier to beat than Cruz, so if they can take Cruz out in Iowa they can then reverse course on Trump in New Hampshire and South Carolina and have a clearer, albeit longshot, path to get one of their boys into the nomination. This is an interesting theory but it’s most likely false.

    The biggest clue that points us to the truth is the way that Trump mercurially snuggled up to Iowa’s Big Corn power players, most notably former Senator and GOP candidate Bob Dole and Governor Terry Branstad. He didn’t just come out saying that he would protect the ethanol subsidies in the state. He doubled down and went full liberal, claiming he wants to increase the subsidies and ethanol mandates.

    On the surface, this might seem like a simple ploy by Trump who has been running in a virtual tie with Cruz for over a month in Iowa. It’s just his way to get a few extra corn farmers to vote for him. In reality, this is a statement on the front end that’s matching the deals he’s been making in the back end with powerful moderate Republicans and Neocons.

    This isn’t about them wanting to use Trump now and outflank him later. They’re starting to realize that they have two choices: liberal Trump or conservative Cruz.

    One must understand the Republican Establishment in order to understand why they would choose Trump. Ever since losing to Reagan in 1980, the Republican Establishment has been dead-set on maintaining control of the party. They don’t want to see a Democrat in the White House, but a liberal Republican like Trump wouldn’t be bad even if it’s not ideal. If Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich are deemed as having no realistic chance, then Trump is their man. They’d rather watch the country falter rather than allow a true conservative to sit in the White House and muck things up for them.

    People are looking for an outsider and they see this in Trump, but as he demonstrated in Iowa and has been quietly doing all along, he’s willing to play ball if it will help him achieve his goal of urinating in the Oval Office restroom. His supporters see him as someone who can’t be bought because he’s rich, but they don’t realize that the currency of cronyism at the Presidential level has absolutely nothing to do with cash. It’s all about favors. You can’t “buy” a President in same way you could “buy” a mayor or even a Congressman. Presidents don’t need money even if they’re not billionaires.

    Donald Trump has been bought. With Iowa, he’s marked his territory and stated his intent by pushing as far to the left as possible on subsidies. Now, all that’s left is to get more Republican Establishment endorsements by offering cabinet positions, ambassadorships, veto protection on unfavorable legislation, programs that favor this industry or that organization… the list of favors that a President can dish out is long. That is what Trump can offer. We saw it unfold over the last several months with Sarah Palin, the next Energy Secretary if Trump is elected. We saw it in Iowa with the Big Corn power brokers. We see it with Breitbart, Drudge, and other publications.

    Anyone who avoids the hypnotic Trump sales pitch and instead looks at his actions and policies will realize that he’s not the outsider he claims to be. He’s almost as politically embedded as Hillary Clinton and that says volumes.

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    Blaming the Planned Parenthood Attack on All Conservatives is Like Blaming ISIS on All Muslims 

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    The rhetoric is still rhetoric even if it comes in the form of righteous indignation.

    In comments, social media posts, and even mainstream media stories, I’ve found a clear trend that the attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs is being labeled as a direct result of vocal right-wing mouthpieces who espouse the defunding of Planned Parenthood, protection of gun rights, and a pro-life worldview. This annoys me because the argument, when brought up in regards to radical Islam and calls for advances of the tenets of the Koran, gets quashed as generalizing a group based upon the actions of a small minority within the group.

    Robert Lewis Dear might represent a microscopic portion of the conservative movement. I say “might” because despite assumptions made by nearly everyone, we are not certain that he was a right-wing extremist Christian nut job as many are claiming him to be already.

    For the sake of expediency, let’s assume he is. We know he’s an extremist and a terrorist by definition. He’s probably conservative. He might consider himself a Christian. He’s likely insane (again, by definition). Does that mean that the conservative movement that pushes for gun rights and wants to defund Planned Parenthood is to blame for breeding this monster?

    No. Alternatively, we cannot claim that Muslims who support the Koran and the ways of life it attempts to produce are to blame as a whole for the rise of radical Islamic terrorists like the Islamic State. In a similar fashion, we cannot say that the bigoted actions of Westboro Baptist Church are a result of the teachings of the Bible or that they represent the body of Christianity.

    Crazy people do crazy things. Most of the time, they are stopped, whether by intervention before they go over the edge, law enforcement foiling their plans, spiritual experiences that change their perspectives or the most likely scenario. That most likely scenario is that the evil in the heart that drove Robert Lewis Dear to commit his acts are present in other people but they are either logistically or emotionally incapable of following through with their desires.

    Americans can be diligent without living in fear. Conservatives and liberals will push as far to their respective worldviews as they can through the various means of communication at their disposal. That shouldn’t stop because of insanity. That cannot be halted because of tragedy. That must not be withdrawn because circumstances demand politeness.

