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    If rescinding DACA is leverage for securing the border, I’m okay with that 

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    Anyone who follows me knows I’ve been unapologetic about my stance that DACA should be rescinded and not replaced. It’s cruel that DREAMers will have their lives turned upside down which is why I was opposed to the notion from the moment President Obama signed it. Why give them false hope knowing it would be taken away by the next President or the Supreme Court, whoever got to it first?

    I’m disappointed in myself for not seeing the play here with DACA. If what seems to be happening is allowed to move forward to its proper conclusion, then all of this was worth it. The play that’s materializing is a legislative replacement for DACA that allows DREAMers to stay in exchange for moves to secure the border. If that’s the play the GOP is calling, I can support it for now. There’s no way to know if its worthy or not until we see the end result, but I like the direction this is heading.

    All things being equal, I’d love to see the GOP negotiate a deal that legalizes DACA in exchange for several border-securing initiatives. I’m probably asking for too much, but one can dream, right?

    The reality of the situation is that DACA encourages illegal immigration. Therefore, if we’re to keep it in a legal manner, we must do so with the border properly secured. Democrats love to say getting rid of DACA will hurt 800,000 innocent people. They seem to gloss over the fact that our porous borders allowed 800,000 DACA-eligible children and their families to enter the United States illegally. That’s more than the entire population of 5 U.S. states.

    We are a sovereign nation. That status can change faster than most realize if we don’t take the steps to secure our borders, fix legal immigration, and protect the freedoms that all Americans have. I’ll probably be called a white nationalist for thinking these things, which is funny because I’m actually an immigrant brought here as a child through proper legal means. The system can work if people would stop breaking it.

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    If the Islamic State Infiltrates Syrian Refugees, They’ll Come Through Canada 

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    With so much attention being given to the risks of Middle East refugees having Islamic State sympathizers or active terrorists in their midst, it’s amazing that the most vulnerable point for the United States is not being discussed. Politicians are acting to stop refugees from entering directly and attention is being paid to the southern border, but it’s the border with Canada that is by far the biggest risk for incursion.

    There are three major problems that should have conscientious Americans looking to the north. None of the three issues are currently even on the radar as a concern, at least not in mainstream media. Let’s look at them:

    1. Canada is Bringing in 25,000 Refugees and Their Vetting Process Sucks

    In America, the expectation is that around half of the applicants for refugee status will be rejected. The vetting process the Obama administration has enacted is rigorous by some standards but still isn’t considered strong enough to screen terrorists. As bad as we think it is here, it’s much worse in Canada.

    Keep in mind that the 90% mark they describe is a goal. They want to achieve 90% acceptance rate as a way of making things tougher. Seriously. In the last 22 months, they’ve had 1,128 cases and have rejected two for a 99% acceptance rate.

    They will be bringing in 10,000 refugees before the end of the year and another 15,000 by the end of February.

    2. The Border is Huge

    It’s extremely challenging to cover all of the land that divides the United States from Mexico. Canada’s border with the United States is twice as large even if you don’t include Alaska. The land is also more hospitable for crossing, meaning that there are far more entry points that an Islamic State sympathizer or full-blown terrorist could use to gain access to America.

    US Canada Border

    This goes both ways as well. We have to assume that the Islamic State is smart. They’ve demonstrated their abilities in the last couple of months with very challenging terrorist attacks in France, Egypt, and Lebanon. With this understood and based upon the vastness of the border, it wouldn’t be hard for them to use Canada as a staging ground where they can store supplies outside of the reach of US law enforcement.

    3. The Border is Even Less Protected than the Mexican Border

    There is no question that the 18,000 border agents covering the Mexican border are undermanned. They are spread so thin that the border is extremely porous, accounting for millions of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States.

    To the north, where fewer people have been considered a risk of entering the country illegally, there are only 2,200 border agents. We haven’t heard of plans to increase these numbers once the thousands of Middle East refugees come to Canada later this year and early next year.

    If you do the math, that means that about 88% fewer agents are trying to cover a border twice as large as the one to the south.

    It isn’t just the government that is watching the border. We briefly covered a brave set of Americans who were helping in Arizona and we know there are other citizen groups who help out at the Mexican border. Now, more are starting to watch out for the northern border as well.

    Unfortunately, we only really hear about this through Canadian media. American mainstream media is all but silent on the issue.

    Do not underestimate the Islamic State the way so many world leaders (including our own) has done. Yes, we need to do something to help the refugees and there are possible plans that make perfect sense. However, blocking them from coming to the United States directly will not stop them completely if the Canadian border is left unprotected. Since we know that the Islamic State is smart, isn’t it prudent to realize that they would have thought of the Canada holes already?

    Even if you’re not opposed to accepting refugees, the combination of an unprotected northern border and 25,000 unvetted refugees coming to Canada should make you wonder why nobody’s talking about this.

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    The Best Analogy You’ll Hear All Day About the Need for Border Security 

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    Between the influx of illegal immigrants to the risks of terrorists coming across the southern United States border, the need for security is a polarizing political topic. A group of citizens called the Arizona Border Recon have been making a stand against illegal immigration for a while but have now turned their attention towards the risks of terrorist infiltration.

    Both challenges have the same solution: secure the borders. Those who oppose groups like these and border security in general often call the practice a hateful one, but one of the members of the group spoke a memorable line that really hits home that not everybody who wants secure borders wants it out of bigotry or hatred.

    “You don’t lock your doors because you hate what’s outside, but because you love what’s inside,” Mark McConnell, one of the volunteers, said.

    It’s a striking statement that represents what many Americans feel. We’re not against immigration. We’re against illegal immigration. We’re not against helping those in need. We’re against helping those who mean to do us harm one way or another.

    Arizona Border Recon

    There’s an important takeaway when you read the statement released by Tucson Sector Border Patrol. Notice that they are not condemning those who are trying to help. They are calling for safety and encouraging everyone, even those who are armed and trained, to be in contact with the authorities. This isn’t a statement calling for an end to organizations like Arizona Border Recon. It’s acknowledging that they can be helpful but that they need to be careful.

    Border security work is potentially dangerous and complex; usually taking place in remote locations in very inhospitable terrain. Border Patrol agents receive extensive training and are taught to coordinate and communicate with a multitude of law enforcement officers to prevent unanticipated encounters with one another. Agents are also supported by ground-based and sophisticated aerial detection technology.  We strongly encourage private citizens and all non-governmental organizations to contact the Border Patrol and/or local law enforcement authorities to report suspected unlawful activity.

    Here’s the video from KVOA-TV:

    I, for one, would feel safer if I lived in that area knowing that these patriotic men and women were out there at night while I sleep.

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