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    The best way to cover the news: NOQ Report 

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    It’s no secret I’ve had many projects in the works lately. Between the Federalist Party, The New Americana, and expanding the family, my days have been loaded from the moment I wake up until the moment I pass out. Why start something else? It’s necessary.

    Two weeks ago, we did a soft launch on NOQ Report. This has been percolating for a while between me and Steve Berman, the managing editor for both TNA and NOQ. Conservative media has become a parody of itself in many ways. Most sites are very spammy. Some of them are so loaded with advertisements it’s hard to read the news without closing popups, popunders, popsideways, all the while ignoring semi-pornographc ads plastered everywhere.

    Then, there’s the identity crisis that’s been happening in conservative media. Some sites are very pro-Trump. Others are very pro-GOP. Most get confused between the two, not sure which direction to point since it seems like neither Trump nor the GOP itself are heading in a conservative direction on most issues. Throw in the rise of the alt-right and the confusing distinctions between nationalism and white nationalism and it’s easy to see the conservative media crisis that wasn’t prepared to do anything other than oppose Barack Obama. With the enemy out of the way, most conservative media sites are floundering.

    NOQ Report is designed to fix that, but it’s more than just making conservative media better. We wanted to try a modern way to present the news itself. NOQ stands for News, Opinions, and Quotes. Here’s what we came up with to improve conservative media through NOQ Report:

    • News: Standard operating procedure for most conservative media sites is to take news from mainstream media and regurgitate it with a conservative spin. There are very few conservative news originators; most sites pull reports and then retell the story. We aren’t in a position (yet) to have a robust origination department, though we do have some strong writers out there looking for fresh news. Instead, NOQ aims to tell the WHOLE story with four basic sections to our news stories. The first part is standard – tell the basic story. The next section, Perspectives, pulls from hundreds of various sources and curates them for our readers. Then, we get Reactions pulled from social media. Lastly, we have our Final Thoughts to wrap it all up.
    • Opinions: The key to having a great opinions-section is great writers. We’ve got them. We didn’t stop there, though. Our opinions section is going to avoid the editorial narrative that’s associated with the vast majority of publications. Our writers have free reins.
    • Quotes: There are plenty of sites that highlight quotes of historical figures. We’ll focus on quotes from today. What are the players saying? How does it affect everyone? This will be a very important section because it gives readers plenty to share on social media.

    Things don’t always go as planned. NOQ was supposed to get started next year, but a DDoS attack on The New Americana forced us to move things up. We needed money to get it going. We still need money to keep it rolling (hint, hint). So far, it’s working out nicely.

    Conservative media is in need of an upgrade. NOQ Report will deliver that. Check it out, subscribe, and spread the word. America needs it.

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    Focusing on philosophies instead of individuals 

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    One of the basic tenets of small-government-loving Federalists is that the individual American holds primacy over all other levels of government. “Self-government” is what the founders envisioned. They believed that the states and the national government had roles to play, but those roles were intended to empower the individual and his/her family.

    This belief has brought about a crossover of ideas that is false. Just because Federalists believe in the power of the individual, that doesn’t mean that Federalists should embrace individuals as the answer in political wars. One of the biggest problems we face is that we’ve developed a culture of followers. In short, we have “idols” who millions of people latch onto in order to not only lead them if elected but also to help them formulate their own opinions.

    As an active member of Ted Cruz’s grassroots support, I came across many people who treated Cruz as the guy who could fix things. They viewed him with a reverence that fell just shy of religious zealotry. He’s not the only one who brought this level of support. We’ve seen it with Ron Paul. We witnessed it for eight years with President Obama. We see it today with President Trump. As Americans, it’s imperative that we never put so much weight onto any one person because invariably they will disappoint us.

    On the other hand, the conservative and Federalist philosophies are designed to embody the type of allegiance that is all-too-often granted to individuals. Why? Because both philosophies are squarely rooted in the supremacy of the Constitution above all things other than the Bible. As Americans, we are given certain unalienable rights at birth. These rights are natural and God-given. The Constitution doesn’t grant them to us, but it does defend them in ways no individual or party could ever do. It’s for this reason that we should seek leaders who hold defending the Constitution itself as their highest non-religious calling.

