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    The Secular Education Model that should Terrify American Christians 

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    Conservatives and Christians have been concerned about the education system in the United States for decades. Some would say that when we took the Bible out of schools, we started the downfall of American culture. At this point, I won’t even try to stir up that discussion. The battle lines have been drawn much further to the left. Today, we must start by trying to prevent America from becoming like Iceland.

    Yes, Iceland.

    The results of a disturbing study show that in less than one generation, Iceland has gone from 87% “religious believers” to 46%. That’s bad enough, but when we realize that their education system has made it to where literally 0% of young Christians in the country believe that God created the earth, it’s easy to see that this trend will have the country as a completely secular religion within a couple of decades at the latest.

    It comes down to education. We took the Bible out of the schools and it will likely take a Biblical event to put it back in the schools. However, we’re seeing that the left is pushing for an education system that doesn’t just remove God from education but that attempts to wipe the possibility of Creation from the minds of our youths before they ever have a chance to come to their own conclusions.

    This is not a problem that can be addressed through politics alone, though politics will play a role in a Christian family’s ability to teach our own children properly. We can and should fight to prevent the theories of evolution and the Big Bang from becoming doctrine. As any honest scientist would acknowledge, neither concept is proven. In fact, both have flaws that should give pause to any thinking human, but that’s not stopping the education system from declaring that the debate is settled.

    Teaching those concepts as the unproven theories that they are is only part of the problem. Allowing room for the truth of Creation to even be considered is the other need and at this point, it would seem that the political structure of America will not allow that to happen. We have to keep trying. At the national level, it’s a tougher fight, but at the local level the fight must continue until it’s won.

    The most important thing to remember is that there’s really only three options for parents and their children:

    • Ideally, one or both parents will commit to a Bible-driven homeschool program for their children. It’s not for everyone, but it’s ideal when appropriate.
    • If homeschool is impossible, a good Christian private school is acceptable, but be sure to constantly check their hermeneutic on a regular (daily) basis.
    • If the situation is too dire for either of these options, then you must guide your children through the perverse public school system by equipping them with the Biblical fortitude required for them to make it out properly.

    If that last option seemed to be demonized a bit, it’s because that was the intention. The American public school system is designed to indoctrinate first, educate second. If you are in a position that requires the use of public schools, then taking your kids to church on Sundays (or Saturdays) is not enough. Things are different. There are militant atheists and secularists controlling the school systems today that will do everything they can to prevent your children from coming out with the proper Biblical worldview.

    The War on Christianity starts at the schools. The left is building a generation that is much more secular than any before it. We’re not talking about the gradual shift that has happened for decades. They are in the process of a clean sweep within a single generation. One only has to look at Iceland to see the model for what’s being attempted in America today.

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    Conservatives Must Prepare Their Children for College 

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    You have to admit that liberals are brilliant. Their ideologies are unable to stand against critical thought so they’ve systematically taken over the two most important components of adult thought leadership: the media and colleges. Below is an example of how our children are indoctrinated at university.

    Before we watch the video, we have to recognize the two areas where they’ll be most voraciously consumed by liberal professors and even fellow students. The first is obvious; conservatism is hard to maintain when the majority of professors are liberal and a good chunk of them are activists who are in college mostly as a venue for indoctrinating future leaders. The second is actually even more obvious as their faith is not only challenged by most but militantly attacked by many.

    Now, let’s watch the video:

    In the professor’s defense, the incident he was describing wasn’t exactly fake. It was over a year earlier than expressed and happened in Georgia. Granted, it didn’t happen as he described, but the truth is secondary to liberals when on stage for theatrical mind control sessions.

    As a parent, it’s important that I set a great example by staying true to my conservative perspectives. It’s not a matter of saying that taxes should be lowered and gun rights should be protected because I said so. I make it a point to talk to my children about issues, to get their perspectives, and to help them not only come to the right conclusions but also to be prepared to defend their positions. The same holds true for our Judeo-Christian faith. For this, reading the Bible is enough, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop there. Making sure that they understand the reasons that the adversary is going to put stumbling blocks in their way in college can help them discern when it happens.

    Things are bad today and it’s today that we must be actively pursuing. The future will tend to itself. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t prepare them. As parents, we are responsible for our children’s perspectives today and helping them to maintain their conservatism and grow in their faith through college and beyond.

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    Ted Cruz is the Only True Christian Conservative with a Chance of Winning 

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    Let’s break this down to the true final four. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie are the only candidates left who have a chance of winning the GOP nomination for President. Sorry Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and all other candidates’ fans. Even Rubio and Christie are long shots at this point.

    Now, let’s look at all four candidates and grade them on whether or not they’re (a) true Christians, and (b) conservatives.

    Starting from the bottom of the final four, we have Chris Christie. He’s the easiest to dismiss because he’s not a conservative. We don’t need to look into his faith at all. He is as moderate as they get and he doesn’t claim to be a conservative though he does espouse certain conservative ideas.