    To blame conservatives for the actions of individuals or groups is as prejudiced and ignorant as blaming Muslims for the the Paris attacks, the genocide being attempted by Boko Haram, or the caliphate being initiated by the Islamic State.

    Unfortunately, there are still those who will not see it that way. A survey on a left-wing site asked the question, “Are conservatives to blame for Planned Parenthood attacks?”

    Are Conservatives to Blame for Planned Parenthood Attacks

    145 votes does not make for anything other than an anecdotal comment, but with only 6% believing that conservatives are not to blame for the attack, it’s clear that the liberals on this particular site are ready to place at least some of the blame on conservatives.

    The President will use this incident to push his gun control agenda. Mainstream media will use this to highlight extremism as being a result of conservative talking points. Liberals will blame Christianity regardless of Robert Lewis Dear’s perspectives on religion. None of them will allow a tragedy to be wasted.

    As conservatives, we must not allow spin to quiet our perspectives. As Americans, we cannot allow the actions of a deranged man to dictate doctrine or politics that will affect the masses.

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    Ted Cruz is ‘not the establishment but doesn’t need on-the-job training’ 

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    There are many of us, perhaps millions, who believe that the Republican party as a governing force has been the lesser of two evils. We fear what the Democrats are doing to destroy the country but we’re angry about what the Republicans aren’t doing to repair the damage. This is why Donald Trump and Ben Carson have been so popular. It’s why so many people are willing to tell pollsters that they support either of the anti-establishment candidates.

    Thankfully, there’s a third candidate who would stand in stark contrast to the ineffective Republican Establishment that has been harming the party and not fixing the country appropriately for the last decade. No, I’m not referring to Carly Fiorina, a candidate who has a lot of positive qualities but who doesn’t possess the truly conservative ideology necessary to fix the problems. As regular readers are likely aware, I’m referring to Senator Ted Cruz.

    In an article on National Review that referred to another article on Politico, I saw a quote from a diligent and conscientious conservative that really hit home about what I’ve been feeling the last few months. The author, Jay Nordlinger, ended up singling out the exact line that caught my attention as well. It was from Iowa voter Marilu Erdahl who drove 2.5 hours to be at the event so she could decide who would earn her vote.

    “We need someone who knows the ropes, who’s not the establishment but who doesn’t need on-the-job training.”

    She chose Cruz over Trump or Carson for this very reason. He might not be seen as the anti-establishment outsider that endears voters to Trump or Carson, but his actions clearly demonstrate that he is. The funny part about it is that the very action that demonstrated this – his government shutdown of 2013 – is the action that many in the Republican Establishment point to as a reason to not vote for him. They condemned him for putting the party in a bad light, for destroying their chances of retaining the House and winning the Senate. Of course, a year later the “disastrous” shutdown was demonstrated to have helped the Republicans win the Senate and extend their lead in the House.

    Ted Cruz Anti-Establishment

    History has a funny way of proving the Republican Establishment wrong over and over again. If it weren’t for the fact that history makes the Democrats look even worse, we might not have a party anymore. Again, lesser of two evils.

    Ted Cruz is definitely against the Republican Establishment, the “Washington cartel” as he calls it. Over and over again he stands up for what’s best for America even if it goes against the horrible backroom deals that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell concocted. The difference between him and the other two anti-establishment candidates is that Cruz knows the game and plays it very well for the sake of the country even if it means making enemies along the way.

    He doesn’t need on-the-job-training.

    Many of the concepts that Trump and Carson promote are righteous and important. They should be discussed. They should be fixed. Cruz knows that Trump’s wall must be built and he knows that illegal immigrants must be appropriately handled through things like E-Verify. He knows that religious liberties must be protected despite the trend in America that’s coming from both sides of the aisle. He has shares many of Trump’s and Carson’s ideas. The thing that makes him superior to them as a President isn’t just that he has experience. It’s that he has realistic approaches towards solving the problems. Some of the things that Trump and Carson promote sound great on the campaign trail but are utterly impossible to implement.

    Cruz, Carson, and Trump share ideas about what needs to happen to fix the country. Of the three, only Cruz has the proper conservative plan that can actually become a reality.

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    Why Conservatives Must Give Paul Ryan a Chance to Embrace Conservatism 

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    The last thing that any conservative wants to hear is that another John Boehner clone is given the gavel, but that’s exactly what’s happening. For the sake of the country and the conservative movement, it’s important to give Paul Ryan a little (very little) room to show his conservative side.

    Below is a transcript from the commentary followed by the video itself.