    We don’t need politicians to defend us or our rights. We need politicians who defend the Constitution. In its words and in the empowerment of its status as the foundation of government, our God-given rights are naturally defended. If our leaders will do everything in their power to defend the Constitution from forces within and abroad (including other American leaders), they will be performing the most important duty in their role as public servants.

    Relying on men and women to defend our freedoms will invariably lead to disappointment and failure. If our leaders would simply defend the Constitution, everything else will fall into its appropriate place.

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    If you’ve thrown in the towel for conservatism, pick it back up 

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    Every day, there’s a feeling of dread that comes over me. It’s quick; I’ve learned to recognize it and either think through it if it’s mild or pray through it if it’s severe. The dread I feel is that the country and the world may be heading in directions from which we can never return. The road leading left. The direction of lawlessness. The path away from God.

    Most days, I receive a stark reminder that we, the Christian Constitutional conservatives who once made up a large portion of America, are being assaulted from every angle. Liberalism has embedded itself in education and the media. Godlessness is en vogue. Perhaps worst of all, many of the once-diligent fighters for freedom and faith are cutting deals, making exceptions, and accepting that any attempts at purity or principles are futile and therefore we must sacrifice our values for the sake of expediency.

    Some days, I think about throwing in the towel. I wonder what it would be like to move out of southern California to a secluded area away from the struggles. I could just focus on my family and my business and stay away from the tumult of politics and world events.

    Today, I’m throwing away the towel altogether. Throwing it in the ring and declaring surrender is no longer an option and I encourage every God-fearing, America-loving person to do the same. This is a fight that will continue whether we defend ourselves or not. It’s a battle that will find its way into our personal backyards regardless of where we go or how well we prepare. We are in a time of world war in which the enemy wants to take away our principles. They want compliance. When they have enough people complying, they will demand obedience. Soon after they have obedience, the sole of their boots will be on our necks, a position from which we cannot recover.

    I will not comply.

    Faith, family and country are worth protecting. Retreat is not an option. They will find us no matter where we go. As we look at an upcoming election that will almost certainly give us one of two anti-freedom Presidents, the pressing need to be better and do more has increased. We must unite and fight. The Republican Party will no longer defend us as their leftward lurch has made it hard to distinguish them from Democrats. There are fighters within the party who can help, but they’re few and far between.

    This is a call to all patriots, but in particular it’s a call to those who have thrown in their political towels. You, the people who have bled and wept for your country only to see it press onward towards oblivion, are the people who cannot give up hope. You must pick up your towel and get back in this fight. If nobody represents you in government, let’s put better people in there. If you’ve fought for good people who were pushed aside for more pragmatic/liberal alternatives, push forward for the next fight.

    It’s not just about elections. This is about calling out those who push liberalism. It’s about calling out those who claim the conservative mantle during elections but who toss it aside while in office. It’s about declaring with a unified voice that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are still in play and therefore still require defense.

    We are building a new party. It will be one based solely on principles. The conservative philosophy of defending our God-given rights has no real champions in party form. There are good Libertarians. There are good Constitution Party members. There are even good Republicans. However, no party has risen above the hypocrisy to focus its efforts on principles. That’s what we’re going to do. Pick up your towel and join us.

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    What the GOP Must Learn from Atlas Shrugged 

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    For the third time in less than a week, I’m forced to invoke a book that I actually didn’t really like. Atlas Shrugged is a classic that made some great points about free market capitalism and personal responsibility, but it was a militantly anti-Christian story that glorified “enlightened” thinking outside of Biblical doctrine. Still, there are things that we can take away from it that are worth noting.