    Marco Rubio is the toughest one in the batch. He claims to be strong in his Christian faith and we have no reason to doubt that. His voting record has been conservative on the standard scales and reviews, but there are a few things that stand out. First and most obvious is the Gang of Eight. That alone disqualifies him from being a true conservative, but if we mark that down as a moment of weakness while his eyes were on the grand prize, we have to dig a little deeper. There are his backers – some conservatives but mostly moderates – who are pulling his strings. That’s important because Big Sugar is one of those backers. They have been since before he was in the Senate and he’s never wavered on supporting them.

    Who else is behind Marco Rubio? The Republican Establishment sees him as their only chance of maintaining control over the party if Jeb Bush doesn’t have a miraculous comeback and if Christie can’t sustain his momentum. With the Establishment backing him, all bets are off. One does not secure their backing without big promises to the wrong people. Those promises and his willingness to do and say anything for support eliminates him.

    Donald Trump is not a true conservative. He has immigration for which he’s extra-conservative, but on all other issues he’s moderate at best and occasionally even liberal. His tax plan is the closest that any GOP candidate comes to promoting the socialistic ideas of taking from the upper-middle class to give to the poor. His foreign policy is smack dab in the middle between John Kasich’s pseudo-hawkishness and Hillary Clinton’s Neocon adventurism tempered by Barack Obama’s timidity.

    We won’t look at his liberal past, including support for many of Democrats in power over the last three decades. Those he has supported include Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and of course the Clintons. He was even a fan of President Obama’s early on, calling him a “champion.” We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say, as he claims, that he evolved on abortion, national healthcare, affirmative action, eminent domain, and other areas where he’s been opposed to Republicans in the past.

    The thing that excludes him from this list is his claim that he’s never sought forgiveness and doesn’t practice his claimed religion regularly. It’s not within any man’s ability to judge the heart of a believer, but in his expression of faith Donald Trump has been lukewarm at best. No Republican candidate in history has excluded God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit while on the campaign trail as much as Trump. If he truly is a Christian, he doesn’t portray those traits with his actions or words. His casinos alone should be clear indicators of this; he makes money off of the hardships of others. He wins by making other people lose.

    That brings us to Cruz. Few would question his conservative values that he has consistently demonstrated in all that he’s done in Texas and Washington DC. His Senate conservatism is well-documented, but many don’t realize what he did as Solicitor General in defending conservatism and faith at the Supreme Court.

    As Solicitor General for the State of Texas and in private practice, Ted authored more than 80 U.S. Supreme Court briefs and argued 43 oral arguments, including nine before the U.S. Supreme Court, and has won an unprecedented series of landmark national victories including defending U.S. sovereignty against the UN and the World Court in Medellin v. Texas, defending our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, defending the constitutionality of the Ten Commandments monument at the Texas State Capitol and the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

    In regards to his faith, Cruz has been the most stalwart defender of religious liberties while maintaining his own evangelical stances on everything in life and politics.

    One does not need to be a Christian or a conservative to see the Statesman-level greatness in Cruz if they simply explore his accomplishments. Still, if faith and conservatism are important, there’s really only one choice among those who can win the GOP nomination.

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    Why are Christian Refugees Being Ignored by Christian Refugee Groups? 

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    If there’s any wonder why the Obama Administration chooses to ignore Middle Eastern Christian refugees in favor of Muslim refugees, one needs only to look at some of the most prominent US-based Christian refugee groups. They seem to share the preference and are as much to blame for Christians accounting for less than 2% of the accepted refugees over the last four years.

    There are two reasons that this is tragic. In reality, there are dozens of reasons, but we’re going to focus on the two most clear. First, Christians represent over 10% of the displaced refugees seeking a new home. Second, Middle East persecution of Christians is generally much more harsh than persecution against Muslim refugees. Neither of these facts are disputed. They’re simply ignored.

    Despite these facts, a mere 34 out of 2,100 refugees accepted by the United States have been Christians.

    It’s natural for us to rightly assume that the Obama administration is the reason for this, but they’re not alone. Much of the blame can be turned against alleged Christian organizations helping refugees. They, too, ignore the Christian refugees for one reason or another.

    Here’s where the conspiracy theorist in me comes out. There are only two possible reasons for this to be the case. The more realistic theory is that these church-driven groups are mindful of their status and do not want to demonstrate a preference for Christian refugees since that could be considered favoritism. As a result, they overcompensate by not highlighting the large number of Christians since the majority of refugees are, indeed, Muslim.

    The second and more nefarious theory is that these organizations might be church-driven, but they’re not Bible-driven. That’s not to attack any individuals within these organizations; I would venture that most involved are truly caring people who are doing what they can to help those in need. However, it’s conspicuous that their websites don’t even mention the Christian component of the refugee crisis at all. We’re not talking about a small number. There are hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East who are lucky to be homeless and hungry. Many have brothers, fathers, and sons that are dead and sisters, mothers, and daughters who are kept alive to be raped.

    The most important change that must be made in America today is to solidify the immigration and refugee programs in ways that can properly screen and track those who enter the country regardless of religion. This is imperative; it cannot wait for the next President. This must be done immediately. It isn’t just for national security. It’s also based upon the assumption that there will be refugees brought into the United States because of the tremendous need in the world.