    Right before Paul Ryan is announced as Speaker of the House, lame duck John Boehner did him a favor in the form of what is turning out to be his most egregious act of cowardice. He gave President Obama a clear path for the rest of his Presidency, effectively declawing the Republican majority. It was the crowning achievement end Boehner’s career of battling his own party and failing his country.

    In essence, he saved Ryan from having to do the dirty work once he took over the Speaker’s seat. It’s horrible, but it’s done. Now, we have a clean slate with Ryan and as conservatives it’s extremely important to give him the fresh start he needs. It’s not for his sake. It’s for the sake of conservatives and more importantly for the sake of the country.

    The Freedom Caucus, the Tea Party, and consistent conservatives like Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are facing a backlash from all sides. Obviously the Democrats are against them and always will be. Mainstream media is against them, painting the conservative movement as obstructionist and against any forward movement. Neither of those things can really be changed.

    There are two other fronts where we can change the perceptions. The Republican Establishment, for all of its evils that have been manifested by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, has unified against the conservative wing of the party. Then, there’s the people. Because the other three angles are against the conservatives, the people have, for the most part, followed suit. There are still plenty of supporters of the Tea Party movement and conservatism in general, but its losing momentum. These two facets – the Republican Establishment and the general feelings of voters – are both areas that conservatives can win back. The key to this is Paul Ryan.

    Paul Ryan

    No, I’m not suggesting that Paul Ryan should be handled with kid gloves, nor do I believe that he’s inclined to do the right things. He’s demonstrated that with his various moderate positions, amnesty being the most profound. However, there are two courses of action that conservatives can take. We can assume the worst and start our attacks now before he’s had a chance to do anything or we can accept that he’s the new leader of the House of Representatives and guide him towards the right. It’s a question of civility. By giving him a chance up front, there’s less of a chance that conservatives will be blamed if he fails. If we start attacking like we’re all inclined to do at this point, then his successes will be his successes while his failures will be pinned on conservatives obstructing him.

    There are bigger things at play right now than fighting for a conservative voice in Congress. First and foremost is the Presidency. The thought of having another moderate candidate win the nomination should be completely obtuse to every Republican after two horrendous Presidential elections. The second important thing to remember is the near future of the conservative movement. We need to be winning seats in the House and Senate, not losing them, and at this point every obstruction that the conservatives put up that isn’t clearly righteous will be used to usurp candidates in 2016 and 2018.

    I don’t believe that Paul Ryan will be much better than John Boehner, but we have to give him the opportunity to either prove us wrong or prove us right. If we start swinging in the early days of his tenure as Speaker, we’re just turning ourselves into the scapegoats that will lose now AND in the future.

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    Conservative Action Needed. #WakeUpAmerica 

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    Action Needed

    Conservatism has been an important part of the United States as a growth component for decades. The ebb and flow of conservatives and progressives has been a good thing despite what people on either side would say. Going from Ronald Reagan’s economic philosophies created the atmosphere that allowed Bill Clinton’s economic philosophies to flourish.

    There are times when too much liberalism starts to destroy a country. That time is now. We can’t wait for the ebb and flow to work on things. Today more than any other time in the past, we need a strong conservative President. We don’t need a lukewarm moderate. We can’t afford another liberal. Right now the need for a conservative leader should be at the top of the list for those who love the country. We have our preference, but at this point any true conservative would be better than another Democrat or a “Republican in Name Only” RINO.

    The visual nature of social media means that from time to time we will be sharing messages that should resonate for our audience. To see more of them, which are great for sharing on social media, simply click on the Messages category.

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    Thomas Sowell on Socialism 

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    Thomas Sowell on Socialism

    There’s a strange sincerity in the way that Thomas Sowell speaks in ways that make him seem extremely intelligent while downplaying the concept of intellectual superiority in the process. He truly is one of the great thinkers of our time in any circles, not just as a conservative or economist. Perhaps most endearing is the fact that his words are entertaining as well with a quick wit reminiscent of bards of the past. If Samuel Clemens was a modern day conservative economist, he’d be Thomas Sowell.

    The visual nature of social media means that from time to time we will be sharing messages that should resonate for our audience. To see more of them, which are great for sharing on social media, simply click on the Messages category.

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    True Conservatives have been Right All Along 

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    There are two prevailing stereotypes that are touchstones for attacks from the opposite political side. For liberals, they have a tendency to proclaim that conservatives are racist. For conservatives, we often feel like liberals are stupid. Neither is universally correct and the sooner we can stop acting like they are, the easier it will be to make things better for the whole country.

    The visual nature of social media means that from time to time we will be sharing messages that should resonate for our audience. To see more of them, which are great for sharing on social media, simply click on the Messages category.

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