    If you haven’t read it, I wouldn’t recommend it. Over the years it’s been put on a philosophical pedestal and glorified by many political pundits, particular Libertarian-leaning fiscal conservatives, but in my humble opinion it was above-average at best. Nonetheless, here’s my spoiler alert. I’ll be going into details about the ending which was utterly ludicrous in any reality other than three:

    1. If the world descends into a dystopian vision due to industrial economic collapse not brought on by war or natural catastrophe, the book’s end is viable.
    2. In a post-apocalyptic world that attempts and fails to properly rebuild, the end is viable.
    3. In the 2016 election where conservatism is tossed to the wolves, the end is applicable.

    Obviously, I’m focusing on the last reality since it’s our reality.

    Leave, Regroup, Rebuild

    In Atlas Shrugged, the people who have the skills, drive, and ambition to succeed are the people who can save the collapsing socialist society around them. Unlike the realities we’re seeing around the world and the one that is emerging in America, the socialism described in Atlas Shrugged is hidden and subtle. It’s wrapped in a faux-totalitarian government that has embraced the ideas of crony capitalism without the benefits of a capitalistic engine upon which to mooch.

    The capitalists, represented in Atlas Shrugged as industrialists and practical scientists, leave. The best minds are plucked from the world suddenly and completely. John Galt, the ideological leader of the movement, takes the people who can preserve society and hides them away in a mini-utopia off the map where they build a working community separate from the outside world.

    They live for themselves and believe two concepts: paraphrasing, they will demand nothing of any other man and they will not accept demands from any other man.

    The near future that they see is one where the world essentially collapses and falls back 100 years. Without the industrialists, trains will be replaced by horse and buggy. Electric light will be replaced by lanterns. Infrastructure will collapse. Dog will eat dog. When everything is so bad and the government is completely abolished, they will reemerge and rebuild.

    This is the model that conservatives must adopt. We are the industrialists and practical scientists of the modern world. Through conservatism, the GOP has harnessed our proper and righteous mentalities in the campaign slogans, but have acted against the precepts. Just as the “looters” in Atlas Shrugged took from the industrialists, the Establishment has taken from conservatives their “fair” share while refusing to actually embrace the solutions that conservative politicians, pundits, and wonks have recommended.

    For centuries in Atlas Shrugged, the looters took from the industrialists and accepted the benefits of their brainpower, then using it against them to promote an agenda that was contrary to the industrialists’ strengths and values. For decades, the Establishment has held the mantle of conservatism while practicing tactics to take conservatives down.

    It’s time to depart. It’s time to leave the GOP. It’s time to take our ideas and talents to our own political party utopia and let the liberals in both parties battle to see who can do the most harm to the country, Unlike the industrialists in Atlas Shrugged, we will not wait for the collapse before we start taking action. We will regroup as quickly as possible under a new conservative party and begin preparations to rebuild conservatism and therefore the party itself.

    It won’t be easy. When reading Atlas Shrugged, one is left with the feeling that everything would be fine and that the industrialists will be able to essentially reverse the apocalypse. Our situation as conservatives is the opposite. What we’re about to go through with the next liberal President isn’t necessarily going to be the apocalypse, but we’ll need all of our talents, effort, and the grace of God in order to make it possible. New parties have failed since the 19th century. We only have two things going for us:

    1. Never since the 19th century has there been a more suitable moment to galvanize conservatives behind a new party. The GOP has abandoned us with the expectation that we’ll return because we always do.
    2. We’re in the right. They, both major parties, are in the wrong.

    By taking advantage of this unique political atmosphere and applying the principles of velocity and exceptionalism, defying the odds of building a new party can be achieved. Like the industrialists in Atlas Shrugged, we will allow the political landscape to hit rock bottom before bringing our ideas back to the table in a new and controlled manifestation. Conservatives will finally be able to call the shots. That’s the only way for America to see it’s brightest days once again.

    The GOP will learn a lesson from this experience, but it won’t be what they expect. They’re looking for conservatives to come running back to Trump if he wins or the Establishment if he loses. We will do neither. They must be made to realize that we will no longer answer to the demands of the GOP, nor will we demand that the GOP appease us. Through a clean break, we’ll be able to heal conservatism and the nation quicker while building a stronger foundation around conservatism.