    More importantly, we can help to secure our own borders by helping those in the Middle East who are being persecuted by doing two things: destroying the Islamic State and helping to build or rebuild portions of the Middle East where these refugees can go. They don’t all have to go to Europe or the United States. There is enough room and with the help of the international community there would be enough resources to make this happen quickly.

    None of it will work as long as the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations have so much control over the lands.

    We can debate whether or not refugees should be allowed in the first place, but in the meantime if we’re going to accept refugees there should be the right proportions of them that are Christian. I’m not even calling for a preference at this point. I’m simply asking that they not be ignored and pushed to the back the way they’re being pushed today.

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    Like It or Not, Religious Liberties Must Extend to All 

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    It’s very easy for those of a Judeo-Christian faith to feel like ours is the only classification that should be protected by the Constitution. As a Christian, I know how important it is to defend the religious liberties of all. It has nothing to do with fairness or religious unity. To defend our own religious liberties, we must also defend the liberties of other religions.

    This should go without saying, but apparently it needs to be said. A recent poll shows that most Americans believe that religious liberties must be defended, but when the questions are broken down into different religious groups, the numbers start to separate. It’s more acceptable for Christian liberties to be protected than for Mormon, Jewish, or Muslim liberties in the eyes of many people. This is a mistake.

    We don’t have to agree with other religions in order to recognize that they must be given liberties in order to protect our own. The 1st Amendment is designed to allow religious discourse to the point that nobody’s religion can be ground for discrimination. Things are changing and ironically they’re doing so by using the concept of discrimination against religions, particularly Christianity. It may be the most clever strategy ever employed by the atheist progressives of this country. The gay marriage decision by the Supreme Court was their biggest victory to date, but it’s not their last. They will continue to wage this war and they won’t stop until all religious liberties are reclassified as forms of discrimination.

    In the coming months and years, we will be faced with attacks against the freedoms that have helped to maintain the faith in this country while strengthening our stability as a nation. They aren’t necessarily doing it to weaken the country (not all of them, at least) but are doing it because they don’t realize they’re weakening the country with every attack on the Constitution. While some could argue that the 2nd Amendment is the biggest deterrent to the collapse of all liberties, it’s really the 1st Amendment that controls more hearts and minds and is therefore more precious in the fight against tyranny.

    As Christians, we might not like that Muslims, Hindus, atheists, or people of any other religion must have their faiths protected, but its imperative if we’re going to maintain and strengthen our own liberties. As Americans, we should defend the liberties of all since those liberties are precisely what give us strength.

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    It’s Time for Christians to Radicalize, though Not Like the Terrorists 

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    When we think of radical Islamic terrorists, we often picture people in desperate situations who succumb to the pulls of an ideology that empowers them in some way. This western mentality is completely inaccurate and the San Bernardino shooters are most likely examples of the true attributes of radicalization that threatens the world more than anything else. They were living the American dream by most accounts. They had a baby to raise and prospects were good for their future. These facts didn’t chance their allegiance to the Islamic State.

    Despite the narrative that has often been espoused by both the Obama administration and mainstream media, it isn’t poverty or desperation that drives radicalization. We knew this overseas as affluent people like Osama bin Laden turned to the most heinous of actions to demonstrate their allegiance to Allah. Now, we see that this may likely be the case in America and that should worry us all.

    Then again, it really shouldn’t. Bible-believing Christians know in their hearts that they have nothing to fear in this world as long as we wear the Armor of God at all times and obey the teachings of Jesus Christ. This may sound like a common theme in evangelical America, but it’s not. As a geopolitical religious grouping, the body is lukewarm at best. The love of money is encompassing. The distractions from worldly callings surround us Even the churches themselves are turning into caricatures of true Christianity with a focus on unity superseding the desperate need for Biblical truth, repentance, and many of the other callings that Jesus Christ charged us to fulfill.

    American needs a radicalization of Christianity. We need to start embracing the tenets of the Bible, the whole Bible, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide every aspect of our lives. Thankfully for everyone who isn’t a Christian, this does not mean building pipe bombs or shooting people in the name of our God. Radicalized Christians can be the gentlest of humans when we truly listen to the calling.

    This isn’t a calling for anyone to act like members of Westboro Baptist Church. Their actions are hate-driven rather than Bible-driven. The radicalization that’s needed in America is one that requires full acceptance of the Bible and separation from the evils of this world. That’s not to say that we can separate ourselves from the world; we are here for a reason. What we need is to live as we were intended to live in this world through adherence to the Word and the spreading of the Gospel.

    As is written in the Book of James, we are not to forgo the callings of works despite what many pastors teach today. Salvation is granted through faith in the Word and belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, but we are called to do good works in our quest to live our lives through a Biblical worldview. Now is the time to help others. Now is the time to be as free from hate as our humanity will allow. Now is the time to boldly go forth and represent our faith as the foil against the corruptions of radical Islam, militant atheism, and destructive humanism.

    Now is the time to radicalize.

    It is called upon every man and woman to pray constantly, read the Bible regularly, and share the Gospel whenever the opportunity arises. As society pushes against us, it’s time for us to push back peacefully, thoughtfully, and with Jesus Christ as our guide.

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    The Necessity of Faith for the Country and Our Next President 

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    The concepts of religious liberties which were the basis for the earliest foundations of our country are now at the center of American thought whether most Americans realize it or not. It creates a conflict that we all must understand in order to right the course of the country.

    Some of the things that I’m about to write may sound non-Christian. Those who know me are aware that my faith is at the heart of everything I do, making this “reality check” challenging to post. For the sake of this faith and the future of America, it’s important that we defend the freedoms that made this country strong. That means that the fight to protect our rights to properly practice Judeo-Christianity requires us to protect the rights of all religions, even those that are in conflict with our own.

    Technically, that would be all of them.

    Let’s first take a look at what brought us to where we are today.

    Abusing the Christian Majority

    If one were to look back at the recent history of the country with an honest lens, it’s easy to see that intolerance found its breeding grounds in the churches. It wasn’t too long ago when Christianity was the dominant driving force for many aspects of American society. One doesn’t have to be too old to remember a time when people still said “merry Christmas” instead of “happy holidays.”

    This gave us strength, but that strength was abused. It created a form of Christian elitism that left very little room for opposing thoughts. We existed in a comfortable setting for the faithful as well as the majority of people who were inwardly secular but who thrived in a Christian atmosphere. One can view the latter group as the “convenient Christians” who weren’t actually true believers or Bible-reading faithful but who used Christianity as an interpersonal vehicle and the church as a social setting.

    Many of the things that emerged from the country’s Christian elitism were on the wrong side of freedom. The Cross was used as a consolidator and even justification for hatred and violent opposition to anything outside of the group. Racism, anti-semitism, misogyny, and violent intolerance were often driven by people who claimed to hold their Christian faith in the highest regard. These people were hate-driven, not faith-driven, but they were clouded in their judgments in ways similar to today’s Westboro Baptist Church.

    The hateful use of faith as justification is just the tip of the spear. There has also been a Christian complacency due to our perception of strong numbers that made even the truly faithful look in the wrong directions. This helped to establish an atmosphere of passive intolerance. One did not have to burn crosses on lawns or attack homosexuals to perpetuate a subtle superiority that quashed outside thought. The attitude allowed other faiths to be practiced however they needed to be practiced as long as it wasn’t public. It was this double standard of freedom that built anger in non-Christians. Today, we’re seeing this anger manifest in militant politics.

    One can make a case that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) grew to the juggernaut it is today because of the passive intolerance practiced by Christians in the 20th century. In essence, we helped to empower our own worst enemy.

    Protecting Christian Freedoms Starts with Protecting All Religions

    It’s easy to understand how the anti-Christian and anti-religion facets of society were able to sneak into prominence. Too few saw it coming due to the complacency I described before. I’m guilty of this myself.

    The wake up call came as a result of the country’s gay marriage sentiment. In less than six years, over 20% of the country had shifted its perspective. Seeing this made me realize that we’re not seeing the subtle shift that has been brewing for decades. We’ve seen a veritable blitzkrieg of anti-Biblical mindsets infiltrating acceptable perceptions. America was hit by a tidal wave of liberalism.

    We can see this clearly in the political atmosphere at every level. The scary part is that this is not an event. It’s a trend. The momentum shifted dramatically in favor of those opposing freedoms and if it’s not halted and reversed very quickly, we will be lost as a country.

    There’s a silver lining to this trend: discernment. Now that the enemy’s gameplan has been unleashed, we can wake up from our ease-induced lull and realize that the forces of liberalism and anti-Biblical apostasy are at play. Now is the time to focus, to turn to the Bible for guidance in all that we do. That means learning, practicing, and spreading the Word of God. To do this, we have to acknowledge that all religions must be protected from a political perspective.

    Unless we were to become a true Christian nation, we cannot fight other religions politically. That’s to say that the protections that allow Christians to share the Gospel are only possible if we also defend the freedoms to share other perspectives. Until the day comes when the truth is revealed loud and clear to the whole world in the form of Christ’s reign, we have to work on an individual and institutional level rather than on a corporate level. The freedom to practice what Jesus Christ taught is the same freedom that allows others to practice what Muhammed or Christopher Hitchens taught.

    To paraphrase Evelyn Beatrice Hall, we may not believe in what others are preaching but we must defend to the death their right to preach it. Religious liberties are a hot topic for some in the current political world. As a country, we have to hold onto these freedoms for as long as they’re available. The machinations of the principalities and powers of this world are already at work to remove those freedoms. This fight, which not too long ago seemed to be impossible to conceive, is here in present day America.

    America as a Free Religious Zone

    The forces against us both politically and spiritually are trying to reverse the core of the country that is protected by the First Amendment. They are attempting to shift the country away from “freedom of religion” into a country of “freedom from religion.”

    Instead of America being a free religious zone, they want it to be a religion-free zone.

    Just as the play on words is a small but significant shift, so too would the shift in policies be represented by small shifts. What we once perceived as a protective wall for our faith can very easily be turned into a wall that keeps us from practicing our faith. Again, we saw this in the gay marriage ruling where a slight change in definition was enough to turn the entire concept upside down. The definition of marriage has been shifted from being between a man and a woman into being between two people. Everything else effectively remained the same, but changing a handful of words was enough to turn marriage away from being Biblical to being defined as anti-Biblical.