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    Lost in the Non-Endorsement is the Fact that Everything Cruz said was Righteous 

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    Ted Cruz willfully put himself in the middle of a Trumpstorm by speaking at the Republican National Convention and not endorsing the nominee, Donald Trump. He is, once again, the most hated man in Washington DC as many of his peers will see this as a betrayal of the will of a plurality of the Republican party. All they wanted him to do was sell out his principles and values and endorse the man who trashed him for months, called his wife ugly, and accused his father of perpetrating the most famous murder in American history.

    That’s all.

    Every bit of focus from the media will be on the fact that Ted Cruz asked people to “vote their conscience” up and down the ticket and to focus on defending the Constitution. He spent a good amount of time talking about defending freedom. He even congratulated Trump for winning the nomination. He did not utter the words, “I endorse Donald Trump,” and for that he will be vilified.

    What’s missed is the fact that calling on people to vote their conscience SHOULD be enough to get them to vote for the GOP nominee. After all, if the Republican party is on the side of conservatism, freedom, and defending the Constitution, then it should be an easy leap to associate “voting your conscience” with voting for the Republican nominee. The problem is this: telling people to vote their conscience doesn’t necessarily mean voting for Trump. It’s the saddest state of political affairs when a Republican nominee going up against the corrupt Hillary Clinton cannot be definitively proclaimed as the vote of one’s conscience.

    Cruz said to vote for those who will defend the Constitution. That, too, should be a no-brainer for the Republican nominee in any other year. The Republican party is one that should live and breath by the doctrines of the Constitution. That should not be in doubt. By telling people to vote for the defender of the Constitution in 2016, there’s simply no guarantee that Trump is that person. In fact, he’s said more things throughout the campaign that go against defending the Constitution than even Clinton. She butchers her interpretation to fit her goals, but at least she attempts to stay within its bounds. Trump, unfortunately, does not know those bounds because he does not know the Constitution.

    While meeting with GOP Senators earlier this month, he was asked what he would do to uphold Article I powers in the Constitution. This, of course, refers to the powers granted to Congress. Trump’s response was that he’d uphold Article I, Article II, Article XII, and all the rest. Unfortunately for Trump, there aren’t 12 Articles in the Constitution. There are 7. Even worse, he unwittingly declared that he would uphold his own powers as President which are detailed in Article II. That’s the problem we’re facing with President Obama; he has attempted to expand Article II powers which is exactly what had the GOP Senators concerned. Trump, who clearly knows absolutely nothing about the document that is to be defended by the office he’s running for, is the first GOP candidate in modern history to be arguably less protective of the Constitution than the Democratic nominee.

    Ted Cruz proved very clearly that he’s fearless, principled, and has a clear understanding of the things that Trump needs to know. That Republicans will bash him for expecting people to vote for freedom, conscience, and defense of the Constitution is the clearest sign of the downfall of the party itself. Trump has killed the GOP. It’s time for a new conservative party to be formed immediately.

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    After the Convention, It May Be Time to Start a New Conservative Party 

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    The Republican populist party is officially here. There’s likely no going back. There’s likely no way to salvage it. The underbelly of the Republican party has united with the moderate Establishment wing to form the party of Trump, a formidable force that has no room for Reagan conservatives, the Judeo-Christian right, or Constitutionalists. It’s just about time to stop fighting for the GOP and unite under a new umbrella.

    Tea Party patriots no longer have a home. Fiscal conservatives that believe in smaller government, a balanced budget, and greatly reduced tax and spend policies cannot look to the GOP for support. Social conservatives who believe in preserving religious liberties, protecting the sanctity of marriage, and defending the life of the unborn have been pushed aside.

    We no longer have a party. Sure, there are much smaller parties to look at, but they’re powerless. We’ve stuck around with the GOP for 30 years waiting for the next Ronald Reagan. A few have popped up such as Ted Cruz, but the GOP was overcome by nefarious forces of stupidity in the year that we actually had a chance to nominate a conservative.