    Popular sentiment has changed. The “convenient Christians” that I mentioned before are the most powerful tools being used by the adversary. They are making it appear as if it’s possible to be a Christian and still espouse the secular beliefs of modern society. We see this in gay marriage, of course. We see it in the change of abortion from being the killing of human life to being the right of a woman to choose what to do with her body. We see it in the notion that black lives matter rather than the truth that all lives matter.

    As a country, we’re starting to marginalize the importance of Biblical truths. It’s not being done by other religions. It’s being done within professed-Christianity itself. We aren’t losing the battle because of the attacks of non-Christians. We’re losing it because Christians are allowing their views to be liberalized based upon acceptable secular perceptions.

    Bringing Faith to the Forefront with Our Actions

    The only way for this destructive trend to turn around is to fight as individuals and unify as a group. The adversary is stronger than most ever imagined in the recent past.

    As individuals, it’s important to proceed properly. If you are a Christian, then it’s time to make your faith the cornerstone of all that you do. This is seemingly hard in a world with iPads, hundreds of television channels, and other outside influences changing our perceptions and guiding us to a secular mindset, but as long as we recognize these influences and allow the Holy Spirit to guide all of our actions, these negative forces can be easily overcome. I’ll discuss this further on a future post.

    Unifying as a group is something that needs to happen at every level. On the smaller levels such as within the family or community, we must fight the good fight without taking away from others’ rights. Those who believe that our faith is righteous should embrace an open forum. Not doing so was the mistake that so many of us made in the past that has brought us to where we are today. The forums are closing and it’s partially our fault for keeping them closed. Now that society has shifted mindset, we have to embrace the open forums in order to have venues to share the Gospel. This, too, is a much more complex idea than what can go into a few paragraphs, so I’ll discuss it in a future post as well.

    The unification that must happen immediately is getting behind the right Presidential candidate. Before President Obama proved me wrong, I believed that the personal doctrines of a politician could not dramatically affect the doctrines of the masses. We’ve seen that clearly happen in America over the last seven years.

    Now, with our eyes open, we must embrace a leader who will bring back a Biblical doctrine. No, this is not my call for a theocracy nor does it mean that I think policy in Washington DC can be driven by the Bible. It’s about the guidance of values within the country that starts at the top. President Obama did not have to pass laws in order to shift perspectives. He was able to change the worldview of the country in millions of people through his examples, his words, and the way he operated the country.

    I’m not going to use this article to endorse an individual, though it should be known that we have endorsed Ted Cruz for multiple reasons, not just his faith. What I will call on people to do is to look very closely at the faith of all of the candidates and use your understanding of their faith as one of the primary (if not the biggest) reasons to support them. Do not fall into the trap that most have done in the recent past by allowing a candidate’s faith to be secondary to their policy. The office of the President of the United States is not a religious position but the doctrine’s that guide the administration greatly influence the spiritual direction of the country. Again, we’ve seen this very clearly with the current President.

    Now is not the time to push our faith down in the hierarchy of our political decision-making. We will lose more than the battle for religious liberties. If we don’t unite very soon, we will lose the country itself.

    President Reagan Hand on Bible

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    The Future of the Middle East from a Politically Incorrect Perspective 

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    Shortly after man was created, the first wars in the Middle East started. They’ve been going on in one form or another ever since. The current situation is an extension of the religious conflicts that started thousands of years ago. Recently, they’ve been exacerbated, even manipulated by seven primary players over the last seven decades.

    For the last few weeks, we’ve been doing a deep dive to gain an understanding of the underlying causes for the current situation and exploring the possibilities to get an insight into what’s to come. What follows is a breakdown of the facts that does two things differently from most analyses of the Middle East. First, political correctness is not in play. Second, this is written based on what is agreed upon by just about everyone very familiar with the situations, but it’s done so through a lens that believes the Bible to be true. There are clear prophetic implications with what’s happening in the Middle East and to make this a purely secular perspective simply wouldn’t do it justice. We’re not going to preach. We’re just going to examine with all of the pieces in their proper place.

    If there must be a third preface, it’s that some of the things we’ll be discussing may sound similar to what some conspiracy theorists have said. Thanks to the internet, public demands for transparency, activist politicians, and aggressive journalists, many of those crazy conspiracy theories that nobody believed just a few years ago are turning out to be correct. Thanks to the internet, government necessities for secrecy, standard politicians, and bought or threatened journalists, there are so many more conspiracy theories out there today that are meant to confuse the theorists and discombobulate the masses. The theories that we’re going to be discussing here fall under the former category and are all very likely true. Elvis may not be alive but the Islamic State really did rise through the assistance of the United States whether as a result of intent or as a consequence of a strategy with which the US government no longer has control. Then, there’s the conspiracy theory that the United States still has control over them, but we’ll go ahead and dismiss that one for now.

    With all of that said, let’s quickly run through the foundation that started it all down this path and take a brief look at the last six thousand years.

    The First Few Thousand Years

    Jacob and Esau

    To gain a complete understanding of the current Middle East situation, we’d have to wind the clocks back and see what started with Isaac versus Ishmael and Jacob versus Esau. From there, we’d need to explore Babylon, Egypt, the Medo-Persian empire, Alexander the Great and his four successors, and finally the early Roman empire just to bring us within 2000 years of today. All of it is still pertinent and has great influence over today’s sitaution as well as future events.

    From there, we’d need to see how a disjointed people united under the charismatic Muhammad. It wasn’t so much his life but his death that prompted much of the conflict in the Middle East that has plagued the region ever since. It was through the division in leadership following his death that the Sunnis and Shias split into conflicting parties that are still fighting each other today.

    Throw in the Crusades, the British Empire, WWI, and a handful of other important factors contributing to chaos in the Middle East and you will finally come to the modern era starting in the 1940s. Going through all of that would take volumes of documentaries just to acquire a fundamental understanding. Students of Middle Eastern history can spend their whole lives learning and still leave plenty of knowledge on the table.

    For this particular story, we’re going to cut through the last six thousand years in this summary:

    The major religions of the world all came to existence through the Middle East. This includes Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions that are normally associated with other regions. Science is discovering that their roots were from interpretations and stories that started in the Middle East. Noah’s flood story, for example, is seen in all major religions and hundreds of various cultures from native Americans to ancient China.

    This religious strife is the result of false gods (with a little-g) leading people to be in conflict with those following the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as well as failed attempts by God’s followers to wipe out the other gods and their followers. As a result, we have a world in general and a Middle East in particular that is in a near-perpetual state of war.

    The Holy nature of the land has made it coveted by multiple religions and empires over the last six thousand years. As the world grows increasingly secular, the economic state of affairs mixed with the abundance of oil in the region has made the Middle East the target of more than religious tension. Today, it is the economic centerpiece of the world coveted to some extent by everyone but in particular seven major players who influence everyone in the region.

    With that understood, let’s introduce the seven players.

    Today’s Seven Primary Players

    Arafat and Netanyahu

    Before we discuss who the players are, it’s important to understand who isn’t a player and why they aren’t. The two most prominent exclusions are Europe and China. With Europe, their interest in the Middle East is present but their ability to influence it has been minimized due in large part to the rise of the United States after World War II. If anything, the Middle East is an influential player in Europe; a look at the current migrant crisis is a clear example of this.

    China is simply late to the game. Until their recent economic woes, it was conceivable to see the world oil currency shift at some point in the near future from the dollar to the yuan. It didn’t quite fit with Biblical prophecy to see China as this sort of player in the region. They’re continued reliance on oil from Saudi Arabia and Iran make them players, but to force a conversion worldwide would require either a complete collapse of the dollar that somehow didn’t affect the yuan or the continued steady increase of the prominence of China and the yuan over time. Both seem unlikely; the US economic collapse that may come at some point in the near future will not be beneficial to China other than in prominence, but it will still hurt China tremendously. In short, China’s place in the region is only being currently established through purchases and import agreements rather than through a true financial or military force. They don’t have friends nor enemies in the Middle East.

    Now, let’s look at the players.

    • United States: While some would point to the fact that the current administration has allowed a diminished role in the geopolitical sphere, our inaction is just as important as our actions. The sway we had on the two most powerful Middle East nations, Israel and Saudi Arabia, is waning, but even in the drop in relations we can see that it’s still affecting the region dramatically.
    • Russia: When we started our research, Russia was not in Syria. We considered them to be an emerging player well before they put jets and troops in the region. President Vladimir Putin is first and foremost a champion of the status quo when it comes to government. He’s adamantly against regime change and will do whatever he can to keep the current rulers in power.
    • Saudi Arabia and Iran: No, we’re not suggesting an alliance is ever going to happen. They are considered to be a single player because their actions and counteractions are almost always opposed to each other which makes them tied together. Saudi Arabia controls the oil economy in conjunction with the United States. They promote stability against the forces of Iran while trying to keep the flow of cash coming to their leaders. Iran is the isolated country amidst enemies that happens to have enough clout to flex their muscles now that the United Nations Nuclear Deal is nearing fulfillment. They have always operated in the shadows as a sponsor of terrorism through Hezbollah and other proxies. With the deal, they’re already starting to demonstrate their potential for influence in military ways as well.
    • The Catholic Church: There is no doubt that the influence of the Vatican can be felt in every country and region of the world, but their interest in the Middle East is particularly troublesome. That’s not to say that Catholics are troublesome – this isn’t intended to discuss individual Catholics any more than it’s intended to discuss individual Muslims. People are people, but the institution of the Catholic Church has always and will always play a major role in the Middle East. The scary part is that we aren’t even fully aware of their influence in the region because it’s usually shrouded in secrecy. All we know for sure is that they own a lot of lands and possess tremendous influence over the region.
    • Israel: As the lone Jewish state, they are the centerpiece of most discussions pertaining to the Middle East. They also control the real prize, the religious center of the world in the form of Jerusalem. It is the Biblical city and not Mecca that will play the biggest role in the efforts by all parties to control the Middle East and therefore the rest of the world.
    • Islamic State: One doesn’t have to be a Bible scholar or prophecy guru to realize that what the Islamic State represents is more than just a disruption. Their plans expand outside of the Middle East for the sake of solidifying their ability to establish the caliphate.
    • The Mystery Presence: The New World Order. The Illuminati. The principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness as described in Ephesians 6:12. The name of this force isn’t important. Understanding what they’re doing and how they’re doing it is challenging. At this point, we have to accept that it exists and is imposing its will on events around the world and specifically in the Middle East.