    Now is not the time to wait around, but we’re going to have to wait until the GOP convention. There’s still a chance that sanity may win over. What’s more likely is that Donald Trump will do something to disqualify himself. I’m one who believes that he never really wanted to be President and now that he’s on the verge of getting the nomination, he wants the Presidency even less. He wants to lose, but he doesn’t want to do so in a way that makes him seem to be a loser. He’d rather win and begrudgingly move into the White House than to be considered a loser. For this reason, I think there’s a chance something will “leak” before the convention.

    The other two options are for a conservative to run third party or for a convention coup. A third party candidate hasn’t materialized and if one doesn’t pop up in the next two weeks, there won’t be one. A coup is doubtful unless Trump does something dumb (okay, dumbER than he’s already been doing).

    As eager as I am to start contacting conservatives, posting to various publications, getting things rolling on social media, and contacting the conservative parties that are already existing in an effort to consolidate, I’ll wait. The urge is there but patience must rule for now. If Trump is officially nominated, we’ll get this rolling. In the meantime, we must allow the Republican party to hold us hostage.

    Conservatism from a Constitutional originalist perspective is the only thing outside of divine intervention that can save this country from the disastrous turn we’re in the process of taking. The road that the last four Presidents have sent us down is horrible, but it’s not too late to correct the course. We’ve waited this long. What’s a few more weeks?

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    Of Course John Kasich Dropped Out. Mission Accomplished. 

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    Call me a conspiracy theorist. Call me prescient. Call me bitter. When John Kasich stayed in the race beyond his big victory in his home state of Ohio, I wrote that I believed he had made a backroom deal with Donald Trump to help him secure the nomination.

    In retrospect, I’m not sure if the deal was made with Trump or someone in the Republican Establishment, but the evidence is very clear that his mission was to prevent Cruz from being the nominee. Some will say, “but he made a deal with Cruz over Indiana.” Right. A “deal.” It was arguably the biggest factor in Trump’s monumental victory. It was a boneheaded move by the Cruz campaign that completely backfired and I would suggest that the Kasich team knew it would. I’m not going to dwell on the mistakes the Cruz campaign made; in retrospect, their campaign was technically strong by failed to account for the emotional effect of proper political campaign politics.

    Kasich is complicit in this major blow to conservatism, the Republican party, and America. Whatever deal he made with Trump, the GOP elites, or whoever, his mission was accomplished. Do I blame Kasich for Cruz’s loss? No. I blame us, the grassroots. I blame the conservative pundits who either betrayed their own ideology or failed to spread it properly. I blame the Christian pandering to political correctness that has allowed Trump to be acceptable to many of us who believe the Bible. I blame the Cruz campaign for not seeing the landmines they were setting for themselves.

    I don’t blame Kasich. He should have been an easy foe to vanquish, but most underestimated his effect on the outcome.

    There’s no need to dwell on it. However, we must remember. Kasich is on the list of those who fought against America. Etch his name on tablets of history as an enemy of conservatism.

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    It’s Not Trump’s Fault. Nor the Media. It’s Ours. 

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    In Indiana, Ted Cruz was eliminated from the GOP race. Fingers are being pointed. There seem to be so many people to blame. The reality is this: WE are to blame. By “we,” I mean faithful Christians and true conservatives.

    How did this happen? How does a liberal narcissist knucklehead like Trump win over Republican voters? The answer lies in the inability of two related segments of America. Let’s start with true conservatives. The Mark Levins, Erick Ericksons, and Ben Shapiros of the world have failed. The grassroots activists, of which I consider myself an active participant, have failed. The National Reviews, RedStates, and Soshables of the internet have failed. Conservatism as a political ideology makes way too much sense for us to have failed, but we have.