    Nobody can know what is going to happen. We only know who to watch. One of the notable omissions from the list is Turkey. We certainly do believe that Turkey is going to play a huge role. We just believe that this role will be controlled by one of the other players.

    The reason it’s important to know the players is so that we can watch what they’re doing. This all comes back to a focus on Israel regardless of what people think. They say it’s about oil and perhaps the western leaders have been led to believe that oil is their primary focus, but the reality is that this is a question of the future of the Holy Land. Forces are aligning for and against them. This is why we have to look at the seven major players for what they are: the influencing forces that will direct the chess pieces of the region while being chess pieces themselves.

    The Future

    West Bank

    In the coming days (which could be years, months, or literally days) we are going to see an escalation of hatred towards Israel. This has been prophesied and the events that have been taking place for seven decades point to now being the end times. Before we dig too much deeper, we have to point out a very important reality.

    Speculation about Bible prophecy is, for the most part, fruitless. Those who are looking to the Middle East from a Biblical perspective need to realize that predicting what will happen by lining up current events with Biblical prophecy is not the intent of those prophecies as far as we can tell. It’s for recognition when the events happen rather than any attempt to predict or stop the events from happening.

    The world is already being steered in a particularly distressing direction. From a logical perspective, everything points to the idea that Israel must not reduce its borders and establish a Palestinian State but that they should expand their borders to protect the Holy Land and their people. This goes against all political correctness, of course, as everyone from the United States President to the Pope is calling for the formation of Palestine.

    This is ludicrous, but there’s a powerful delusion sweeping across the planet that is ignoring the facts:

    • Israel as a country is tiny and is the only Jewish State. To ask them to hand over lands to form Palestine when there is an overabundance of Muslim States in the world is like telling the New Jersey that Texas needs to take over some of their lands for their own purposes. The difference is that Israel is the same size as New Jersey while the Muslim States of the world are many times larger than Texas.
    • Israel is surrounded by nations that have attacked them. More importantly, they’re surrounded by nations who want to attack them in the future. The current land area would be indefensible if it weren’t for the United States. That alliance is in the process of changing. If and when it does, it will take the protection of God to keep the lands from being overrun.
    • The media and nearly all governments call the West Bank and Gaza areas that are “occupied” by Israel. That conveniently neglects the fact that Israel take those lands for their protection when they were attacked on all sides in 1967. Israel is treated like the invaders of those lands when the reality is that they have, for all intents and purposes, annexed the lands for the sake of their own survival. Rather than the establishment of a Palestinian State, the “occupied” territories should be officially annexed and a Palestinian State should be established elsewhere. There are plenty of logistically better options.

    The Bible says that God’s people will return to the Holy Land. Against all odds, that happened. Now, the strife that has engulfed the region is in the process of escalating. This is, in essence, exporting the conflict of the Middle East to the rest of the world. We’re seeing this happen everywhere, even in the United States and Russia.

    The future of the Middle East is being carved out before our eyes. Now is the time to stay diligent and watch for the signs. Things are happening that are intended to shake the faith of those in the lands and outside of the Middle East. As the world turns upside down, remember that you have been told about this and that there’s nothing to truly fear. God will see us through it. We simply need to maintain our faith no matter what craziness we see.

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    Christian Persecution Around the World Needs America’s Attention 

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    Living in Southern California is a blessing and I’m grateful to the Lord for putting me and my family here. For better or for worse, we are often shielded from many of the atrocities around the world. It makes it easy to focus on the war on Christianity here in America, but we mustn’t forget our brothers and sisters around the world who are facing more than political battles. They are facing existential threats.

    Conservatives often take on a paradoxical isolationist perspective. It has been demonstrated many times over the last century that American intervention outside of our borders is required to keep our country’s interests protected. Imagine losing either of the World Wars, something that could have happened without the United States.

    The biggest problem that conservatives and most Americans have with intervention today is that we’ve done such a terrible job of intervening throughout the last three Presidencies that it’s natural to believe that we shouldn’t get involved. We shouldn’t have invaded Iraq, for example, but then we made a bigger mess by leaving Iraq too early.

    What gets conveniently dismissed are the times when we should have intervened but didn’t. We should have taken out Assad when we had the moral obligation and common support of the world after he crossed the “red line” with chemical weapons. We should have supported the “evil dictator” Hosni Mubarak who may have been bad for his people on the surface but who maintained stability and peace. Now, Egypt is in turmoil while their relationship with the United States and Israel are both in doubt. As bad as Mubarak was, he kept the peace.

    The spin by American mainstream media is guided by whatever perspective they want us to hear. That is why the Arab Spring was so widely hailed as wonderful for the Middle East even though it has been shown to be a disaster for most involved. You heard how great it was when it was happening but you probably haven’t heard much about how bad it’s gotten since.

    American Media

    This isn’t a purely political article, though, nor is it a self-righteous history lesson. It’s a call for Christians in America to act with the two best tools we have: prayer and votes. The persecution that we face in the form of declining religious liberties is nothing compared to the torture, slavery, rape, and murder that Christians face around the world. They die because they are Christians.

    We must pray for them to maintain their faith first and foremost. Yes, we should pray for their protection against the forces of evil, but that is secondary to the spiritual strength we must offer them in the form of prayer. They are faced with the types of persecutions and threats that can shake their faith. For the sake of their souls, they must be strong and never abandon their love for Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior even if it means losing their life.

    The other tool we have is our vote. I won’t politicize this too much even if I believe that Ted Cruz is clearly the candidate who can best choose when and how to have America intervene. You have your own candidates that you support. Make sure they know that you want America to help in any way it can to stop the Islamic State and other terrorist groups while helping the Christians that are persecuted abroad. Before anyone asks, yes, we should help those of any faith who is persecuted, but it’s important to understand that the most vulnerable people right now are Christians facing the Islamic State sword. They need our help first.

    Some of us have other tools. We can use our presence in the real world or online to educate and inspire others about the problems faced by our brothers and sisters. Some even have the resources and drive to leave this life of relative luxury to go and physically help. Those who do, whether in the form of American military called to assist or individuals who have volunteered to help, deserve our prayers of support as well.

    Here’s a video we made a couple of weeks ago that details the need for true focus on Christian persecution abroad. It doesn’t receive the type of press it deserves here in America. We all must help to change that.

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    4 Things Oklahoma Got Wrong About the 10 Commandments Monument 

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    It’s always hard to fault people when their hearts are in the right place. Most of the actions taken by the Oklahoma government that pertained to erecting and fighting to keep it at the Capitol were done with proper motives, but the strategy they’ve used has been a series of follies that have resulted in multiple victories for the opposition.

    Before we get into the four things that really chapped my khakis, it’s important to understand that this truly was (or should have been) a strategy rather than a series of actions. They acted in good faith when they should have been viewing the entire process from start to finish as a scenario that required political and even religious strategies to make it work out properly.

    Let’s take a look at it starting with the most recent mistakes and working our way backwards.

    Plans to Fight, AKA Opening Up a Can of Worms

    Now that the monument has been removed, the state legislature plans to remove the portion of the state constitution that forced the state supreme court to act. The provision calls for the prohibition on the use of public property to support “any sect, church, denomination or system of religion.” On the surface, fighting this seems like a righteous move, but they’re too late. Removing the provision and replacing it with with a call for a majority vote from the people to allow for religious monuments on public property would have been the proper first move in 2009 when the monument was proposed.

    Now, they’ve already lost their protection. The importance of setting it as a majority vote from citizens would have allowed for prevention of false religious artifacts from being in play. If the state got to the point where the people would vote for a Baphomet or other pagan idol, then the state of the country will have already been set. Now, trying to introduce an amendment will be forced into inclusiveness. They will not be able to sneak in the popular vote provision. That ship has sailed.

    To do it today would be to allow false idols to be erected on public property. They’re opening up a can of worms if they’re able to amend the constitution in this manner today.

    Removing the Monument in the Dead of Night

    This act was practical. They thought that starting the removal at 10:30 at night would prevent demonstrators from both sides. They were correct. Unfortunately, it’s another case of their heart being in the right place but their actions failing to inspire.

    This should have been done in the middle of the day with protesters and media present. There should have been a speech about the nature of separation of church and state (which is a concept to protect religious activities from the government, not the government from religious influence), how the country is heading down a dark path by completely eliminating God from governance, and that the state is one of the final strongholds for Judeo-Christian beliefs as the majority.

    Instead, they snuck it away to prevent a big fuss. This needed a big fuss.

    It Shouldn’t Be In Storage

    The potentially final resting place for the monument is behind closed doors. Its storage at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs is done because they feel like they’ll be able to put it back in its rightful place once the amendment is passed.

    It should be on display on private property close by. The closer the better. Certainly they could have found a private sponsor to take over the upkeep and display it proudly as close to the Capitol as legally possible. Instead, it’s hidden.

    It Should Never have Been Built in the First Place

    This will make some of our Christian readers upset to hear us say this, but times have changed. The society is no longer impressed with monuments. They’re no longer swayed by symbols, or to put it more accurately, they’re not going to have their hearts changed by symbols.

    The time, money, and legal fighting that went into this project should have been used for the ground game. That’s where we’re at in this society. Liberals and atheists are winning the legal battles. They’re changing society at the government level. To reverse this trend, the hearts of the voters and the influence of Christianity must be addressed face-to-face, hand-to-hand.

    This battle was doomed to be lost and now it represents further disheartening among conservative Christians who are still hoping for better.

    Imagine the same effort, money, and legal fighting put towards tangible efforts rather than symbolic ones. Imagine a fight to justify the theory of evolution and Creation on equal footing in schools. Imagine putting the effort towards the fight against abortion, gun grabbers, or religious liberties under attack from the left.

    It’s too late for symbolic battles. We need to get down into the trenches and fight for what’s right.

    Removing Oklahoma 10 Commandments Monument

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