    The reasons are numerous, but let’s list a few:

    • Fighting on Their Level: To get noticed, you have to get loud. To get loud means that you have to abandon the higher thinking of intellectual discourse upon which we have an advantage and dive into the realm of emotional argumentation and insincere pandering. This is a losing battle; when feelings are involved, logic is dissolved. Having a low flat tax for economic growth makes sense logically but it doesn’t appeal to the masses who have to be shown things in quick sound bites and brief headlines. Preserving liberties is a fundamental component of conservatism, but when emotional fairness leads to political correctness (which it invariably does), liberties are painted as discrimination. Conservatives have the better plan, but “better” is wiped out when we bring the argument down to the emotional level… which happens way too often.
    • Acceptance of the Lesser of Two Evils: How does John McCain stay in the Senate for so long? Because he’s better than the opposing Democrat. How does Paul Ryan become Speaker of the House? Because we’ve elected too many moderate Congressman. If ever there was a reason to remain on the #NeverTrump side of the ball, it’s this. We have to rebuild the Republican party under the flag of true conservatism which means that we cannot support anyone who is the lesser of two evils. As much as a Hillary Clinton White House terrifies me, I can’t say with certainty that Trump would be better. If anything, I’m leaning towards the notion that he would be worse. I will not vote for either. More on that in another article. In the meantime, we have to come to the realization that we cannot keep electing populists and moderates to office.
    • Allowance of Fakers: Conservatism is popular on the campaign trail. It’s popular for talk show hosts, podcasters, and bloggers. The problem is that too many of them are fair weather conservatives. They bend. They pretend. They wave conservatism around as if it’s malleable when it shouldn’t be. They’ve helped to redefine what conservatism is supposed to be, but the reality is that true conservatism is ideal the way it is. The fakers must be removed from the conversation.

    As for faithful Christians, our calling is to share the Gospel, to live by the tenets of the Bible, and to fight when appropriate. We aren’t. As a group, we’re relenting to the same political correctness that is rampant in politics. By standing by and lightly chastising the moral degradation of the country, we’re allowing for people like Trump to become our representatives. It’s sad that Trump is now the “last hope” for defending religious liberties. In other words, we are now condemned to fight on our own.

    I’m disgusted, but at this point it’s time to look in the mirror to see why this happened. Once we get our wits about us again, it’s time to do something about it. As Shapiro points out, it’s time to start rebuilding now.

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    The Last Conservative Standing Must No Longer Stand Alone 

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    For the first time in three decades, a true conservative has an opportunity to return values and prudence to the White House. Not since Ronald Reagan has a defender of the Constitution been so close to sitting in the Oval Office and renewing the promises that made America exceptional. This country has suffered through over a quarter century of poor leadership and destructive policies and the only man that can change this disastrous trend is Ted Cruz.

    When the election season started last year, I found myself filled with hope. The field of candidates included strong conservatives and it seemed like the only real Establishment threat was Jeb Bush. The sentiment around the country following the disappointment of a Congress that remained liberal despite being controlled by Republicans favored the conservative cause. It was clear that this would be an anti-Establishment election year until the ultimate Establishment mole worked his way into the conversation. Donald Trump, the most experienced manipulator of crony politics that has ever run for President, was able to spin the narrative in his direction and steal the thunder from the proven anti-Establishment candidate. While Trump was playing the Establishment game, Cruz was making enemies in all the right places, but that reality was lost in the media’s salivating obsession with the false anti-Establishment candidate.

    Since earlier this year when Trump denial turned to Trump regrets, we’ve seen many patriotic conservatives stand to be counted. Erick Erickson, Ben Shapiro, Brent Bozell III, Glenn Beck, and Mark Levin used their status as real pundits to share the truth about Trump while shedding light on the qualities of Ted Cruz, but it hasn’t been enough. There’s a strong delusion sweeping the country, one that is so powerful that I haven’t discounted it’s possible Biblical implications. However, there’s a difference between acknowledging the powers and principalities and fearing them. I do not fear them and unless stopping Trump and promoting Cruz becomes impossible, I will continue to fight. I ask all true conservatives to do the same.

    Now is not the time to stand on the sidelines and wonder at the Trump phenomenon. Now is not the time to accept Trump as an inevitability or to lose hope in Cruz’s chances to defeat him. Just as Trump’s supporters have shielded themselves against the facts, so too must Cruz supporters shield themselves from the lies.

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